I think the song "Let Go" by the band 'Frou Frou' should be used. Especially during the time when Bella is living on the dangerous side, (Like falling, escuse me, JUMPING off the cliff). It talks about letting go of the things that are bothering you or breaking you and bringing you down. There is a qoutes in the song like "drink up the any doubt'...."leave your things behind because it's all going on without you"...." writting a tragedy"...AND MY ABSOLUT FAVORITE is the course ...."So let go, jump in, what you waiting for. It's alright because there's beauty in the breakdown." Everything will work out how it has too...and it does, Bella went through all the heartache, only to be joined back with her beautiful Edward in the end. :)

I also think the song "Don't take your love away" by 'Vast' would be a good pick for when Edward actually leaves. The song so heartbreaking and pleading just as Bella is when he leaves. It's an awesome song and would be a great pick and addition.

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i think the song "don't forget" from demi lovato can be use when edward telling bells he was bout to leave and later when alice came back to look for bells bout edward and then charlie telling how emo was bells when edward was gone
i think let go would be good but i dont really like "dont take your love away"itts ok i think
I think "It can't rain all the time" by Jane Siberry would be perfect when Alice and Bella are racing to Italy to save Edward's life. It is a very haunting song. Also, anything from the album " Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde would fit well while she is forming a bond with Jacob at the same time trying dangerous stunts to here Edward's voice subconsciously. Believe me you have got to here these songs!!
"You know who you are" by E for Explosion
I think the songs dont forget by demi lovato and in my head by 12 stones are perfect for new moon
I like any of these songs for the cliff jumping:
1) calm under the waves- maria mena
2) storm- lifehouse
3) going under- evanescence or last breath- evanescence

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i like death came and got me by rosie thomas to play for the scene when edward tells bella he doesnt want her and left her in the woods or just the instrumentals of the song playing in the background...

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Falling in the black by Skillet
My 15 Track New Moon Soundtrack/ Playlist

Okay, I’m the one who had that massive playlist. I started with 40 songs for my playlist for new moon and now it swelled up to 85 and its still growing… so trimming to 12 was next to impossible… so here is my attempt at curbing my enthusiasm for numbers…here are my 15 track list and the scenes where bits and pieces of the songs could be played:

1) Pressure- Paramore
Scene: (PARTY… STITCHES) for the birthday scene

2) What if you- Joshua Radin
scene: (STITCHES… THE END) after infamous birthday party, when they are back in Bella’s room, Bella taking pictures at the TV room and looking at the pictures in her bedroom)

3) Death Came and Got Me- Rosie Thomas
(it could be with lyrics or just instrumentals of this song)
to be played during the breakup scene in the woods, Bella left in the woods and in the scenes where they would show the passing of time with Bella on her zombie state

4) Another Little H***- Aqualung
Bella asking Jessica to a movie, Bella sticking up for Angela and talking for the first time again at lunch, Bella at work, Bella driving aimlessly in Forks before she saw the bikes, Bella and Jacob doing homework and hiking.

5) Ride- The Vines
Bella and Jacob working on the bike at the garage, looking for parts, Bike ride, Bike crash and maiden voyage of the rabbit .

6) Sitting, waiting, wishing- Jack Johnson
theater scene, Mike puking in the bathroom, Jake telling his feelings as lightheartedly as possible to Bella.

7) Animal I have Become- Three Days Grace
when Jacob first phases, Bella confronting Jacob on being a monster at the beach, Jake vs. Paul rumble.

8) Storm- Lifehouse
Bella hiding out in La Push, alone in Jacob’s house, uncomfortable watching Emily and Sam, Jacob finding her at the beach curled up, couldn’t stand being alone at the beach and deciding on cliff jumping, eavesdropping on Alice and Charlie’s conversation

9) Unintended- Muse
Bella started crying after fight with Jacob thinking he already left and Jacob saying “Did it again, didn’t I?...until the phone call. To be played again when Jacob is begging for Bella to stay and she says B ye Jake… Sorry.

10) There There- Radiohead
Alice revving Carlisle’s Mercedes, speeding away, airport and airplane scene.
(THE VOTE) Bella meeting the Cullens to vote if they want her to be a vampire

11) Time Is Running Out- Muse
grand theft auto, yellow Porche racing to Volterra, Bella starting to run through the crowd

12)De Prof undis- Dead Can Dance ( or another musical score by two steps from hell with the same effect as their moving mountains)
Bella and Edward on the shadows of the walls already, Bella seeing the Volturi guards for the first time, on the passageways, arriving at the hall where the Volturi’s are (before Aro speaks),play again on arrival of the tourist with Heidi and the closing of the doors behind them.

13) Forgiven- Within Temptation
Scene: (FLIGHT….THE TRUTH) Bella and Edward on the car ride, airplane ride from Italy, back in Bella’s bedroom.

14) Hate Me Today- Blue October
for end credits

15)Ordinary World- originally by Duran Duran ( BUT I WANT A COVER BY LINKIN PARK to bring to the song a more updated feel to it, but if not I’d settle for Red’s version)
for end credits

1)I Was Broken- Robert Pattinson
Scene:(THE TRUTH) Edward and Bella reunited
( i want a more polish and slower version than that seen in videos in you tube)

2) Lover You Should’ve Come Over- originally by Jeff Buckley ( BUT I WANT A COVER BY ROB P., an acoustic version)
Scene: to be place only if they are going to show scenes of Edward suffering on his own when he was away, similar to Stephanie’s outtakes for new moon

3) Love Theme from Romeo and Juliet- Andre Rieu

I'm sure this tracklist could still change... there's still 6 months left before new moon and until then there's my growing playlist to keep me occupied.

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Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
everytime I listen to chop suey by system of a down I this of new moon idk y

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