“ are you sure they will like me Ness?” Will asked me. “ Yes im sure.” I told him smiling. I was driving up to Forks with my boyfriend Will. I came up here to see everybody every summer and this time Will was coming. We lived together back home in Monterey but he had never met the family. He also didn’t know I was half vampire and half human. I was kind of nervous but I knew we would get through it. I just hoped no body would do anything to freak him out.
We pulled up into the drive way to the Cullen house and I heard him take a deep breath hen get out. “ you will be fine.” I said and kissed him. I took his hand and led him inside. “ hello?” I yelled when I opened the door. “ Nessie!” I heard someone yell from up stairs, it was Alice. She ran down the stairs, at human speed thank god. “ Alice.” I said and hugged my aunt tightly. “ Will this is my sister Alice.” well she was to strangers. We looked to close in age to be aunt and niece. “ hi Will” she said shaking his hand. I could tell he was blown away by her looks. “ Where is everybody else?” I asked Alice. “ o they went to go play baseball, but I stayed here to wait for you. They will be back any minute.” and sure enough they walked in the door a minute later. We could always trust Alice on timing. “ Renesmee!” my mom called when she saw me. “ Hey” I said as she hugged almost as tight as Alice. “ Ness!” Emmett called and scooped me up into one of his bear hugs. “ Will these are my sisters Bella and Rosalie, and my brothers Emmett, Edward and Jasper, and my mom and dad Esme and Carlisle.”

O my God she had a huge family. She had told me about them before but I had never seen them. Her sisters were gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as Ness. And her brothers Emmett and Edward kept looking at me strangely. But Edward kept laughing and whispering things to Emmett then he would laugh. And Emmet was huge, I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with him. Jasper looked like he was in pain to be around me. Edward chuckled again.
After we got introduced Ness took me on a tour of the house. It was huge, they must had saved their whole life to get this thing. Ness had told me that her dad, Carlisle, was a doctor so he must be a really good doctor.

When we got back down stairs mom called me into he kitchen. “ ill be right back” I told Will but he looked kind of scared to be alone with my family, well it was probably just Emmett. “what’s up?” I asked her once we got in the kitchen. “ Jake is on his way over.” she said not looking at me. “ what? Why?” I didn’t want to see him, well not right now at least. “ he wants to see you Ness. You have to forgive him sometime.” I was getting mad now. “ he broke my heart mom!” I still remember that day. It was the worst day of my life.

I was running up from California for the weekend because I had to look for houses for me and Jake. I had only been gone a week but I really missed him and I knew he missed me. I was almost to his house so I pushed myself faster. I got to his house and walked through the door. I saw him on the couch with another woman. They were kissing like me and Jake would. I ran out of the house but Jake followed. He told me that he had gotten himself drunk because he was sad I had to leave and he met her and she wouldn’t leave his side. I didn’t believe him though. He told me that she had kissed him and he didn’t want it. But one person cant kiss like that and have the other person not want it. He wasn’t even trying to pull away when I saw him. He had stolen my heart, then broken it.

“ Ness just give him another chance ok. After you left he was so torn up about it. Once I told him you were coming he was so excited.” she told me putting a hand on my shoulder. “ he will be here in five minutes.” she told me and started walking out of the room. “ mom did you tell him about Will?“ I asked grabbing her arm. She sighed and said “ no I figured he would rather here it from you.” she said and left the room. I sat down at the table and put my head in my hands. “ Ness.” I heard Will say and put his hand on my shoulder. I looked up and he was sitting next to me. “ are you ok?” he asked looking concerned. “ ya im fine.” I said and reached over to kiss him. I took him back into the living room and we sat down on the couch. A few minutes later we heard a nock on the door. O no I thought to myself. “ hey Jacob.” Alice said. “ hey Alice” I heard Jake’s voice say. It had been so long since I had heard that voice. I had forgotten how much I loved it. “ Nessie!” Jake yelled and picked me off the couch and spinned me around in the air. He put me back on the ground and hugged me tighter than anyone has today. “ o Nessie I have missed you so much.” he said in my ear. I couldn’t help but smile back and say “ I have missed you to Jake.” I pulled away and looked at Will. “ Jake, this is Will. Will, this is Jake. Will is my boyfriend.” I said. Jake’s smile fell off his face. He shook Will’s hand roughly. I knew he was upset but I couldn’t help it. “ so Jake are you going to stay for dinner?” Esme asked walking over to him. “ only if you will have me.” he said and smiled. “ well of course we will we have more than enough food.” she said and everybody chuckled except for Will. We only needed food for me, Will, and Jake because the rest of them didn’t eat. I didn’t know how they were going to pull it off though.
About half an hour later we all went into the dining room to eat. While me, Will, and Jake were getting our plates Will noticed that no one else was getting there’s. “ aren’t yall going to eat?” he asked. “ o we all had a very late lunch and we aren’t that hungry so we will eat later.” Carlisle said. Will continued getting his plate after that even though there was a confused look on his face. Will sat on one side of me and Jake on the other. We talked and laughed through out the whole dinner. We talked a lot about California and the apartment there.
We were all done eating and we were sitting around the table talking when Will broke a silence. “ Nessie, you know I love you right?” he asked. What kind of question was that? Of course I did, I had been living with him for the past 3 years. “ of course Will” I told him holding his hand. He got down on one knee and reached inside is jacket pocket to pull out a small black box. “ I wanted to do this sooner, but when I heard we were going to you parents I thought it would be the perfect time. So Renesmee, will you marry me?” he flipped open the box to reveal a shinning diamond ring. I gasped. Was I ready for this? I knew I loved Will but could I live with him my whole life? I looked around to my family and saw Alice bouncing up and down in her seat. I laughed and looked back at Will. “ of course I will.” he got up and kissed me. My family clapped and came over to hug me. Will slid the ring into place on my left hand finger.

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there is a picture attached. plz look at it. thanks:)
that was adorable
continue plz
This was such a good first chapter! :)
i cant wait for the next part, i feeel so sorry for jake :(
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