I have found the perfect song to go with the new moon soundtrack. I have been looking for somewhere to post it. It's evanescence, my Immortal. I know it's already in stephanie meyers soundtrack but we'd like to say when in the movie. It should be as she is standing on the cliff about to dive off the highest part, the song starts as she's walking there seeing the views getting higer and higher, It should show flashbacks of her and Edward and the bit when she actually jumps should be in slow motion and its the part about 3 minutes 8 seconds into the song, and when the chorus comes again more flashbacks and as the music goes without words she is getting more tired of struggling and gets more sleepy, sees victorias red hair, song finishes and thats when Jacob comes.
I find this songs words so meaningful and thoughtful.

Inez McGowan.

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omg that is the most perfect song that it would be wrong not to have that song in new moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we both totally agree!
omg i got that my sister told me it would be a good one for new moon.........wow great minds think alike......lol.....
i listened to this song when i was reading the break up scene when edward leaves in new moon, it wasnt good made it even more depressing but it worked. but i agree this song is def perfect for new moon!
thanks everybody!

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