She jumped up for joy. And I smiled. Nessie ran out, she was a beautiful looking 6 year old when mentally she was 3.

"wizwie?" she said mispronouncing my name. 

"yes baby?" I asked and opened my arms to get she jumped from about thirty feet away and landed in my arms. I smiled

"where's daddy?" she asked puttin her hand on my cheek showing me a bad dream of her dad and mom being taken by the volturi .

I pulled away and a vision came to me. Edward was going to Italy to get permission to keep Nessie a child forever...... Oh no. I dropped Nessie. Emmett of course caught her before she hit the floor. Alice was at my side all of a sudden and my daughter was pushed away,

"what did you see?" Alice took a breath and then had a vision in her mind I read she had seen Bella go after him.... And then it faded... I held her hand and she saw what I saw. We gasped.

"hey?! Where's the fried chicken me and --" Seth stopped. 

"what happened? You told her?" I nodded and she hugged him. I looked at him 

"take her inside with jake, nessie go inside too." all nodde and left . 

I dialed Edward. He answered on the first ring.

"hello?" he answered.

"brother...." I said in a dry sob. All he replied was

"on my way home." and hung up

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Dance, school, writers block, but I'm back for good my babies 

Ronnie Rodriguez "twihard4ever" said:


I missed your writing liz... LOVE IT
Thanks hannie<3

Mrs. Cameron Mitchell said:
Whoa! Intense shiz!!!!
Awww thx <3

Mrs. Nicole Cullen said:
I missed your writing liz... LOVE IT

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