IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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Awww Renesme's excited about Jake coming to see her :D That's awesome! I love it so what's next???
I ran back down stairs. "Perfect." He said.
"Where are we going?" I asked. He took my hand and squeezed it.
"Just wait and see, your gonna love it!"

We walked outside into the pouring rain...within seconds I was soaked. We started to run, I was shortly behind him because I didn't know where to go. We were heading to La Push, or at least I think we are...
the story is really good so far I absolutly love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :) I think its so cute that Renesmee likes jacob:D
and then jake kissed me on the cheek"Nessie will you marry me?". I was in shock.
Ar first I couldn't speak, after I caught my breath I said,"Jake! Mary you?!?! Why would you even ask a stupid question!" His face fell. then I added, "Yes, Jake! I couldn't think of one resone why I wouldn't!" Then we kissed one of those movie kisses, romantic.
I couldn't think straight.
"Jake, i mean come on. I'm only like seven, technically. I....I love you, too. But..."
"Then what's the problem?" I could see the tears pooling in his eyes. I hated seeing him so upset.
"Oh i just don't know anymore! My parents would freak if i came home and said ' oh mum, dad guess what? I just got engaged to my werewolf sweetheart,' You know exactly how that would turn out.
I knew too. toppled furniture, smashed well....everything. Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose and Alice trying to calm them down and possibly getting hrtu in the process. And Jake.... I couldn't even think of what might happen.
"Nessie, you there? helloooo? Ness, snap out of it!" i focused back on Jake.
"Of course, I want to marry you Jake, but letme ease it on my parents. So they don't go totally crazy on you. Dad especially. Jake shuddered. So did I.
As if to make things official, Jake started leaning in on me. I reached up so our lips could meet. fireworks. Thats the only word that could describe it. We stayed there until it was dark. Then we rushed back to the house. And then it was time to ignite the bomb.
I wanted this...I really did. Jake drove me home, he came in. My heart raced."D-dad mom?" I told Jake to stand behind me, and before my parents looked over at us, he slipped me a ring.

"Yes, Nessie?" Mom asked, dad growled...i was thinking about it...oooops! "Stay calm dear. Mom added.
"M-me and Jake are...well, engaged!"
"What do you mean by engaged!!", dad said about to kill jake. "edward calm down. if ness wants to marry jake, then she can marry jake.", mom said very very calm.
"No she may not! She WAY too younge!"
"Quit it edward!" Mom said "I was only a teen when i married you...i dont regret it. It'll be fine, they are in love!"
"fine bella, she can marry jake. under one condition, you wont hurt nessie in anyway", dad said sternly. "i promise edward, i wont hurt nessie in anyway", jake said with a promising smile.
I ran do daddy and gave him a hug. "Thankyou dad! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" Then I ran to mom and whispered in her ear, "thankyoumom." than i ran to jake and gave him a hug. I still didn't put the ring on. "Jake will you put me ring on my finger?"
"Yes." He took the ring and knelt on his knee and repeated the pharse, "Will you marry me?"
"Yes." then he slipped the ring on my finger.
I was so happy. But something told me that I was in a world of wedding planning. Aunt Alice

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