It had been a week since Ness was going to leave, but she didn’t. she told Will she was sorry but she couldn’t marry him. she gave him everything back home and she is staying here. I finally got her back, all mine. And we are getting married tomorrow. We are keeping all the weeding stuff, it’s a good thing we didn’t send out the invitations with Will’s name on them. We aren’t sending invitations out anyway because the only people that are coming are the people, well vampires and werewolves, in town. It was early in the morning and I was walking on the beach. Ness was back at her house sleeping, but I couldn’t sleep. Ever since that day she told me she loved me I cant sleep without her. I almost go insane without her, I cant sit still. I am usually at Seth’s by now but I think he is irritated with me. I am getting to restless, I can only calm down with her. Everything is right around her, its like all the problems in the world just fade away and it is only us. I let out a big yawn and knew I had to get some sleep before tomorrow or I will be sleeping away my honeymoon. I ran into the woods and stripped from my clothes. I changed into a wolf and started running for Nessie’s house. I guess I could get in the bed with Ness then get a few more hours of sleep.

I walked in the door and saw everyone in the living room, except Nessie. I knew she was sleeping so I didn’t bother asking. “ Hey Jake” Esme said when I walked in the door. “ hey” I said yawning again. “ go on” she told me pointing up stairs. I had done this already so they weren’t surprised when I came here this early. I walked up the stairs and went to Nessie’s room. I found her sleeping on her bed like an angel. I carefully slid into the bed next to her, she woke up anyway. “ cant sleep?” she asked rolling over. “ ya” I told her kissing her cheek. she crawled into my arms and fell back asleep. Everything was perfect, just being right here with her in my arms. It was just right. I smiled and went to sleep.


I looked over at the clock and it read nine o’clock. The wedding was at two this afternoon, I guess I should get up now. Jake didn’t spend the night because Alice practically bolted the house up trying to keep him out. She wont let him in because they say your not supposed to see the bride before she walks down the isle. So I hope he got some sleep. When I walked down stairs Alice almost tackled me. “ Renesmee Carlie Cullen, in five hours you will be Renesmee Carlie Cullen Black,” she said jumping up and down. “ come on all the guys went over to Jake’s house to get him and the other La Push guys ready and all of us are going to get you ready. Now come on they are waiting up stairs.” I laughed but pulled away. “ Alice calm down can I at least eat breakfast?” I asked walking toward the kitchen. Alice ran into the kitchen and back in about a second. She handed me a banana then pulled me up in her arms and flew up the stairs.

She brought me into Rosalie’s bathroom, it was the biggest of course, and they was beauty products all over the counter tops. Esme pulled me over to the chair and turned me around to face them with my back to the mirror. “ ok now no peaking” Rosalie commanded. “ Fine” I told her biting into my banana.

They spent about four and a half hours on my hair and make up and getting me dresses. When they were finally done they stood me up and turned me around so I could look at my self. “ Do you like it?” mom asked. “ Of course I do!” I said spinning around and looking at myself. At that moment Dad, Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle came up stairs. “ Wow.” Dad said standing in the door way. “ Do you like it?” I asked them all. They all nodded yes and came to hug me. “ Nessie’s growing up” Emmett said and hugged me to where I couldn’t breathe. “ Emmett, stop your going to mess up my hair and make-up.” I said into his chest. He dropped my back to the ground and I smoothed out my dress. “You know if I could I would cry.” dad said coming to hug me. “ thanks dad but I wouldn’t want you to.” I told him when he let me go. “ ok well we better get down there because Jake is about to die he is so impatient.” Carlisle said. “ OK come on then.” Alice said herding us like animals. We all moved to the stairs where I would walk down to meet my future husband. Mom, Esme, and Carlisle walked down the stairs because they weren’t in the wedding. “ ok Rosalie and Emmett in the front, then me and Jasper, then it will be Nessie and Edward. Got it?” she told everyone. We all shook our heads and got into place. I was so happy that Dad could walk me down the isle because everyone knew that he was my real dad, well except the priest but we just told him Edward was my brother and we wanted him to take my down the isle because our parents died. The music started and Rosalie and Emmett started down the stairs. When they got to the bottom Alice and Jasper went. “ ok, its time” Dad said and pulled me forward. I took the first step of the rest of my life.

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this is really good i think that u should send this to stephanie meyer when your done it will so be publshed
awwwww...the big day
i like it
keep it up
omg thanks thats like the best complement have ever gotten

miss daniela black said:
this is really good i think that u should send this to stephanie meyer when your done it will so be publshed
It really good keep it going

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