Carlisle walked outside into his office. I ran after him.

"daddy?" I said. He didn't reply

"daddy?" I repeated.

"hmm?" he said 

"I know what she has..." I murmured looking down.

"what?" carlisle looked up and looked into my eyes.

"cancer." I replied solemnly 

"but how ? How do u know?" 

"I saw it. Alice saw it. I felt her pain. She has cancer. Leukemia. But it'll disappear in two days. Her vampire cells will kill them." I finished Carlisle was shocked,

"wow. My little babygirl is growing up. Taking her fathers language with her." he said smiling,

"your such a dork. I'm a dancer member?" he. Chuckled.

"how old is Nessie dad?" I said

"14. Jacob is Techincally 16." I nodded.

"should we just turn her?" Carlisle continued.

"no." I said 

"why not?" I swollowed my venom.

"because, dad, she has a chance at a normal life. To have children. She's too young. Wait till shes 16." he nodded I corrected myself

"18." I walked away into nessies room. 

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Lmfao haha mine come out deformed too don't worry. Lol. 

Sawyeh_K(call me mich) said:

lol im watching da view nd eating the deformed chocolate chip cookies i tried to make yesterday nd i just had a mindblowingly epic story experience whilst dreaming of perfect cookies tht will never come if i make them myself

Omfg kill me.

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:
Lol Gaby my friend Alejandra lives in Orlando and do u know who she met in a hotel?!? BooBoo stewart lolz she came to my house today we were talking n she remembered and told me n I was like omfg that's so cool

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