IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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As we left Aro called out saying, "My dear Charlie" It was so nice to have made your aquaintance, I am most certain we will be seeing you again soon". Vanishing into the gloom of the room behind their thrones exiting through secret passages only they knew about. Just then Alice gasped, her eyes widening in horror.

Back in Forks, sam had a problem and his hands full. While the Cullen family and their friends had gathered in Volterra to defend nessie and jake, they had made a critical error. Forseeing that the Cullen family and their friends would gather to defy their authority once again, unbeknownst to the Cullens the Volturi had sent their newest members of their gaurd to forks. And they were members of the gaurd Alice couldn't see. After their last stand off with the Volturi, the Volturi despite the distaste it left in thier throats, had switched tactics, rather than simply destroying any werewolves they encountered in Europe, they had began giving them a choice, the same offered to Nessie, and many, many had made the choice Nessie had refused. So forseeing that the Cullens would rush to Volterra following after Nessie, the Volturi had sent their newest members of their "gaurd" to carry out, and make good on their promise to wipe every werewolf and human of the Quileute tribe out. The pack was doing it's best to defend the tribes borders but there we just too many of them. People were disappearing, and now there were powerful vampires helping these new wolves, and there was nothing Sam and his pack could do about it....
"I Guess this means there is going to be a wedding after all," I turned around and noticed it was my dad, who had said it. "I guess i'll need a new tux" he said smiling and holding his arms open for me to hug him, he read my mind, so he knew i was about to run over and hug him.

"Thank you so much daddy" I whispered in his ear, with my arms wrapped around his neck.
"I love you," he whispered into my hair "you will be living close to the house though.
I pressed my hand to his neck, remembering when i was a little baby. daddy was playing a song for me on the piano. My very own song, he told me that i would always be his little girl, no matter how fast i grew.
"I'll never grow up i promise, daddy" i had said sitting on his lap as he played beautifuly.

My pulled my hand away from his neck, looking up and him. he looked as if he would be crying. He nodded his head, staring into my brown eyes.
"You remind me so much of your mother, in so many ways." He said looking over to my mom with dedication.
"I think you should wait, though. Until your Fully immortal, its the best thing." dad said looking at me seriously.

"dad, my wedding has been post poned once, it won't happen again. I want to merry jake as soon as possible" i said looking over to where he was, he stood half naked next to my mother. talking and laughing like they used to, when i was a baby. my mom looked over at me, flashed to my side and wrapped her arms around me.

I pressed my hand to her neck this time, remember way back when i was still inside her belly. it was black, but i could hear what they was saying. Mom and dad was there, even My jacob. She was talking, and i was thinking about how much i loved her. and then daddy could hear everything i was thinking, i remember her crying, when daddy told her i loved her. that i absolutly adored her.

'i do mommy, i really do. forever and always'i thought.
I moved my hand.
she looked down at me, crying, but not really crying, no tears came out.
"You have no idea, how happy i was that day." she said looking at me "You want to merry jake as soon as possible, then do it. I'm fine with it."

"which reminds me, Jacob" she called looking around " I get to be your 'best man' right?"
"Im so sorry i did this but i didn's see a way out for everyone".I looked around at everyone as i was talking my eyes stoping on Leah.She walked up to me and gave me a hug. The look on everyone's face was pure shock.
I whisperd thank you in her ear knowing everyone could still hear us she said any time.As we droped our arms and she pulled back we looked at everyone still looking at us with the same look on all there shocked faces
"Leah groweld what are you all looking at"?
I looked back at Leah the same time she looked at me and we bolth started laughing.When we all got back to the airport .my family was thinking everyone for there help once again then everyone was saying there goodbyes.I was just happy to have Jacob's arms around me.
On the way home me and Leah were talking and everyone was still looking at us funny.It still felt a little funny how me and Leah were talking like we were life long friends and not wanting to kill eachother for once. She looked at me and said this was going to take some time to get use to.
I looked at here and said" ya" tell me abought it.And then we started laughing abought it again.
"Nessie!!" Aunt Alice called! I could hear her flashing up the stairs and into daddy's room, i stayed over last night. i couldn't walk to the cottage i was so tired. so i slept in dads room.
"What.." i mouned rolling over on my side.
"We have to talk wedding details of course! You want your wedding soon, so that doesn't leave me alot of time to plan" she said pulling a notebook out that was 3 times the size of my head.
"So i was thinking.." I sat up and rubbed my head as she ranted, not really paying attention.
"Alice, do what you want. Okay. I just want to marry Jake." I said looking at the big notebook, which had wedding dress designs, and bonqeuts.

