I took a deep breath. Alice held my waist, jasper's hands on Alice's shoulder. Emmett fumbled with a rock. It was silent until Emmett dropped the rock.
Rosalie walked out. 
"um elizabeth?" she said.
"yea?" I said not looking at her but straight ahead. She went to stand with emmett. 

"well Carlisle called said that a family picked you to be their birth mother." my head snapped to look at her.
"what? Really?!" I asked excitedly. How didn't I see it coming?"
"it was a rash decision." Edward said out of no where. My smile disappeared and I stood straight I gave him a tight nod. Edward is my twin brother and I want to please him.
"calm down Lizzie. Edward, quit it your making her nervous." jasper said 

I walked away from everyone as Edward and Alice argued about how I get babied too much. Me and Edward are twins, exactly alike our hair color is like the same color. But I kept walking and their voices fainted. Before I knew it I walked into the woods. And I kept going. I was gonna be a mother of two. 25. And a newborn. And then my mind switched. Edward and Bella were going to die, I forsaw it. I shuttered and layed on the floor. For what seemed like hours. 

"your gonna smell." said a soft little voice. It wasn't nessie's. Or Ronnie who was Rosalie and Emmett's daughter. It was softer. I looked up. And a little girl with reddish brownish blondish hair stood their. She smiled.

"oh sweetie yea I am. " I got up and walked away. She sated there looking puzzled in her mind she was thinking *shes kinda weird* I laughed and walked away. I went to la push. Jacob and Nessie were there. I didn't realize they had left. Jake saw me out Nessie with Leah who looked like wtf am I gonna do withher? And he ran towards me I gave a sly smile and he picked me up. He tossed me on his neck an I sat on his shoulders. We talked about him and Nessie and then he asked 

"what happened with your vision? And the other leeches?" he said tickling me I flinched even though it had no effect on me. He smiled, I knew he liked it when I acted human. We've been bestfriends forever.. 

"their going to die." I said and he looked at me. Paul ran up an hour later screaming about how his niece is lost. And I knew it was the little girl I met.

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