So Ladies...Emmet or Jasper-now there's some food for thought (:

Edward-we'd all tap that huh? :) Here's some food for thought-our other vamp guys are a bit left ladies-Emmet or Jasper??


xx((TWILOVE))xx to all!

Lizzie x

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omg most definately emmett, all those muscles, and such lovely eyes, although jasper is kinds cute too can i be greedy and have both ...........pleasssseeeee

......then Jasper :P
well i may not be a lady but i would like to say something about it out of emmet and jasper i would take jasper all the time and every time no questions ask xx
Emmett Always...
he's so so hot...!!!!
being with Jasper would be like sleeping or making out with your just doesnt happen. Jasper is totally brother material. Emmet...hes just OMG gorj! defo Emmet if i had to choose. both are nowhere near as beautiful as Edward. I love him lol.xoox
thats a kinda ultimatiley impossible choice

Emmette would be pretty great because you now hes gunna make you laugh and hes ectremely honest

I think Jasper because of his maturity and little parts in the books like in New Moon when they arrive back forkm italy and alice and jasper just stand there staring into each others eyes..i mean that would be quite amazing to have someone soo in love with you that they dont need physical contact to show you..just loo into there eyes..and how protective he is as well.

yes i think Jasper..i am officially jealous of no im not(well there not even real so obviously) i think there a perfect does stephenie meyer do thats someone im frickin jealous of lol

sorry girls!!! but nobody is comparable to ROBERT!!!
he's the best ever!!!
however i think that jasper is better than emmet!
Emmett! Love the dimples...the smile...the off hand jokes...*sigh*...but Jasper is cool too. Just one would any of us get near him before Alice "saw" us and ripped us apart??
Hmm, I Like Both! But I Think I Would Choose Jasper!!
He Is Queit, Handsome .. And Then He Is Hot In The BaseBall Scene XD !!

But Edward Is So Much Better Then Jasper :P !

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