IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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I rounded the corner to the living room, looking for Jake. He sat with Emmett staring intently at the tv screen. Video Games.
"Jakey?" I asked sweetly, he dropped the pattle and turned his attention on me. i heard Emmett say something about being 'whipped' under his breath, i shot him a look and turned back to Jake. If i was going to get details on Arabella and Seth, I knew i didn't need to work hard, but since he was such a good husband u decided to throw it in for him benifit.
"Do you think we can talk....privatly?" I asked in a coy voice. Looking down at my feet.
Jake was next to me in a flash. Yes! He took the bait.
"Of course, come take a walk with me." He said, i looked up to see the love shining brightly threw his eyes. I smiled and grabbed his hand, walking toward the glass door on the far left of the room.
We walked near the stream by the main house, swinging our interwined hands back and forth. i rounded on him to his surpire, i captured his lips to mine in a much needed passinate kiss. I just realized how long its been since Jake and I had a real kiss. He licked the bottom of my lip, asking for access. I glady allowed him to enter my mouth, his warm breath was intoxicating. I pulled away before we got to carried away. He groaned at the loss of my lips, i smiled.
"Later. I promise." I whispered wrapping my arms around his neck. We stood that way for a while, just enjoying each others company.
"Jake?" i said after a few more minutes in his arms.
"Mmm?" He asked looking into my eyes.
"Whats going on with Ara and Seth?" I asked fast. Better to just get it out of the way.
He went stiff all the sudden and his jaw clenched uncomfortably, he stared in my eyes pleading with me.
"Please, Jake. Tell me." I whispered lightly brushing my fingers over his cheek, his eyes closed and he sighed in defeat. He couldn't keep anything from me. Not just because i was his imprint but because he just couldn't resist the urge to give my anything i wanted.
"Ness, don't freak. I've known about this awhile.." He stopped suddenly, searching for something in my eyes.
I urged him to continue, he kissed my cheek and spoke again.
"Seth, He-He Imprinted." Jake said looking down at our intwined hands.
"What?" i asked shocked.
"No way Jake! Who do I-" I stopped suddenly when his eyes flashed to mine, saying i was missing something very very obvious. I stared in confusion for about ten seconds before a click went of in my head.
Seth imprinted on Arabella. My daugher. My baby. I didn't know what to think. I was sad and happy at the same time. I was sad because seth would be taking my baby from me, not soon obviously seth was no older than 16 and Ara was still technically a baby. That didn't stop me and Jake though.. I Was happy because i knew my daughter would never be alone, she would have the same love Jake and I shared. I was glad it was Seth and not some other person. Seth was always happy and just perfect. Perfect for my Arry.
I stared up at Jake, he was measuring my expression carefully.
"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked in a small voice. He looked pained
"I'm sorry. Ara didn't want me to tell you, i would have told you if you got any suspisions. But i thought it would have gone better when she is older. I know from experiance.." He trailed off at the end wincing slightly.
"Are you okay with this?" I asked, pulling on his arm to get his attention, he turned back to me,
"I am." he said sure of his answer, he continued. "I wouldn't be if i didn't know his intentions. Their friends right now, that all. Thats what Ara needs and Seth is all to willing for just friendship, I'm sure it'll be a while before they actually get together. You know Arry, she said she'd wait till she was thirty before she got married. She wants to travel and experiance things she never done before.." He trailed of seeing my wince..
experiance things..
He saw my expression and knew what i was thinking.
"She can't have children, Nessie. You know that, its impossible. She has hardly any human in her and she's werewolf and vampire both of which can't have children. Emphrie on the other hand.." He trailed of smirking.
Not him too!
"Emphrie didn't imprint did he?" I asked, lossing my hope. He laughed at my expression.
"No, sweetheart. Emphrie has not imprinted, i'm just saying he's gonna be quite the ladys man. He's got my looks." He said smuggly gesturing to his bare chest. I raised my eyebrows at him and he grinned. He went to pick me up but i held my hands up to stop him.
"Later." I said resting my fingers on his lips. "we have family bonding time to do." I chuckled at his expression..
We where both laughing when we made it back to the house. Ara had made to jump on my back about halfway to the main house. i didn't mind, this was the mother daughter time i was hoping for. She talked a little more about Seth but after that we where silent, and it was a combfortable silence. I walked threw the door, Ara still attached to my back laughing her head. When i saw Seth laughing with Jake by the the corner, Ara and i immediantly fell silent and i looked at Seth then back at my daughter. Seth noticed her and brought out in a huge grin. He saw no one but Ara, and she blushed at the intensity of his stare, i gently put her down and stepped away. Jake came over and began to playfully nuzzel on my ear, i however continued to stare at my daughter and Seth.
