IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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Sam began to explain, in a rush, saying he'd had no choice, shoving another letter into my hands I read it in an instant, dropping it in shock....The note read.


It has come to our attention that the abomination offspring of Bella and Edward Cullen intends to marry one of your own kind. The Volturi cannot allow such a union. So we have decided upon a course of action which we think will be most beneficial to both your pack, and the Volturi. In return for our sparing the lives of you and your entire pack, as well as the human tribe which has spawned it. You will kill the offspring of Bella and Edward Cullen. We will allow your "emissary" Leah to enter, and leave Volterra unharmed to carry us your response. You have seventy two hours to send us your response. If by then we have not been graciously benefited by your "emissary's" presence here in Volterra, the Volturi will destroy, you, your pack, and your tribe.



P.S. Oh and make sure to tell your emissary to us, to not tarry long in Volterra once she has delivered your reply. We cannot garuntee her safety within the city forever.."
I didnt know what to say none of us did.Then i got so mad all i could see was red "why didn't you just let us know what was going on" i spat at him.You think trying to kill Jake or me is how you should handle this?All you had to do was come to us and we would help. you know that.Just then my dad spoke.Sam go get the pack and come to the house we need to tell the others whats going on.
It seems we are about to have company he said.
I sat, upset, in our living room. Sam and Jake said they would get the pack together and bring them over our house. Tears ran down my face. Mom said over and over "It'll be okay." to me. I looked at her with wet eyes.

"Not it won't! Don't you understand? Aro and Marcus are saying that I can't be with the one I love and now want me dead! You never had that to worry about!"
"The same thing happened to me, I'm still here and with the love of my life."
"Yeah, but your choice was easy! Become a vampire and everything is okay! I can't become a shapsifter and Jacob can't become a vampire! There is no way for this to work! I'm dead!" I said, fast.

Jacob slammed the door open, breaking the hinges off. Sam followed with all the shapesifters behind him, including Leah. Jacob looked like he was going to kill someone at any given minute. When he saw me his expression softened and he came to me. He kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "We'll figure this whole mess out, I promise."
"What is Leah doing here?!" I asked.
"Sam made her come because she is in the pack, sorry." He frowned.
I had to think of what to do.But what could i do ?At the start of my life all i have done was cause trouble for my family.I almose killed my mother when she was haveing me. Tanya got killed because of me. All my family came close to dieing. And there friend's who didn't even know me put there lifes on the line for me.Then it hit me i know what i have to do.I would go to the Volturi and ask them to spear the lifes of everyone around me.I know it would hurt my family and my Jacob to loose me but i didn't see any other way to save them. If the Volturi had me then there would be no troble for my family and friends.Now all i had to do was think of how to get away from all of them. Auntie Alice cant see me so thats a plus and i have all my fake IDS and pass ports,credit cards to. But how could i get around all of them when i cant walk?There has to be away i said to myself.
"I-I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I still hate you and your family but...I don't want to see Jacob hurt." I moaned.I've been thinking the same thing. Then I got an idea.
"I understand...but-" I smiled.
"But what?" She sounded interested in what I was going to say.
"But, when I'm out of the way, you have Jake to yourself." I hated saying it but I had a feeling it would work.
"Okay. I leave in two days with their are we getting you out of here?"
"I haven't figured it out yet..."
we will have to think of something.when you go down there, think of some off the wall thing of why i wanted to talk to you shouldn't be that hard for you to do.When Leah left my room.I now know why she went to the Volturi she wanted Jacob.
In away i always could tell that Leah cared for him. But i never thought of it being more then just good friends.
She went to the Volturi to get me out of the way.Well looks like her plan worked.
I got in my bed side table and got out a pad of paper to write a note to my family.I would tell them not to come after me becuse it would be to late for them to do anything.I felt the stinging in my eyes tears starting to fall i wiped them away i didn't have time to cry now i would have to do that later.So i started writeing
Dear Mom and Dad,
Im so sorry i have to do this. Please know i love you and i always will.Please dont come after me it will be to late. And i cant stand if any of you get hurt trying to save me.This is the onley thing i can think of that will save everyone.This is all my falt and its the only thing i can think of to set it right.You and dad have bean the best parents that anyone could ever ask for.Tell everyone i love them and how happy and lucky i was to have them in my life.Im so sorry and i love you.
Love, Renesmee
Now the other hard part.Trying to look for away to tell Jacob.
I wouldn't write him a note. I loved my parents but Jacob was my almost-soon-to-be husband. I had to tell him face to face but...I do want him to be happy after I'm gone. Leah will make him happy if he doesn't know she took me. Yet, I think it'll be obviouse who took me. More tears fell and mom and dad entered the room. I shoved my note under the blanket.

