A) Read People's Mind's-Edward

B) See the Future (Subjectively)-Alice

C) Control Other People's Mood/Feeling/the atmosphere-Jasper

D) Protect yourself and others Around You-Bella

E) Show other people your Past Memories and Dreams by touch-Renesmee

F) Shock People for a Moment or two (: - Kate

G) Read other people's thoughts, memories by touch-Aro

H) Torture people through the mind-Jane

I) Make people lose all sense and being-Alec

J) Now here's one Shapeshift-Qileutes

If I have left anything out/done anything incorrect please let me know.




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I look like a evil person, but option I is the best one. It would be fun to make someone blind for a second or something xD
I vote A, read peoples mind. Purely because I have such an high tolerance for uncertainty, I'd sleep better at night knowing the thoughts of those around me. Especially Himself. I'd be sorted.
E) i love renesmee or D) i would kill to be bella
i would pick A, B or C
I'm choose D or B
id choose J, I, or A. or all of the together. it seems fun.

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