So Ladies...Emmet or Jasper-now there's some food for thought (:

Edward-we'd all tap that huh? :) Here's some food for thought-our other vamp guys are a bit left ladies-Emmet or Jasper??


xx((TWILOVE))xx to all!

Lizzie x

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definitly emmett! i love his sense of humour ,its kinda like my own tbh! and i bet he gives great hugs:D
JASPER ALL THE WAY x ten trillion billlion!!!!! i am the ALICE!! :) jasper is a HOTTTTIE!!! :) ((dont worry you wont hurt her -Alice)) mmm soo sexy~~
Jasper---He's the quiet type, and could always make you feel calm and happy!!
Emmwtt because he rocks and he is funny and hot
If not Edward, then definitely Emmett, my Monkey Man!
EMMETT!!! He's much more laid back and easy going. It's not as stressful to be around him than it is with Jasper...
I'm Swiss/Neutral...Jasper & Emmet are quite HOT!
Emmett. He's like a big, strong teddy bear! I know, Jasper is strong too, but Emmett looks tough, and that turns me on! Oh and I also love his personality! ;)
Definitely Jasper. Emmett is cute...but their is something about Jaspers sexy mouth. Check out my pic with Jasper..errr...Jackson...=) Taken at the Viper Room in LA on 11/29. His band 100 Monkeys is fantastic!
Jasper... Emmet is to common and predictable. The funny guy that always wants some action. Just to plain for me.

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