IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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"don't Worry Leah, you'll be safe. I'm going to save my family, i told you that. And that includes you" i said whipping my eyes with the back of my hand

"that Volturi wants me, not anyone else. i'm the abomination. Just be sure to take care of Jake."
I put my seat in a full upright positon and put my tray up. I took a deep breath and planned the whole thing out. Steal the car, go to the volturi, and just give myself up. Maybe they'd kill my fast and easy. Yeah, right! This would hurt! This is going to suck!

The plane landed and we got up and left the plane. "Are you ready?"? I asked Leah.
"I guess...I'll miss you." She blinked away a tear, and so did I.
"Are you two okay?" The voice starteled me. I looked away from Leah and saw a tall man in a black coat. "You both look upset."
"Yeah...we are." For now.
"Thats when i seen what his coat said.Airport security."Crap" i never thought abought my Mom and Dad calling the airport. The tall man looked at us and said you need to come with me.I was thinking of makeing a run for it but then there was three more men."This was going to be bad". I was going to get it when my Mom and Dad got here.Leah just looked at me and said i told you this was a bad idea.
We didn't stand a chance now. I couldn't run and its not like Leah could phase. So we did what the tall man said and we went with him into a small office.
The man looked at us and said our family was on there way to get us.All i could think of was how my Mom and Dad would pull this off. We all looked the same age. thay must be bringing granpa carlisle and grandma Esme to act as the parents.
"I looked at Leah and i didn't know what to say to her".Would the Volturi let Leah go like thay said in the note? Or would thay kill her to? I looked over at Leah and she was shakeing not like a scared shakeing but like she was going to phase.I put my hand on her arm and just gave her a pleading look.She had to keep it together.
Her shakeing slowed just a little. But the look on her face said otherwise.She was at the end of her rope and i could see her comeing apart.
If Leah phased here she would die to.Leah couldn't die she had to go back to take care of Jake. Jake was going to need her when i was gone.As we walked closer i could hear low wispy voices.
"This was it i told myself i was going to meet the volturi and i was going to die".
Felix and Demetri walked through the shawdows in their long black flowing robes.
"Hello, Demetri, Felix" I said nodding my head at both of them.
I kept one hand on Leahs arm, warning her not to phase.
"Fallow Us" Felix said looking at me with blood red eyes. He was taking us to Aro.
"No, Leah is free to go. That was the deal" I said my face prue stone,
"Don't make this difficult" Demetri said taking a step forward.

Leah started shaking violently, i knew i had to do something. I let my vampire instints take over, i suddenly rememberd how Alec had the power of making people, and vampires for that matter, black out. I let go of Leah fast and put my hands on Felix and Demetri's face, i thought of the forest i ran through back at home, hunting for mountain lions with Daddy, Using my gift to put my thoughts into theirs, Leah knew what i was doing, she started to run but the hesitated Turning back at me with agony in her eyes.

"just go, I can't keep this up!" I yelled

Demetri Grabbed my hand swinging me into a dark ally. He Crouched ready to fight. I crouched to, knowing for sure i didn't have a chance.

"We have orders Demetri, the girl must live..for now" Felix said smiling at me.
Demetri rised out of his fighting postion in a flash, he stared at me with pure hate.
"Fallow us, and don't make a scene." Felix said walking toward the sewer thing in the ground.

He steped through the h*** like it was nothing, Demetri looked at me. I casually steped into the black h***,this must have been the way to get to the chamber, My strength seemed to return fully when i relized i was in danger. I landed lightly on my feet, walking behind Felix.

I hoped desperatly that leah would get out without being harmed, she had to take care of my Jacob. Was Jacob and my family here? had they made it to the airport, and was coming to try and resuce me? I hoped not.

We walked through a h*** in the wall that looked like it might close at any moment. Jane was standing next to the Elevator with a sweet smile on her small face.

"Hello, Renesmee. Long time no see."
" Hello Jane" I said starring straight ahead. I walked through the elevator, walked to my death.
All i could think abought was if Leah had made it out.Did i buy her time to escape?
"I know what was going to do i was going to go see Aro,Marcus,Caius.We walked out of the elevator this was it.I walked in a large room and then i could see Aro standing in the center of the room.
"Welcome Renesmee Aro chimed with a smile on his face".
"WHAT"Caius shouted.Ah brother just think abought it. Think of what we would gain.
We would add a new chapter to our history.Renesmee has gifts just like some of us do think of what she could give us.Out of the corner of my eye.I could see jane the look on her face said she didn't want me here just like Caius.Then Aro looked at me. So young Renesmee will you join us?
Yes I replied, if it will save those I love, but just then a voice I knew all to well shouted No Aro she will not! My mother had followed me to Volterra.

