So Ladies...Emmet or Jasper-now there's some food for thought (:

Edward-we'd all tap that huh? :) Here's some food for thought-our other vamp guys are a bit left ladies-Emmet or Jasper??


xx((TWILOVE))xx to all!

Lizzie x

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Jasper definitely. I love a quiet, reserved guy with a Southern accent!!
Jasper is sexy. he culd so beat emmet in a fight.
JASPER!!!! Definatly JASPERRR!! =D xD
Jasper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

hes my favourite!!!! :D after Edward of course :P
Emmett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i think jasper is very good vampire as well
EMMET!!!!!!! just because he's so manly
Jasper!!!, he's romantic and loves Alice so much, i really like that is almost like Edward with Bella
O.k. I love all of the Cullen men and would do any of them but if I had to choose right this minute I will gladly take JASPER. I just love that man he is so sexy and OMG wow
Both good looking but Emmet!
Emmet because he's buff && sweet && can protect me in everyway thts why i love him
EMMET!!!! He is like a big teddy bear! And it would be nice to be in his strong arms shelter and laughs at his storys and jokes. I love Emmet's sense of humor. And his smile and eyes! *smile*

JASPER x 1000000 *-* !!!!!
Emmet is cute... but... erm...

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