I know we all must have some constructive suggestions music wise for Mr. Chris Weitz for the soundtrack.

My first choice is a song by The postal Service Song District Sleeps Alone Tonight

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my sugestiong are
for bellas song: All I need by Within temptation
edwards song: Frozen also by within temptation
even in death by evanescence
animal I´ve become by three doors grace

I have many more, but I can´t remember them now :(
Breathe - Taylor Swift
When your gone - No clue
Don't forget - Demi Lovato
Hold on - Jonas Brothers
I miss you - Miley Cyrus
"What i've done"by;Linkin Park
"New divide"by:Linkin Park
;Missing you"by:Black Eyed Peas
"I'm yours"by:Jason Mraz
"Gotta be somebody":byNickleback
"Let it Go":byCavo
Beyonce 'Sweet Dreams' [its my Edward and Bella song]:D x

check it out on my page i made a video to it called 'bella's beautiful nightmare' PLEASE check it out!!!
I also think Kelly Clarkson Haunted :) it really suits it.
and a great jacob and bella song is Kelly clarkson already gone for 'Eclipse' or Breaking dawn' sound track!!
Paramore's new CD had a couple of good songs that would be great.......We are Broken is one thats really good and fiitting
omg !!! yeah yeah I thought of that song of cold play so much !!!! everytime when i listen to it i start to cry !
and yeah it reminds me of twilight newmoon so much !!! but it more gives me a special feeling about myself! like the person that he is talking to is me ! like im telling those things t myself ! like its me that leaved my self !!

ebonyyrose; said:
I have a few suggestions :)

You make me smile - Blue October
The Scientist - Coldplay
Do You Realize - The Flaming Lips
Empty Room - Majorie Fair
Unwell - Matchbox 20
Sing For Absolution - Muse
Believe - The Bravery

:) I know theres a few but they were ones i used when i was making a fanmade new moon trailier lol.

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