Night came and went quickly. Now it was the day of our flight from America to Australia. Harry was uber worried I was going to get hurt at the airport. Yea right. The boys were running around, being totally nuts. They were grabbing all their things and carrying them to the tour bus, back and forth. Most of my stuff couldn't be taken out in our hotel room here because it was too small, but the Australia rooms are big enough. Harry stormed into the room and quickly spun around.

"Ok we have this and this and...Hanna!" he ran over and grabbed me. 

He totally forgot about me. The nerve. 

"You're not even dressed and ready for the day an no one fed you and we can just do that in the tour bus!" he ran out with me in his arms. 

That awkward moment when they sat me on the floor to grab my playpen and they almost completely forgot about me. I couldn't blame them. I'd be on edge if I were them too. Harry set me down on the couch beside Liam in the giant tour bus. 

"Watch her. I gotta brush my teeth and hair. I'm a mess," Harry was clearly tired. 

Harry walked into the little bathroom of the bus. Yes they even had a bathroom in here. Liam set me down on my back and walked over to a small table and came back. He undressed me and began to change me when Harry walked back in. 

"Oh my god. I just realized it looks like she has an Afro," Harry pointed out.

Liam looked at me and then began laughing. 

"You're right!" he said.

Was that an insult?! Offense taken. Liam finished changing me then he pulled out this little outfit he had for me to wear. Holy god. It was a cow jumpsuit with a hood on top with the little ears. I'm going on strike. I began to stand up and Liam set me back down.

"No no baby, we can't have you walking around in your nappy can we? You need to get dressed," he chastised.

Fine. You win this round Payne. I'll be back with revenge. It will be a sweet, sweet revenge too. He dressed me up and sat me on his lap.

"Aww Harry look," Liam cooed.

"Aww she's adorable," Harry replied, handing Liam a bottle. 

Liam firmly grasped the bottle in his hand and supported my head with the other hand and began feeding me. Harry sat beside him and tickled my feet gently. I pulled my feet away and curled my toes inward.

"I'm really worried about her in the airport," he sighed.

"She'll be alright. We'll get Paul to hold her until we board the plane," Liam responded.

Yes! Paul! Paul is their super awesome bodyguard. 

"True true. I'll ask Paul when we get to the airport," Harry smiled. 

Liam pulled the bottle gently from my mouth then held me so my head would be on his shoulder. He rocked me lightly and pat my back. Oh how I love these boys.

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Lmao they're all like oh how adorable oh how cute u r.. Wait till u get to ur teen years and u become a rebel ;D like ur big sis;) lmao xD 
Love it!!<3 

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