"Arry." Seth said happily coming up and hugging her, she laughed and pulled away.
"come on i have to show you the video i took of Uncle Emmett when he walked face first into Emphries shield this morning it was funny." She said grabbing his hand and towing him upstairs.
"Hey Ness." He called over his shoulder.
"Seth." I nodded, not sure i should allow him upstairs with my daughter.
"Not too long, make it fast. we need to get home, you guys are going to bed early tonight." Jake called smiling smugly down at me.
"Jacob!" I playfully slapped his arm away. He growled low in my throat.
"I can't wait Nessie." He said kissing my neck..
this is GREAT

Alice cullen said:
"Stop. Before one of my parents come in and see you!" I said playfully pushing him away.
"Your point? What could they do? your married and already have two kids. They cant control you." He wraped his arms around me from behind. He put his head on my shoulder. I put my hadns overtop of his. "What's wrong, Ness?"
He was to observant. "Im fine." i tried to sound as innocent as possible.
"I dont believe you." He said at my ear. I turned my face to look him in the eye. "How bout we jsut get the kids and go?" He asked. I nodded. "Alright." He opened his mouth to yell for the kids.
"Wait!" I said quickly, turning my body to face him fully.
"What?" He asked laughing.
"I want to do something first." I said quietly. No one was in sight, so I thought it would be safe to at least kiss him like I meant it here.
"What do you want to do?" He asked.
"This." And then I pulled his head down so our lips met. I put everything I had into it. I didnt want to leave out anything. I wanted him to feel the love I felt for him. I wanted him to see how much he meant to me. I pulled away to breathe.
We were both breathing heavily, so we didnt hear anyone enter the room. Our forheads were together and we were looking deeply into each other's eyes.
Someone cleared their throat. I jumped, trying to get away from Jake. But he only tightened his grip on me. I looked up to our intruder. "Ive had enough of this Imprint stuff! Its not fair. 'It's rare Emphrie. It doenst happen to everyone'" Emphrie did his best impression on Jake. Which was pretty close. "Like hell it's rare! First you imprint on Mom. Which Im not objecting to. But then almost all the wolves in Sam's pack has imprinted... And then Seth! Of all people Seth! And on my sister none the less!" He looked down at his feet suddenly.
Jake walked over to him. "It wont happen to everyone. Youve got to know that." He said. I felt this was a Father son moment, so I started to manuever out the back door, but Emphrie stopped me with his shield.
"I want you BOTH to hear this , ok? I know not everyone is going to imprint. But i have to live with people that are imprinted on, or impritned on someone else. Just get that? So if I grouchy, you know why." He finsihed quickly because we all heard Seth and Ara coming down the stairs.
"That was hilarious!" I hear Seth exclaim.
"I know. It was even funnier .. in... person?" She finshed in a question because she walked into the room and saw all our serious faces. "Whats wrong?"
"Nothing." Emphrie said before I could explain. "Let's just go." He said defeated.
"Alright. Say goodbye to Seth Arabella." Jake said in a very fatherly tone that, surprisingly, turned me on.
"Goodbye Seth." SHe said blushing a deep red.
"Goodbye Arry." He hugged her again, and then walked into the living room.
"Alright. Let's go! I havent had family time with just us in more than a month! Let's go!" I said eagerly.. Even though I had no idea what I was going to do with my family....
Emphrie seemed down as we ran back to our house.
"Whats that matter Emmy?" Ara asked before i could, He gave her a grim look.
"Oh.." Was all she said.
Emphrie still must be upset about not having an imprint, i'll have to have Jake talk to him a little more about it.
"So, What 'family' things are we going to be doing?" Jake said, oblivious to his son's bad mood.
"Er, I'm not sure. I haven't exactly thought about it." I admitted sheepishly.
"Well, then we can just call it an early night. Right Ness?" Jake asked hopefully. I held back a laugh as i thought about why he wanted to call it and 'early night'.
"Ew, conceal your thoughts." Ara asked disgusted, snatching her hand away from Jakes.
I couldn't contain my laughter then, i didn't want to know the thoughts Jake had in mind. Not with our children around..
"Sorry, Arry." Jake mumbled.

I was still laughing when we made it back to the house. Emphrie was still in a bad mood, Jake was still embarrased, Ara was in her own little world like always.
