any1 else gettin tired of all the stories 
i like the disscussions but there r so many stories its crowding it

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Ikr and a lot of people write like 2 or more and that's y I stopped mine./
I agree :)

Sawyeh_K(call me mich) said:
well i dont except for d people dat write like twenty a day like sometimes they write like two sentences and post it just because they dont feel like writing too much and then they crowd up with like 1000000000 of just one story which is the same as twilight except they changed a couple of names and made themselves be wit edward or jacob but i write like 1 or 2 a day 3 at da very most and dats why people keep reading my stories but like some people just dotn understand the meaning of ORIGINALITY like i mean im getting kinda bored of da whole "bella doesnt exist and im her" thing like nicoles old story was like that and i liked her version but now a whole bunch of people are trying to recreate her story with their name and its so f****** annoying bcuz they didnt think of it they r just being a**** and it gets on my nerve that they think they can barge in and tell everyone up bcuz they r too lazy to think of their own stories like that twihard101 b**** but i got her banned bcuz she almost made hanna commit suicide and tht makes her a health and safety issue
No no no guys it's the people (no names) that write 3218488539847264885476 a day and no one can start a discussion cuz It pushes it to the next page I mean really!!! And Lizzie PLEASE WRITE MORE I NEED TO NO WJAT HAPPEN
I like the stories :)

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