So Ladies...Emmet or Jasper-now there's some food for thought (:

Edward-we'd all tap that huh? :) Here's some food for thought-our other vamp guys are a bit left ladies-Emmet or Jasper??


xx((TWILOVE))xx to all!

Lizzie x

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jasper he is super sexy
Jasper I just adore him but I also really like Emmets teddy bear attitude....Thats a hard one.
Hmm... Emmett for certain!
;D x
Wow that's hard for me. I like them both for different reasons. But if I HAD to pick one I would say Emmett. He's so fun loving & funny!! My dreams should be a clue, I've had a few dreams w/Emmett in them. ;)
EMMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE EMMET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not as much as edward!!!!!!! EMMET IS FRICKEN AWESOME AND FUNNY AND STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND- uhhhhh....... NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE EMMET!!!!!!! i like jasper too!!!!!!!!
LIST OF FAVORITES!!!!! ( higher number=lower liking/lower number= i like them better)
emmett , sorry rose thats our monkey man
Jasper <3
idk he's serious, just like me :)

I would choose Jasper.   He is so cute.

Emmett! He's funny teddy bear. :D

I love also Jasper....but Emmett is Emmett. :D

i cant choose..i love them both..
Emmet I think he is funny and as he says Bad Ass!lol
Man. They are both really good guys & choices. But I'd say Emmet. He makes me laugh & is a fun guy. I've had more than one dream where Emmett & I are toghether. ;) Yup I am obsessed.

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