As soon as I saw her coming down the stairs my heart started racing. It was only until I saw her whole body and beautiful face, when I couldn’t breathe at all. I think I started swaying a little but Seth nudged my side and that made me more alert. When she finally got down the isle and met me at the alter I couldn’t stop smiling. She giggled and my heart skipped a beat. This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. My eyes never left hers. I only knew it was my turn to say the vows because they started out with my name. after we both said our vows and put the rings on the priest finally said “ you may now kiss the bride”. At that moment my lips met hers, I never wanted to pull away. Ness was the responsible one that finally pulled away. I looked at her and she was smiling ear to ear. We turned to the clapping audience and they all started coming up to congratulate us. I never left her side in the mob of people. Our hands were locked through the whole thing. After we were done taking all of our pictures we headed to the back yard for the reception. We talked to all our family members and friends. When the DJ came on and announced that it was time for the bride and grooms song we headed to the dance floor. She twisted her arms around me and I did the same to her. I couldn’t even hear the music. I bent down and kissed her cheek. “ so how do you like being Mrs. Black?” I asked her. “ I love it” she said and reached up to kiss me.

At around five o’clock Alice got everyone’s attention. “ ok everybody, the bride and groom are about to leave for their honeymoon so lets make our way to the front”. Alice danced over to Ness and started dragging her inside, I followed at her side. “ Wait Alice, I didn’t schedule anything for a honeymoon. Where are we going?” she was asking her while we went up the stairs. “ yes well we did schedule something.” she said pulling us into her room looking for our clothes she probably had laid out. Ness grabbed Alice’s arm and looked into her eyes. “ Alice what’s going on?” she asked. “ ok, ok you are going to Isle Esme. We all scheduled it because we know how much fun Bella and Edward had, and we know how you like to be alone with Jake.” Alice said to her. Ness dropped her arms and hugged Alice. “ o Alice thank you.” she said into her shoulder. “ your welcome, but come on we have to get you ready.” she said pulling away.


It was a long flight to Isle Esme, but it was all worth it when I saw it. I hopped off the boat and started to help Jake with the bags. “ No I got it.” he said pushing my hand away. “ ok” I said and started for the house. When I got there it was just like mom and dad had described it. It was huge and I could tell it had many rooms. I walked in the door and walked up the stairs to find a huge room that was white and had a king size bed. I the curtains were closed over a big wall size window. I walked over and opened them. I view was the beach, it was beautiful and perfect. No wonder Carlisle bought this for Esme. Jake walked in the room carrying all of our bags. He put them over by the dresser then pulled me over on the bed with him. He kissed me and we both fell back onto the cloud of pillows. “ I love you” he whispered into my ear. I sat up and said “ I love you more”. He sat up to and shook his head. “ No I am in love with you. I imprinted on you so that has to say something.” he pulled me back to him and kissed me again. This time there was a lot of heat and passion behind it. My fingers were at the buttons on his shirt and I got them unbuttoned in about thirty seconds. I pulled his shirt of and we slowly formed into one body.

I woke up with the sun shining in my eyes. I was laying on the huge bed by myself. I sat up and noticed I was in one of Jake’s extremely big t-shirts, it came down to about two inches above my knee. I went to the window and saw him sitting on the beach. I ran down the stairs and out the back door. I started walking when I was three feet from him. I walked around to sit in his lap. I leaned up and kissed him once I was up against his chest. “ Morning” I said through my kiss. “ Morning” he said back after I pulled away for air. “ Last night was amazing.” I told him taking his arms and wrapping them around me. “yeah it was” he said smiling and kissing the top of my head. “ so what are we going to de today?” he asked. “ well mom told me everything about this place. There is a coral reef that has millions of fish in it. There are miles and miles of woods we can hike, and they are filled with animals and stuff. So you pick.” he thought for a minute then finally made up his mind. “ lets go swimming” he said standing up. “ ok” I said getting up to. He scooped me up in his arms and walked me into the house. “ what are you doing Jake?” I asked when we finally got in the house. “ I never got to do it last night” he said putting me down on the bed. I giggled and kissed him lightly on the lips then went to my suitcase and got my bathing suit. I saw that Alice only packed me one bathing suit and it was one that barley covered my body. It was a black strapless bikini. When I got in on and walked out to show Jake he didn’t have anything to say. “ what do you think?” I asked him standing in the door. “ its nice” he managed to say. “ o shut up” I said laughing “ it was the only one Alice packed.” he told him grabbing a towel. “ no I like it” he said and reached behind me to get one to. “ well then I like yours to” I told him looking at his swim trunks. “ at least she didn’t pack you a Speedo.” I said under my breath.

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awwwwww *smiles*
nice ^_^
keep it up
really good story
hahahah i love it!!!!!!!!! write more and email me when youre finish with the next chapter;)
hahah. why didn't they swim naked like Edward and Bella did?

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