"Your such a party pooper, Just like Bella." Aunt Alice said closing the notebook with force, and flashing out the room.

It didn't really matter, i didn't really care about the wedding details. I was ready to marry Jake. I know i'm technically only like 6. But mentally and physically i was grown, well almost. I havn't stoped growing yet, that will be in 4 months on my birthday, where i will be physically 18 years old.
I flashed down the stairs to the smell of bacon cheese, and eggs. Grandmal Esme was standing in front of the stove fipping bacon.
"I've made you breakfast, sweetie" she said flipping the food on a plate.
"Thanks, Grandmal." i said taking the food, anxiously, i couldn't remember the last time i ate human food. I didn't like it very much. i prefer blood. but i was starving.
I scarved the food down, and was done in a matter of seconds.
"do you want more?" Esme asked.
"No, i'll go hunting with mom and dad later." i said picking the plate up and putting it in the dishwasher.
"Where is mom and dad?" i asked looking around curiously, They where usually here by this time.
"Ugh" she looked uncomforatble." their still at the cottage, i recommend you wait for them, rather than go looking for them" She said brushing her hair behind her shoulder, looking embarresed.

"enough said" I didn't need to hear about that part of my parents relationship.
"jake is waiting for you on the front steps." she said smiling.

I flashed out onto the steps. hugging Jake from behind, he turned around and kissed me softly on the lips.
"Renesmee Carlie Cullen?" He asked pulling me down the rest of the steps.
"Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked going down on one knee and holding my hand in both of his.
"Of course Jacob Black" i said pulling his face up to mine, and kissing him.
He pulled my hand from around his neck and slipped a ring on my left hand. I examined it curiously...
Uncle Emmett and Uncle jasper were standing in front of me.Uncle Emmett was there because he was strong and Uncle Jasper because he would try to calm any one who was mad that came after me.I could see Aunt Alice she was moveing like she was danceing.Uncle Jasper seen one of the other Vampires spring for Aunt Alice and he had him in a flash.I seen my opening and i shot from behinde Uncle Emmett.
He tryed to grab my arm but i placed my hand on his face and put my thoughts in his head.
That was the only way i could get by him i did this when we would play fite he said i cheated like my dad when i did this to him.But i wasn't faster then my Dad he had me before i got to far and Uncle Emmett had my by the arm.Just then i could hear the sound of three beating hearts.
Sam Paul and Jared came from the trees thay must have been out runing and could smell the other Vampires.
Next thing i know sam let out a howel and i know what that would mean the rest of the packs would show up .
Uncle Emmett had my arms held so i could't reach his face to put my thought in his head again.Then i could hear the rest of the packs comeing.When thay got there Uncle Emmett called to Jake to come and get me so he could go fite.
Jake came and grabed me by the arms.
"Jake! I told you to stay away for a reason!" I yelled at him.
"Renesmee, calm down. I'm going to keep you safe. I need you safe." I slammed my hand to his face and his grip tightened. The wrong effect.
My family had over half of the Vampires killed by this time but i didn't care i couldn' just stand there and do nothing "Jake let me go"I screamed at him.I looked over where my family was fiteing and i seen the evil smile on Caius's face that's what did it.I broke out of Jakes grip and i shot to where he was standing.I could fill me and Caius fall to the ground. Caius was biger then me but i didn't care i was so full of bloodlust.
I had a special gift and he didn't .I placed my hands on the side of his face i could fill him stiffen under my hand's and i knew it was working.I was showing him all the pain that he had done to me and my family.Jane could burn with her thoughts but i could also use my sight and what i could fill and put it in his head.I wasn't alone for long Uncle Jasper was at my side and i could fill him change the mood around me.This made me so angry i was past bloodlust at this point it felt like a bomb was going off inside me.
I could hear the others gasp as thay saw what i was doing.My Dad could feel the hate the fury that was comeing off me.And he was at my and my Uncle Jaspers side i was so lost in my anger that i could't hear the
riping and the shreding or his screams. My hands stayed on his face as i glared down into his milkey red eyes with pure hate.
I didn't watch but i could hear.I could smell something so strong i could taste it.There were only a few of the Vampires left that came with Caius.After what thay just saw hapen to caius i could hear them telling the others to run.I pulled my head away from Jake's chest and i seen the Pyre. I seen some of my family puting what was left of the guard in the fire.
A few moments later the rest of my family and my friends came out of the trees with what was left of guard that tryed to run but thay didn't get far.
My family and my friends were safe Caius was never comeing back for us.
I don't like this part