Ah, how nice to see you again my dear Bella, said Aro. Turning I gave my mother a look that said "how did you know" she simply replied Aunt Alice.
"Can I reason with her for a moment?" I asked Aro.
"Yes, just make it as quick as possible." He said polightly.

I walked up to my mom and said, "Mom, please. I-I want this." A few tears ran down my face. I didn't really want this, but I wanted my family and wolf pack safe.
"Really? What would you do if you would have to fight aganist us? I could't hurt. No one could."
I whispered in her ear so low that not even a vamp could hear me, only her. "I love you. No one I know will be killed because of me. I'll fake an illness that day or something if that would happen."
"Hurry up, Renesmee." Aro yelled to us, polightly. Ugh, was he ever not polight?
Just then more of my family came in.Dad, Aunt Alice,Rose,Uncle Emmett,Jasper and Grandpa Carlisle and Grandma Esme.
Aro's smile got biger as he seen Grandpa Carlisle.
Carlisle my good friend its so nice to see all of you .Aro i came to speak to you abought Renesmee.
Aro she hasn't comited any crime so there is no need for her die.You said that day in the clearing that you wish you could prove to be my friend again.
Yes my friend Carlisle nothing would please me more then to do that.
Then keep your word to me Aro let Renesmee come home.She has done nothing wrong and you know there are no broken laws here.
"My Dear friend," Aro said putting his hands together. "Renesmee, wishes to marry outside of her own kind...a werewolf"
"It was okay when i Married Bella" Dad said
"Yes, but you changed Bella after you married her. I see no other way, i am Deeply saddened. Of course Renesmee will not die if she decides to Join my family." Aro said poliety
"she is Apart of MY family, Aro. I Gave birth to her, i gave her life. You WILL NOT take her away from me" My mother yelled walking, at human pace, toward Aro. Jane walked in front of mom, preparing to use her gift. She must have forgotten Mom's gift because she stared at her, comprehension coming back to her. Mom lunged at janes neck, but was stopped when Felix grabbed her by the neck and through her against the wall.
"Mom!" I yelled flashing to her side, she was already up, pulling me behind her body as she had done when i was a baby.

Dad was in front of me and mom, arms held out protectivly hissing at Felix and Demetri.

"Felix, Demetri" Aro said, looking bored.
They relaxed their stance, but dad stayed as he was, bent down in front of us. prepared to fight it nessasary.

"Renesmee, have you reached an agreement with Bella?" Aro asked looking at me
I looked at my mother, her face was stone. I couldn't stay, i couldn't bear to have to fight my Own family.

"Yes, Aro. I will not Be joining the Volturi, i am sorry. But i do not believe in how you rule." i said my face expressionless. I was going to die, i knew it. I was numb, i felt nothing.

Aro frowned. "If that is what you wish" He said gesturing Felix forward.

"That won't be Nessassary Aro," My mother said walking forward this time with a smile on her face. " You see, There are....few more people wishing to view there point" She smiled moving her hand toward the grand door we had just came through, out came The Denli clan, and the others from the last time we had had a run in the the volturi. Aro stared in Horror as he saw all the vampire walk into the room, and stand by my family. Daddy stared at mom, he hadn't known a thing. She had planned all this on her own. Grandpal was also staring at mom, but with admiration, he was proud of her.

"Welcome everyone" Aro said, not quite able to keep his politeness up, he was scared, ARO for crying out loud! behind his entire gaurd was on full alert.

"Alec" Aro said, wishing to have him use his power on everyone.

"That won't work, Aro. I'm sheilding them all"
"ZAFRINA,BENJIMAN" my mom shouted thay flashed to her side .Benjiman bent down and put his hands on the floor.Aro looked at him in shock as the floor started to shake.
I could see kate with a smile on her face as she looked at Jane.
Uncle Jasper was leaning over Aunt Alice.If this was comeing to a fight i was glad that Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper would play fight with me i would just use what i did when i would play with them.
Uncle Emmett said i cheated like my dad because i would put my hand on his face and use my thoughts.All my family thought it was funny when i did this to him.Just then i could hear a new sound comeing from behinde me that sent a shock down my spine.Aro's eyes got big as he seen the same pack of wolf's.
What shocked me was seeing Leah next to my Jacobs side with what looked like a smile on her face.
Last time Aro seen the wolfs there was only seventeen but now there was twentyfive of them.

Sam thought the others in Lapush would not change. But in the first year there was five and then three the next year.My Dads eyes got big and he looked shocked when he looked at my mom .She looked at him and said she didn't do it all alone that Leah had helped her by calling Sam who got the packs.

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