So Ladies...Emmet or Jasper-now there's some food for thought (:

Edward-we'd all tap that huh? :) Here's some food for thought-our other vamp guys are a bit left ladies-Emmet or Jasper??


xx((TWILOVE))xx to all!

Lizzie x

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Jasper all the way! xD
That's not fair you made me loose my train of thought

Jess said:
ill have to go for jasper, sorry monkey

emmett all the way
EMMETT ! lol ; hes hot and veri sweet , lol
mmmmm.....jasper is preetier but i have to admit that i would choose emmet!his more man ...
Jasper <3
Emmett, definately....yay yay!!!
Jaspers alright dou

Emmet!!! Very closely followed by Jasper tho..they're both great in different ways but Emmet wins
I totally agree with brittany. Emmett IS full of hot air. Jasper is totally cute and very protective. But still...NO ONE IS AS SEXY AS EDWARD!!!!!!!!

Brittney Gaither said:
JASPER!! Emmet just seems to be full of hot air. Jasper is queit and so sexy.. In reality he could take Emmet... even though he is smaller. Jasper is so sexy....not as sexy as Edward of course!!!!!
jasper definitly
There is absolutely no doubt...JASPER!!!!! Emmet is hot, but Jasper is so much better. Emmett's major factor is that he is strong, right? Well, Jasper can take him so what's the point in being strong? Also, Emmet is just so haughty and pompas and that would get an my nerves ALOT. But, Jasper is kind, sweet, and sympathetic. I would take that over anything else.

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