Daidalos Falvius said:
Sam began to explain, in a rush, saying he'd had no choice, shoving another letter into my hands I read it in an instant, dropping it in shock....The note read.

It has come to our attention that the abomination offspring of Bella and Edward Cullen intends to marry one of your own kind. The Volturi cannot allow such a union. So we have decided upon a course of action which we think will be most beneficial to both your pack, and the Volturi. In return for our sparing the lives of you and your entire pack, as well as the human tribe which has spawned it. You will kill the offspring of Bella and Edward Cullen. We will allow your "emissary" Leah to enter, and leave Volterra unharmed to carry us your response. You have seventy two hours to send us your response. If by then we have not been graciously benefited by your "emissary's" presence here in Volterra, the Volturi will destroy, you, your pack, and your tribe.



P.S. Oh and make sure to tell your emissary to us, to not tarry long in Volterra once she has delivered your reply. We cannot garuntee her safety within the city forever.."
After this scaring experience happened we all went to my house. My family, the wolves, our friends. We were safe. Once inside, I hugged everyone. I thanked them. When I got to Jake, I didn't let go. I just kept hugging him. "I missed you. Don't ever go off scaring me like that again!" Jake said, with tears building in his eyes.
I couldn't promise that. So I said, "I don't ever want to scare you like anyway." It wasn't a lie that way. I gave him a small kis and noticed I was crying.
Jake decided to stay that night. Him, Leah, and Seth ran potrol, he said he didn't want to take any chances. i stayed over at the main house again. dad and mom stayed longer than usual too.
"You know they are going to come back, and with Cauis dead....What are we going to do?" i asked rubbing my head.
'Calm down, Renesmee. We'll figure everything out, I don't think the Volturi will come so soon. They still think we have the denali clan and everyone with us." dad said coming to sit by me and mom
"Alice can you see anything?" Mom said taking dad's hand.
"They haven't decided on coming yet, as of right now. they are mourning. I promise to let you know if i see anything new, Bella" Alice said walking into the kitchen with jasper.
"We're going to have to leave soon, You do know that right? people are getting suspsious, Carlisle is supposed to be well into his 40's and he still looks like he is 23 years old. Not to mention you Renesmee, you can't go to school, you can't go anywhere. we have to start fresh so you can experiance a normal life" Mom said patting my leg.
"I don't want to think about that right now, there are other important things to think about, that not being one. You know Jake can't come with us, not with his pack and everything. So there is nothing to discuss, i'm staying, your going. End of disscusion" i said ending the conversation.

Jake came through the door, just then. Plopping down on the couch next to me, and putting his arm around my shoulders.
"So whats new?" Jake said, absentmindly rubbing my arm with him thumb in circles.
"Nothing." i said before anyone could say anything.

Jake frowned. "When the bloodsuckers decide to come i don't want you anywhere near them." Jake said shaking slightly. i lightly touched his arm, his shaking stopped completely.

"I can say the same for you, Jacob Black." i said serious.
"Nessie, I'm not missing out on this one. I only got to kill 2 filthy bloodsuckers today." He said reaching to get the remote from the table.