"Okayy." I said clapping my hands together when we got back in the house. They all stared at me expectantly. Why was i always the one they looked too, i'm not their Carlisle.
"Um, How about we talk?" I asked, sitting down on the couch.
Emphrie rolled his eyes.
"I'm going upstairs to my room." He said scowling at me.
I frowned.
"Emphrie, its family time. I'm sure whatever it is you want to do can be held off till later." I said dissapointed that he didn't want to spend time with me. I've been gone for three weeks and all he can think about is getting away from me.
He ignored me and went up the stairs slamming the door.
"I think i'd better go and see whats wrong with him" Ara said walking to the foot of the steps but getting thrown back by his shield.
"Leave me alone, Arabella. I want some privacy." He growled down the stairs.
Ara looked like she'd been slapped, she swollowed hard and walked slowly back to where me and Jake sat. I looked to my right at Jake who was furious.
"Emphrie, I want you to drop that shield right now and come down stairs with us." He said his voice dripping with acid. There was no reply. Jake stomped outside, and jumped to Emphrie's window. He obviously wasn't shielding that part of his room.
I couldn't hear what was being said, and i cursed being half human. Emphrie came down the stairs with a hard look on his face, he glanced back as jake fallowed, still clearly upset with him. Emphrie looked back at me.
"Sorry, Mom. I'm going out for a little. I'll be back later."
"Emphrie!" I yelled as he ran at werewolf speed out the door, shaking from head to toe. Jake groaned cover his face with his hands.
"What did you say to him?" i asked in horror, My son had never just uped and leave. Jake had to of said something that pushed him over the edge.
"I didn't say anything to him that would make him react like that. All i said was that he needed to come down because he was upsetting you and Ara, when i said that he growled at me and said that everything was about you two and that he needed some space. He was shaking so hard, Ness. I couldn't do anything, He could've hurt you or Arry." He said getting soft toward the end.
This was not how i wanted this evening to turn out, this was supost to be our bonding time and all it turned out to be hell on earth.
"We need to go and find him, i don't want him to hurt someone." I said walking toward the door, Jake's hand grabbed mine, his eyes where soft.
"I'll find him." He said with determination "Our time isn't ruined, Nessie. Ara is still here, Make use of your time with her." He whispered in my ear. "I'll be back soon, Then we can have our time." he promised.
I smiled and hugged him tightly. Then he was out the door, i turned to my daughter who was standing in the same place she was before, looking at the spot where her brother had just left.
"Arry, Its okay. He'll be back, i promise. Lets have a little girl time." I said with excitment, Hopping it would cover up some of my worry, she smiled up at me..
Dad let out a low growl and took on his hunting crouch
Ara stiffened next to me, noticing Jake and Emphries cold glares
"What happened?" I asked, not really knowing how else to start a conversation about what was going on.
"him." Emphrie said with pure hate, i flinched at how mad he was. Emphrie had never been this mad before. I looked over at Jake who was shaking head to toe, Emphrie looked over at him and noticed the same thing. All that did was make him start the shaking.
"Jacob, you need to go outside and calm down." I said getting between the two of them, just to be sure they didn't do anything they would regret later
"Yeah, Dad. Listen to your imprint, because you know you have too." Emphrie said, and for the first time since his birth Emphrie hissed.
"Emphrie" I said in shock, I heard Jake growl and then a loud ripping noice. I turned to see Emphrie phase into his wolf form, breaking the coffee table in he process. Emphrie growled and looked in my direction, sending his shield out to push me against the far wall.
"No!" Ara and i screamed at the same time, I tried to move but i couldn't fight against Emphries shield.
"Arry, its okay hunny." I panted out, Emphrie had his shield pressed so hard against me it was taking all my breath away. I tried to turn my head toward Ara but i couldn't "Call Sam" I yelled out, trying to breath.
I could see Jake and Emphrie, Both in there wolf form. Jake was pushing Emphrie out of the door, while Emphrie ripped into his shoulder. Again and again Emphrie woud sink his long pointed teeth into Jake and never would Jake fight back he just continued to try and push him out the door, Emphrie was almost as big as Jake. I closed my eyes not able to continue to watch this.
Sam will be here soon, he can order Emphrie to stop. I chanted over and over in my head.
The growling and whimpers of pain continued for another minute before i heard Sams voice.
"Knock it off, right now!" He yelled in his Alfa voice, I could only hope he had the power to order Emphrie. Sam didn't have the power to order Jake and it could be the same for Emphrie.
