When I first read the twilight saga New Moon,I didn't understood something,and I can't understand it now,either.Maybe you can explain to me.

OK..so Stephenie Meyer theory about the werewolves is that they appear when vampires came to Forks.In the New Moon book(and movie too 'cause it's the same story) Jacob and other boys from the Quileute tribe,became werewolves after Edward and the Cullens leave Forks.At first I thought that maybe their transformation happened because Victoria and Laurent were in Forks but than I figure out that they came when Jacob were a werewolf.And that's destroy the theory 'cause it wasn't even one vampire when Jacob and the whole pack became werewolves.
So...what do you think?it's this a mistake or is just a misunderstanding of mine?

P.S. I hope you can understand my bad english!

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I am leaning toward the last boys to transform it because of Victoria and Laurant... and I am not sure I understand the last part.
The Cullens return set things into motion-it's like they set off a timer-and Jacob took so long to change because of his feellings about bella-rage increases the timing of the transformation- i read this somewhere on some site
OK..so I'll explain it again.I'm sorry!
In the book we found out that the werewolves appear when the vampires came in Forks,right?But besides Sam,nobody transformed in twilight,when all the Cullen family was there in Forks,.The should were already werewolves when Bella came to live in Forks,if we apply Stephenie's theory.
Jacob,Paul,Quil and Embry became werewolves after Edward and the Cullen family left Forks.and this is where the theory spoil.
@tabatha, thanks a lot!so we discover what made Jacob transformation to be ''delayed''..but what happened to the other boys?My best friend said that I should ask Stephenie =)) I will be so ashamed to do that..
its not just when vampires are in the town they have to be mad remember jake was a late boomer bacause bella was keeping him so happy but i think its because laurent and victoria moved in. but i think that its a mistake but the story fits better with what she wrote.
Yes @Edward thomas...I love the story even if this is a mistake.It couldn't be better.I love them!
and yes @ CHLOASTER Sam was already a werewolf when the Cullens left.
I thought that maybe they should were werewolves when Bella came to live in Forks 'cause the Cullens returned there with a few years before her.But anyway,I still love the books 'cause they don't need to be perfect to anybody(that's impossible).They're perfect for me!I said that because I don't want you to think that I don't like the books and stuff.
i think that could be a coherent aspect of the plot cause as you know not only Edwuard has the compromise to defend and protect bell"s safety ,,,but also jacob,,,,because both guys are trying to fight the love of bells......so my friend i thinks is more related to love than the conflict that exist among the quileute tribe,,,ok besides jake is not only having a war with a vampire clan hes fighting for more for love than Hate.....
thats my opinion....i hope you consider it...
take care ........
idk mmmmm no idea??
i think that there has aways been werewolfs in forks but since victoria has been around people hav seen the wolfs in the forests
i think there has always been wolfs but people havent started to notice till now when victoria was around
n the last quileute tribe didn't use there wolf abilities very much because i knew that the cullens wouldn't breake the treaty
and remember in twilight Sam Uley probably did hav his powers then too but bella didn't know that till
new moon

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