My eyes fluttered open and I searched the bed for Jacob. I don’t know why I did that every morning, I knew that he would be making breakfast for us. I stumbled down the stairs and sat at the bar that over looked the stove. “ Morning” Jake said and leaned over to kiss me. “ Morning, what are you making?” I asked looking at the food he had set out already. “ we have a huge bowl of eggs, a plate full of toast, another bowl with fruit, and right now I am making bacon” he said and when he did he pulling up a piece of raw bacon and slapping it down on the skillet. I felt something starting to erupt from my stomach. I ran as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom. I threw up in the toilet almost choking on it. I heard Jake’s pounding feet running up the stairs. I quickly punched in the button on the door to lock the bathroom. “ Ness open the door!” Jake yelled while pounding on it. I leaned over the toilet and vomited once more. “ Renesmee please open the door honey” he said not pounding this time. “ no go away” I said not wanting him to see me like this. “ Nessie just open the door, I want to help you. I can always break the door down you know” he said more calmly. I felt like I wouldn’t throw up anymore, so I reached up to the door and opened it for him. Jake walked in and found me laying on the floor probably looking terrible. He reached down and picked me up and carried me out the room. He took me up to our room then went to go get a thermometer. “ here put this in your mouth for a minute” Jake said handing me the thermometer. I slid it into my mouth still tasting the awful taste of puke in my mouth. Jake sat beside me rubbing my hand and running his fingers through my partly wet hair. The thermometer beeped and Jake took it out and examined it. “ Well you don’t have a fever. Is there anything else that’s bothering you?” he asked me. “ well I do have a killer head ache” I managed to say over my dry throat. “ well do you want to stay here or go back and let Carlisle take a look at you?” he asked getting off the bed. “ No, no we have only been here for a week. No im fine I probably just ate something weird.” I said shaking my head. Jake reached down and kissed my forehead. “ Ok well ill go get you some water. Are you hungry? Do you want me to bring you anything?” he said walking toward the door. I shook my head and Jake left the room to go get my water. I sat there thinking about what I could have eaten to make me like this. I have eaten the same thing as Jake this whole week, so if I ate anything weird then I think Jake would be like this to. Well last night we did eat fish so maybe I had a bad piece. Yes, I will go with that for now, I had a bad piece of fish. Jake came back in the room with my glass of water and sat down on the bed. “ so I take it you don’t really want to go and do anything today, right?” he questioned. I shook my head while gulping down the water. “ ok then what would you like to do today then?” he asked when I finished my water. “ well mom and dad said that the movie case down stairs is filled with movies. We could watch some of those.” I said sitting up.

The rest of the day Jake and I watched movies. I didn’t throw up anymore thankfully, but my head ache didn’t stop until about three o’clock. “ So what do you want for dinner?” Jake asked me at about five. “ well I don’t want anything to heavy. So how about a salad?” I told him back. “ Ok, ill go fix it right now” Jake said getting up and walking down stairs. I sat there for a minute thinking about what I should do. I finally got up and decided to hop in the shower. I spent a long time in there. I thought about the whole week I had spent with Jake and what had happened this morning. I also thought about home. I missed everyone there and wanted to see them, but I also loved being here alone with Jake. When I got out I dried off and but on some sweat pants and a tank top. I walked down stairs and saw two salads at the table with Jake sitting across from mine. “Hey” he said standing up and crossing the room to met me. “Hey” I said kissing him. “Hey” he said again. We both laughed and went back to the table. “ this looks great” I said digging in to the food. “Thanks” he said with a mouthful of salad. I picked at the salad then put my fork down. “So Jake I was thinking its been about a week and I think we should talk about when we need to leave” I told him. “ Ok well when do you want to leave?” he asked me putting his fork down to. “ well that’s the thing I don’t want to but we will have to some time. And I miss everyone so much and I know Sam won’t want you gone for a long time” I said. “ ya I guess your right he did tell me not to stay very long. I am expecting him to call me in the next few days asking where I am.” he said taking his plate to the kitchen to wash it off. “ So I guess we will leave tomorrow” I said following him with my plate. “ I guess so” he said taking my plate and washing mine too. “ hey you ok?” I asked him because he seemed a little upset. “ Ya im fine, im just a little sad that we don’t get to spend more time together.” he said taking my hands and twisting them in his. “ well I am to, but we can be alone at home too” I told him. I leaned in to kiss him and I felt his warm arms wrap around me. He carefully picked me up and brought me up stairs to the bedroom. The next morning I got up and ran strait to the bathroom. I bent over the toilet and vomited. I felt horrible. Jake came running in and sat down on the floor next to me. I was done so I crawled into his lap and put my head on his shoulder. “ hey when we get back we can talk to Carlisle and see what’s wrong, ok” he told me playing with my hair.



When we got home late that night neither of us were tired. As soon as we got home we said hi to every one and Ness went to see Carlisle about the past two mornings. “ So Jacob, how was the island?” Edward asked me. “ its was great, and the house was amazing too” I told him. We didn’t talk for a while because we were all waiting for Ness and Carlisle to come back down. Finally Carlisle came back down stairs. “ Hey where is Ness?” I asked him. “ o she went up stairs to bed, she was very tired.” he told me coming to sit by me on the couch. “ so do you know why she has been sick?” I asked him wishing he would get to it. “ yes I do” he said. Ok he was starting to get on my nerves now. Edward jumped up and walked angrily out of the room. I knew it wasn’t what I had thought so it must be what’s wrong with Ness. “ so what’s wrong?” I asked him. “ Jake, Renesmee is pregnant”.

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I KNEW IT!!!!!! when she first threw up i was like 'she's pregnant'
keep it up ^_^
THAT WAS GOOD! just like bella and edward!
this is really good

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