"Arry, no!" I heard Seth yell
What the hell was going on?
I move against the shield but it was still firmly in place.
"Drop this shied right now!" I yelled, putting as much venom in my tone as possible. The shied dropped at once, and i found my self grining at the athority i held over my son, my grin changed to horror when i took in the scene before my eyes
Jake was breathing heavly over in the corner, laying on him side in wolf form, Emphrie too was still in his wolf form and was stuggling against Sam and Pauls hold as they pushed him threw the door. Ara was no where to be seen, i searched around fantically for her, I saw that one of the windows was busted open, a large whole right in the middle.
"Oh no." I whispered rusing forward, Ara was sitting up with glass all around her and in her. She was cursing as she picked the glass from her wounds, which was all over her body. Seth was in a protective stance in front of her, obviously stressing over staying and making sure she was okay or going to defend his mate.
"Are you alight?" We both said at the same time
"Ouch-Yes, as soon as I get this-ouch" She winced as she pulled a peice of glass from her cheek "Glass out. I'll heal soon" She finished, still pulling at the glass.
Jake came limping out of the house, his leg still hadn't healed. He troted over to Arry who was still wincing as she pulled at the glass. He licked her face.
"Daddy, I'm fine. Stop" She laughed as he continued to lick her face. Jake looked in the woods, then back at me.
"He wants to stay here and make sure we're okay, but he also wants to make sure Emmy is okay." She said patting Jake's head
"Go ahead, Jacob. Me and Seth can look afte Arry, she's okay." I said, He nodded his head and walking into the woods. His leg and other wounds healed
"Emphrie is going to be so upset" Ara said worried. Seth growled.
"He should have been more careful," Seth growled out, till in his protective stance
"You won't try and hurt him right? He's my brother, Seth. Please" Ara whispered
Paul and Jared came in just as i stared for the door.
"Did you see how Jake just let Emphrie bi-"
"You two better clean this house up!" I yelled, cutting Paul's sentence off.
They stared at me like i'd grown a second head
"What? Ness, we-"
"No, i don't care if it was you or not your cleaning my house up." I said furiously.
They started to say something else but i hissed and they started cleaning.
"Good." I said pleased. "Now, where is Jake, Sam, and Emphrie?" I asked.
I neede to know where they where so i could talk to them.
Paul and Jared shared a look for a moment then looke back at me.
"I think you should give them a minute, Ness. Emphrie is upset Jake and Sam is tryin' to calm him down." Jared said with a frown.
"Jared, Emphrie is my son. I love him and i want to help." I said
"You can't help, you have no idea what a young werewolf has to go threw. And its expecially hard on him, being half vampire." Jared continued,
I ignored what jared said and turned my attention to Paul, who was currently munching on god knows what.
"Where are they Paul?" I asked, my voice dripping with venom
"Oh, They went over to Billy's, Since he isn't home, 'out fishin' again with Charlie." Paul said, popping something brown in his mouth.
"Paul!" Jared said in horror. He looked over at Jared.
'What'd I do?" He asked with a full mouth.
I smiled and went to the door.
"Watch Arry guys. I'll be back later on tonight" I said going threw the door.
Now my family night is ruin. Emphrie is mad and Jake is probably pissed to. What a family night this is.
Keep writing please this is awesome!!!!!!!
its really good I love it =)
I ran through the dark woods heading over to La Push, I crossed the border and caught Sam, Jacob and Emphries scent, I ran a little faster pushing myself more hurrying. I got to Billy`s house and didnt even bother knocking I just went straight in, Emphrie was sat on the couch with his head in his hands with Jake and Sam next to him
"Emphrie" I said calmy, as mad as I was at him he was my son and no matter what he did I would always love him,
"I`m so sorry mom, I just cant take all of this, all the imprinters and imprintees I`m going mad!" He began sobbing, and I ran over to him, pulling him into my arms craddling him
"Em, listen to me, look I`m not a werewolf so I dont quite understand this what your going through, and me and your dad will be there for you, okay? Imprinting is quite rare and if your looking for someone to imprint on well your time will come when its ready and more importantly, when you are"He was pretty much calm now and that pleased me, that they couldnt calm him the way i did,
"Is Ara mad at me?" He asked, his sadness was weighing me down but I tried not to show it
"Well come back and talk to her, you know she will understand" After that me, Jake and Emmy headed back to our little magical house, Jared and Paul had managed to clean up most of it, and Ara was sat with Seth reading a book. Emmy went straight to her and said sorry, they made up pretty quick and in all the time this happened it went past their bed time, we would re-do family night tomorrow
"Okay, Ara, Emphrie it`s bed time" Jake looked at me then and grinned, we would be finally getting our own night, I giggled at his grin and went upstairs to put them into their beds and tuck them in, Emmy went to sleep within two seconds but Ara was still awake
"Is Emmy still mad?" She asked worridly, I smiled gently and brushed back her hair with gentle fingers
"Me and Em had a talk and he`s sorry, like he said theres nothing to worry about, go to sleep" I encouraged, she smiled then went to sleep, I switched off their lamp light and closed the door leaving it a crack open. Down stairs Jacob was sitting on the couch waiting for me, I smiled when he saw me and sat on his lap snuggling into his neck.
