"carlisle Bella told me to come home." I said.

"Bella can wait, yes or no elizabeth?" I wanted the child. 

"yes. But Seth--" 

"Seth wants him as well."

"him?" I smiled it was a boy . I hugged Carlisle tightly. 

"daddy?" I said he smiled because I was the only one of his "children" that usually called
Him daddy.

"yes hun?" he replied.

"thank you." he nodded and we ran to Bella.

"Bella. Thank God." I hugged her and she hugged back. I couldn't tea her thoughts. She was blocking them. I looked at Edward who looked just as puzzled.

"what happened ? I don't understand." she looked confused and I held her. Alice explained and she modded.

"we were goin to but we didn't know if we should.." Bella replied.

"Carlisle what do you think?" Edward said.

"No!" Edward snapped at jasper who was thinking about a war type way to look at it. 

"I think it's a risk. And Edward, Isabella if your willing to take it we'll back you up we are family."

"ok we are gonna do it. Who's coming?" Bella said. No stepped up. And I looked at Edward my brother by blood.

*i will.* I said. He smiled and I walked up to him and stood next to him.

"we will too. Ronnie of course will stay with the wolves ." Emmett said. Rosalie's face disgusted. I held rose's hand

"seth and Kelly will be stayin too." she nodded.

"carlisle I will not let my son go with out his mother we are going." esme said. I smiled and esme and Carlisle walked up next to us

"jasper ? Ok then we're in too." then we all looked at each other.

We had to tell the rest of the family. Uh-oh

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