"What's wrong, Renesmee?" Dad asked. He didn't know? Weird.
"I'm just upset."
"About what?" Mom asked. Where my parents becoming stupid? They didn't know anything anymore. Oh well.
"How I'm endangering everyone I love." More tears ran down my face, although no one but me was in danger. Good.
"Everyone will be fine. It might not end in a fight. Like last time." Mom said.
Yeah right, I thought. They would do anything to protect me and that was why i had to leave.
"So what are you guys gonna do about the reply to the Volturi?" I asked. this would be a huge help in my escape.
"We're going to do what we did the first time. Stand our ground and try to reason with them. If that doesn't work..." she was silent for a moment, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." That was the last straw. I broke down and slouched into my mother, crying into her shoulder. i stayed there and cryed for a few minute thinking about what i was about to do. i almost convinced myself to back out a few times, but then shook myself - hard. they would NOT die because of me.
Mom left after i was able to calm myself down, then i set to packing a bag, careful to keep my thoughts away from my plans. when i had my passport, wallet, money, and a change of clothes ready i called leah up to my room. we would wait until the rest of the family went out to hunt and then we were going to run full speed towards the airport and get on a plane to venice. from there... well time would tell. i just had one last thing to settle. and that was saying good bye to jake. i didn't think i would be strong enough.
After That moment, every minute of the flight was interupted by the buzzing of the phone. Jacob Jacob, Mom mom, mom, dad dad dad, jacob jacob and jacob, Even the occasional Text, so much for silent flight.
" Nessie this is stupid Please Please don't do this. You know as well as anyone else that i will come and stop this....And you know what could happen, i could be killed" He said when i picked up the phone after the constant vibrating of the phone.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, i guess. But that was Low. even for Jacob he knew i didn't want him to die, and he knew for sure that i didn't leave to be the 'damsal in distress'. i left because i CARED. I cared for him, my soul mate. my family, mom, dad, aunt alice, aunt Rosalie. Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper. Grandmal Esme, and Grandpal Carlisle and Charlie. Even Grandmal Renee, who still didn't know i was her Granddaughter, she thought i was dads Long lost sister.
"jake, Please don't try and stop me. I'm doing this for you...For all of you. I Love you, More than you will every know. Not just because you 'Imprinted on ME' Of all people. But because you helped my family in more ways than i can ever thank you for. You saved my Mom, I know she never wanted me to know, but i made Alice tell me, You helped her when daddy left, You allowed My dad to save and change my mom, when it really ment that you would lose 'your bella forever'. I understand jacob. You will never ever relize how much you've helped and saved my family, you will never know how much i love you"

I could hear On the other end of the phone, Jacobs breath changing, uneven.
"Please nessie..." was all he could say. he was crying
"I can't jacob, I love you. And i love my Family, so i have to do this. its to late. tell my family..Goodbye Jake"
and with the i shut the phone, being overwellmed with wet tears. Sitting next to me i could see Leah in shock, staring at me. her face was pained.

"Nessie, Maybe this isn't a good Idea.."
"Leah would you just stop saying that".Its the only way i can keep you and everyone else safe."Me "why would you want to keep me safe?
"Look just because you hate my family and me well....I-I can't say the same abought you. You might not see it the way i do but you have always bean part of my family to. she just looked at me with a blank face not knowing what to say.Then the phone started going off again.I couldn't talk to them so i just pushed on the power key and shut the phone off. Then gave it back to Leah and stared out the window and let my tears wash over my face again.
"We can do what Aunt Alice did". I will stael a car. Look leah you and
I know that all my credit cards no longer work so we can't rent a car.So i dont see any way around it.What if we get cought?Thay will have to try and catch us first."But what abought your leg?How can you run when you have a hard time walking?

"I will just have to focus but i can do it".I may not be full Vampire but i can run faster then any human can.So with my leg the way it is it should just slow me down a little."But Nessie"what if we do get cought then whats your plan?

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