"Are they asleep?" He asked,
"Yes" I replied, he kissed my hair then down my cheek, and down to my lips. He kissed me passionatly but there was an urgency behind the kiss, He lifted me swiftly and ran upstairs not at all in a human pace, we both sat on the bed kissing sweetly, I got the feeling he was willing to take this a little further and I wasnt going to object to that. We both broke away gasping for air but even then his lips never left my skin, he undid his shirt and then we carried on into our little perfect piece of happiness...
When I woke the next morning, my head was filled with pretty colourful dreams. They were about my family and mainly my gorgeous husband, my dad and mom appeared sometimes but it was the angel that kept me under, I rolled over and realised Jacob wasnt there, I shot up covering myself of course with the quilt but it was quiet until I heard the sound of Disney Channel Ara and Emmy were deffinatly awake, I got up and changed into a pink floral Louis Vitton dress courtesy of Auntie Alice, the dress went just to my thighs quite frilly, across the chest was a dimond square buckle and it was a like a strapy V neck dress very beautiful recently I hadnt really bothered much with Aunt Alice`s clothes but today I was going to do her proud. I ran down stairs happily after last night and saw my two adorable children sat with toys watching Wizzards of Waverly Place and Jacob was the kitchen making me pancakes. They smelt delicious
"Smells good Jacob" I said coming round to kiss him lightly on the cheek, he smiled widely, the entire room lit up with his smile
"And it`s all for you" He said cheerfully, I laughed and then Ara was stood next to me
"Morning Mommy" She said happily, I bent down to give her a kiss on her cheek
"Morning Arabella" I played with her ringlets while she spoke
"You look beautiful" She said complimenting me I laughed
"Not nearly as much as you sweeite" She pulled out a brush from behind her back and handed it to me smiling sheepishly
"After I`ve my pancakes darling, okay?" Ara loved it when I brushed through her ringlets it reminded me of when Auntie Rosalie used to do that for me when I was little, I also remember playing with everyones silver jewlery. Ara smiled then skipped back to Em, they both started playing tig and I wasnt sure if I could survive with something else getting broken.
"Here you are my sweet" Jacob said placing the pancakes on the counter, I rubbed my hands together and laughed.
"Thanks" I said and began digging into them, Jacob cocked his head then said
"I think I hear someone coming" Just then, Alice came in
"Hello!" She said loudly and cheerfully, clearly she forgot that she was in a house where the family could hear everything.
"Hi Auntie Alice" Ara and Emmy said at the same time, Alice giggled and it sounded like wind chimes she came over to me
"I love the dress" She grinned, I rolled my eyes realising she would have seen me choosing it
"What do you want to go and pick out some shoes for me Alice?" I said sarcastically, She laughed and so did Jacob
"No, I just wanted to make sure I wasnt imagining you wearing it, you are such like Bella I mean your mom both of you object to wearing designer clothes! It`s unbelivable" Jacob laughed a little harder and so did I, but when did Alice ever have to imagine things? I carried on eating my pancaked but the way I ate them you could hardly calling it eating more like stuffing my face, I prefered animal blood but I could be bothered to go out and hunt and for a vampire well half I sound insane
"What did you really want Alice?" asked Jacob kindly, I was hoping he had fully gotton over the aversion to "leeches, parasites and bloodsuckers"
"I actually want know why your house is destroyed, did a tornado hit that we didnt know about?" Alice was so Alice, I rolled my eyes
"Long story and we are very sorry" Alice laughed then went to sit with Ara and Emmy while I finished my pancakes, once I did we all headed over to the main house and everyone was in a rather happy mood, I began wondering if I was actually awake or not.

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