IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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I didn't like to be mean to my dad but I needed to see Jacob. Sam said he'd 'be back' and that could've ment that my dream was real. I shivered at the thought of that. Tears ran down my face, flowing fast. They blured my vision.

"Okay, honey. But they might not let you in is really early." Tears kept flowing down, faster and faster.
"Th-thankyou." I managed to chock out. Dad walked over to me and kissed me on the forhead.
"Honey, as much as I'm not sure I like it, he'll be better really soon." I glared at him through red, watery, sad eyes.
After I got into the car, dad stared to drive me to see Jake. Or I though.

"Dad, you going the wronge way!"
"I know, I know. We are going to see him soon. don't worry. First...we are going to see some one!" He said through clenched teeth. He diled his cellphone. "Meet me at the boreder line!" He said, anger filling his voice!
"Who was that? Seth? Sam? Paul? Leah?"
"But daddy, i don't think this is a good idea. He is probably still really mad at me!"
"Well, I'm mad at him! He hurt you! Both phsicly and mentally!"
"Huh?" I wasn't all the way awake yet.
"Your in a wheelchair!"
"No one lets me forget the." I mutter under my breath so low that dad couldn't hear me.
"And your a mess over Jakob! This is enough!"
When dad reached the line that the Cullens can't cross. He parked about a foot from the line. Sam came from behind the trees. It reminded me of a movie moment. I looked at dad, worry on my face. His got out of the car and walked up to the invisible line. I swallowed hard. I was scared of what would happen. Would dad get hurt? Would dad hurt him without my help? I wasn't sure. I put my window down a crack so I could hear.

"Sam." Dad said, anger in his voice, but still polite.
"Edward, you wanted to talk to me?"
"Yes, I did."
"So, what did you want?" Sam said calmly.
"I don't mind that you hurt Jacob, at all."
"Okay, and?"
"I didn't finish. I do mind that you hurt Remesmee, though. As I'm sure you know she is in a wheelchair. She can't even think straight with Jacob in the condition he is in. You hurt her, I want an apology! Now!
"Sorry." He said it, but didn't mean it. I could tell.
"No! I want you to mean it!"
"I can't. I don't." Same chuckled.
"Sam! This is not joke!" Then Sam tackled my dad.
"Dad!" I yelled
Sam phased as soon as they hit the ground. Dad's teeth were inches from Sam's throat when he phased, so dad ended up snapping at the air. Sam's teeth locked around Dad's shoulder and i thought for sure this as going to be over before it started. Not a chance, i thought angrily as i threw open the car door and, ignoring the pain, ran at Sam full force, summoning every ounce of vampire strength i could muster.
"Nessie get back in the car," dad shouted to me from the invisible line.
i knew it wouldn't be enough to stop any kind of attack sam issued, but it might buy my father the fraction of a second he needed to pry sam's teeth out of his shoulder and then, i would help him finish the job. Consequences be damned - I wanted Sam hurt, hurt the way Jake was hurt and worse. I rammed my shoulder into Sam's rib and thought i heard a few satisfying cracks. Sam whimpered in pain and I looked to my right in time to see dad rip Sam's jaws off his shoulder. Take that you oversized german shepard jerk, i thought and i didn't care if my father heard all the cusses that went through my head after that. The whole time i had been listening anxiously for the sound of screaching metal. but my ears hadn't picked up the faintest sounds except for Sam's growling and Dad's continious flow of warnings and commands.
Sam turned away from my father and faced me, his lips pulled back over his teeth and a menacing snarl tearing out of his chest.

I tilted my head sideways and smiled as if to say. 'you want me? come get me.' He growled again even more menacingly than before. My attention was distracted for a moment as the sound of tires came squealing around the corner and Aunt Alice, Mom, Uncle Emmett and the rest of the Cullens jumped out before the car came to a full stop. In the one second I turned my attention from Sam, many things happened at once. I turned around to see sam in midair headed for me, and all at once a chorus of "Nessie"s came from every direction. After that, it went red with searing pain and then total blackness swallowed me.
Dad was in a vampire crouch position. Sam was strong, dad was strong. Tears ran down my face when I was Sam scratch mt dad and dad yelled. Dad didn't give up this fight. Dad kept Sam on our side, or tried. But Sam ran to the other side. Was he scared? He had reason to be. After Sam got back to his side and dad left his crouch position. Sam had scratches all over him. I was kind of glad but that was wrong, wasn't it? No. I gasped.

"This isn't over." Sam said.
"You are the one who wimped out! But you are right. This is no where near over!" Then dad walked back to the car. Tears ran down my face. How dare he! How dare he hurt Jacob and dad?!?

Bella Marie Swan said:
this is a bad story

Bella Marie Cullen said:
will you SHUT UP ! this is a brilliant story , lets see you write on as god as the one my nessie made ! >:( *hisses*
Book wormie** said:

Bella Marie Swan said:
this is a bad story
This is a great story!

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen Hale said:

Bella Marie Cullen said:
will you SHUT UP ! this is a brilliant story , lets see you write on as god as the one my nessie made ! >:( *hisses*
Book wormie** said:

Bella Marie Swan said:
this is a bad story
"Nessie I'm right here". Jake said, still crying.
So much black, but i knew i wasn't dead.
"Carlisle," i heard dad whisper, " she couldn't be... ... blind, could she?" he choked over the word 'blind'
I was spiraling. Blind? Not possible. This had to just be some weird sideeffect from the attack. It would go away. How could it not? Just the thought of never seeing Jacob's face again... never seeing my mother and father, or the rest of my adoring family? not gonna happen, i thought savagely.
I had fought - sort of - against the execution of my family and all their friends. I had fought with my father to let me and Jacob get engaged. I had fought against a sadistic werewolf to save my father from death. I could fight this, even if i was ..... blind. It didn't mean that this was the end.
I could hardly believe Carlisle's answer when he finally spoke again since i was so deep in thought. But the words shattered me.
"It's not unlikely," he barely whispered. "When Sam got hold of her this time he didn't hold back like before. His teeth might have been able to hit an important sight nerve before we got over to Nessie and pulled him off. But she is a half breed, so i dont know what the effects would be." At least Emmett was able to keep his voice joking as he said, "So Jake, lets see if when I jab you in the eye, you can see right after a few days." I couldn't laugh right now, especially not at Jake's expense.
"That's a good point," Carlisle murmured. "We haven't had any need to try it on Renesmee, but if she and Jacob are really that much alike in physiology, maybe she heals at his rate. But someting like .....blindness, would take some time even for a half breed.

My heart lifted. Ya see that, i thought to the invisible devil, I'll beat you too!
I smiled. I felt the smile cross my face. Then I felt warm ahnds on my face. Jacob. Then a thought hit me.
"Jacob, How are you out of the hospital? I was coming to visit you."
"Oh, that. WEll, Nessie, When you dad called, telling me you were hurt, I wasn't going to just sit around. I convinced to nurses I was fine and rand ran over here as fast as I could."
"Are you okay, Jake?" He moved his hands off him. I searched for him, although i couldn't see him.
"I'm fine. Don't worry about me." He put a hand on my shoulder so I could find him.
"Mom? Dad? Jacob?"
"Yes?" They said together.
"What am I gonna do till I could see again? I don't want to be dependant on people. I already can't walk. Now I can't see! What am I gonna do? I don't want to be a burden."
"Don't say that!" Dad and Jacob said together. There was a pause, I guess they stared at eachother.
"You could never be a burden, Nessie! Don't even think that you could!"
"Everything will be fine, Renesmee." Mom said. Then added, "Jake, it is Renesmee! Not Nessie!"

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