A) Read People's Mind's-Edward

B) See the Future (Subjectively)-Alice

C) Control Other People's Mood/Feeling/the atmosphere-Jasper

D) Protect yourself and others Around You-Bella

E) Show other people your Past Memories and Dreams by touch-Renesmee

F) Shock People for a Moment or two (: - Kate

G) Read other people's thoughts, memories by touch-Aro

H) Torture people through the mind-Jane

I) Make people lose all sense and being-Alec

J) Now here's one Shapeshift-Qileutes

If I have left anything out/done anything incorrect please let me know.




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first of all let me just say that it is Alec who can do that not Marcus
and as for what power i would want? hmm probably A or B uhh this is really hardd i am thinking read people's minds
Thanks Erin!! x
First the person who shock you is Kate of the denali clan and either F of D. BTW this is a good disscussion!
Read People's Mind's like Edward.
We all want that!
Mine is definitely A B or C
Just can't make up my mind!! Can't I just have all 3? haha
my choices are E D and A!! i just cant choose~~ hard very hard descision
jasper or bellas power hmm or edward
A,D,orE i just cant choose its really hard
A because it would be very useful when fighting and I always wanted to know what people were thinking. Also, If I knew someone like alice or Aro, when they did their power, I could see it happen in their head. Like I had their powers almost.
I can't honestly choose between heightened empathic or psychic skills, lol.
Really, I can't.
Okay, if I *have* to choose, I'd say psychic because it's much more useful. XD
I would want to see the future just like Alice.
D or J

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