I pulled away from his arm, turning to look at him straight in the face. He stopped what he was doing and stared back at me.
"Don't start with the 'Bloodsucker' stuff again Jake. Don't forget that i'm a 'Bloodsucker' too." I said getting mad

"Please Ness, Your only Half Vampire. The rest of you is Human. Don't Be melodramatic" He said sitting back again and flipping through the T.v. channels.

"Whats up with you jacob! Why are you acting like-" I stopped short, for he interupted me.
"Like a what? A werewolf? I AM a werewolf, Nessie. And it about time i start acting like i used to and not like a-"
i didn't let him finished, this time i interuppted him
"A Vampires pet?" I said. my lips pulling back from my teeth, i was getting extremely angry with jacob, He never acted like this before. It wasn't his nature to make me mad or upset, he says he 'lives to make me happy'.

"Thats not what i was going to say" he said through his teeth "and your not a full vampire." he said once again.
"jacob, i am what i am. STOP trying to act like i'm something i'm not. i am a VAMPIRE, I drink blood too. And i'll be Immortal in less than 4 months." i said through hissing lips.

"Oh yeah, Nessie. Have you forgotton that i'm a werewolf? and what i do? I KILL VAMPIRES, Nessie Cullen. Don't forget that," He said Getting up from the couch shaking.
I got up to, hissing at him.
"Does that mean your going to kill me? Huh, Jacob? Since you kill vampires, kill me. Will it be better and less embarrasing if i was dead, so you don't have to deal with me? I'm so sorry jacob, That you imprinted on me, half vampire half human, soon to be fully immortal! i am just so sorry that i'm an embarrasement to you!" I Yelled, so angry i wanted to rip his head off.
Jacob was shaking violently, he had never done this before. i took a step forward poking him in his chest.
"Just leave Jacob, I'll make sure to tell the volturi that you too, wish i was dead."
"Spare me the Melodramatics, Renesmee. You know i don't want you dead, i was just trying to make a point. I don't understand why a werewolf is with..a....half vampire." he still shaking.

With that, i punched Jacob as hard as i could in his face. I heard a crack, and him yell "OW!" I broke his jaw. Good. Jake moved his jaw back in the right postion, and held it there as it healed.

I stood their staring, Uncle jasper was by behind me, his hands on my shoulders. I felt calm suddenly, and as the anger faded, i felt sadness and rejection. I ran out from under Jaspers hands, not looking back. I had never felt so ashamed of what i was before now. i jumped over the little river, and ran with excessive force toward the cottage.
I heard behind me calls.
"Renesmee!" Everyone called
'Nessie, i'm sorry!" I heard jake weep
I ran into my room and locked the door behind me, crying on my bed, i thought of Jacob. and his words. The door burst open and daddy and mom came in. knocking my door of its hinges
"jake didn't mean it, Sweetie." Mom said running her hand through my thick curls.
"Hes been under a lot of stress and hes been worry about you" dad said
" I know." I said.
" But he was shaking... he was getting mad at me, he was going to transform into a wolf. He's never done that."
I sighed. Tears were running down my ivory face. One tear dropped onto my pants.
" Renesmee. It's going to be okay. Now let's go back out into the living room, and you to make up before it get's any worse." Mom said shaking her finger at me, I tried not to laugh. Dad kind of looked at me, I guess he read my mind.
I took in a deep breath and unlocked the door.
There was Jake sitting on the couch with Alice by his side. Rosalie was standing over him, she looked like she was about to jump on him and rip off his head. He looked up when he heard me close the door. " Nessie I am-" Jake said, I interupted him " Jake I'm sorry." I said. He hugged me. We stood there in the middle of the main house hugging forever... I never wanted to let go. Uncle Emmett finnaly cleared his throat. Daddy chuckled. We finally let go and sat on the couch. Mom looked at me with a smile. I smiled back. Jake held out his hand and I took it.
" Ready for our.. um wedding." He whispered.
Alice breezed into the room whenever he said wedding. " Wedding needs planning before it can happen!" She said. I laughed.
Jake kissed me on the cheek, then I laid my head on his warm, toasty shoulder.

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