IDK wat happened to "Our Story" that someone started on here but it was good and i think we should do it here so...I'll start the story and you add a line or a paragraph or something and it keeps itself goin...

The opening line is:

On this cold and rainy morning, I woke up and stretched. My small curls falling down to my shoulders.


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Aunt Rose and Uncle Emmett were sat talking to each other, grandad Carlisle had a thick blue book in front of him, grandma Esme was arranging some roses in a vase humming to herself, Dad was sat at his piano with mom playing a very familar song with Masen on her lap.Uncle Jasper wasnt in sight and then he came down stairs, eyes only for Auntie Alice. Grandma Esme noticed us arrive and came over to me and the rest of us,
"Good moring Renesmee, Ara, Emmy, Jacob" She nodded to them and smiled kindly,
"Good morning Grandma, how is everyone?" I asked coming further in, Ara ran over Grandad and examained the book he was reading and they spoke about it, Emphrie ran over to Auntie Rose and Uncle Emmett. Jacob however stayed by me
"Their all very cheery, at least today there isnt the Volturi coming or a physco path Vampire or anything else coming after us, so were happy" She laughed gently and it sounded like the coo of a dove.
"It`s fantastic isnt it" She smiled then went to talk to Uncle Jasper about something
"I`m just gonna go see Masen, you go and talk to Grandma or someone for a minute if you like" He shook his head and followed me. Dad pulled the song to a close realising we were coming over in courtesy to me he played my lullaby I grinned widely, my mom turned to me and smiled
"Morning Renesmee" She said then stood, I gave her an arkward hug trying not to crush my brother.

The rest of the day was so peaceful and normal, and we werent worrying about anything it thrilled me to the bone and the core of my existance, me and Jacob and the kids at night actually had our family eventually we decided to play a few games and go for a wild run in the forest which we did. My mind was wandering, this entire craziness began with my mom and dad, they went to Forks High School and fell deeply in love with eachother, they went though ups and downs together but they were so made for each other as they had said once before to me they were two pieces carved to fit together, they told me of Victoria and how she had created a vampire new born army and James in the first few months of my parents love tried to kill my mom and my dad was frantic he wouldnt get there in time to save her in the ballet studio, also later on they went to Isle Esme and made love my mom conceiving me and I nearly killed her when she was pregnant with me not a past Im proud of, also all the things like my moms friends Mike, Angela, Jessica, Eric and others she told me of them all the time. At the minute Jessica and Mike are married and Jessica is six month pregnant and Angela is single but has a great career apparently her and Ben didnt last forever, Eric is engaged and got a job as a science teacher. So over all I have my mom and dad to thank for creating such a wonderful world for me to be a part of
Through all the ups and downs, goods and bads, imprinting and ledgends, sadistic vampires and the Volturi over all it was worth all the pain and love of this family The Cullens, The Hales, The Swans and The Blacks we had all joined into an unrealistic family well thats how it felt unrealistic. So the next day my dad came up with something when we were all sat talking
"Remember a while ago, when you watched us play baseball" My dad said to my mom
"Yeah, why?" She asked witha confused look
"Are you game?" He asked, my mom was so thrilled she actually got to play vampire Baseball, and me too! Even my kids and Jake it was the greatest day ever.
It was never going to end, the love in this family, it would never dissapear the way it did in others. We would all live forever and love each other just the way we should be, I think it`s safe to say that this little world of Vampires and Werewolfs was coming to a close... not fully but in a way it was. We would be Cullens,, Hales and Blacks till the end of universe`s life, me and Jacob were sat together at home and it was late at night, we decided to go out back and watch the stars he kissed me gently under the moon lit night, and we carried on into out little perfect piece of forever...

The End
Sorry if there are some errors in it like them being teenagers I just really wanted to write the ending and with being a pro write (my book is being published) I thought i could have a go =)
Sorry i hope it didnt sound the way I think it did lol and my book well its a secret when it comes to the shelves soon I`ll tell you=)
this actually made me cry :(

Stevie Rae Johnson said:
I was in my bed in the bedroom of the house the Cullens had built for us. I wanted Jake to come in and hug me and tell me that none of that happened and that it was a dream. BUt then again I didnt want him to come to me for that same reason. I wanted to be left alone, yet I wanted my family to be here with me at the same time. I wish I never had that fight with my dad. It was stupid. I dont even know what came over me. Jealously... The word slid across my mind. It was my own voice, it was someone else. Someone else's voice in my head? Please dont tell me I was getting more of Dad's power and able to read minds. But there was no one in sight to even hear! So, what was it?
I didnt have time to think about it for to long because I heard the front door open. A pair of feet made their way to the steps. They weren't Jake's or the kids' feet. But i didnt know if it was someone else in the family. I waited as teh sound of the footsteps brought them to the door of my bedroom. I held my breath as the doorknob turned. "Who is it?" I screamed. I noticed the person at the door didnt jump or stop turning the knob. They kept getting closer and closer of openign my door. And I couldnt do anything. I had to sit there and do nothing! I had to wait for this mpending doom to fall upon me. The door swung open and all my fears left me. Instead, anger boiled red hot inside of me. I felt exsplosive. "What. The. Hell. Do. You. Want." I asked as coldly as I could.
"I want you to come back and tell you mother why you left. I want you to tell her that you think she doesnt love you. I want YOU to tell your kids why htey wont see their Grandparents anymore. Or their Great Aunts and Great Uncles. I want YOU to go back ot the house and say goodbye to everyone. And that includes Mason. What your thinking is ridiclous. We all love you just as much as we love Mason. Im your father. I would know." Dad finshed. He was turning to go when I stopped him.
"You think you know everything because you're the mind reader. Well I have news for you. You dont know anything. Ive always been your little girl, no matter how old I may look or act. You, and that means all you Cullens and Hales, need to see that i am not that little girl. I dont need to see you guys everyday. I dont care if you like Mason. Hell, I dont even want to see Mason. So leaving doesnt bother me."
"It bothers your children. It also bothers Jake. He hates seeing you like this. He wont say a word to any of us. Not even Carlisle. So you go back there and tell him and everyone else taht you are taking your family and leaving us. I wont think of you any differently." He said calmly.
"You know what I know? I konw that what you just said is a lie. You will think of me differently. YOu will think of me as a traitor or an enemy. Edward, I never belonged here. I shouldnt even be here. There is no logical explanation for ME! I shouldnt exsist." I said, tears springing to my eyes. "I will give my family a choice. They will be able to stay with you and the rest of the family. Or, they can come with me. So i suggest we get back there and tell them what's going on." I said and then I ran. I wanted to try and beat him home. Even though that was impossible.
When I got ot the front door I paused. I knew everyone would be in the living room. This is it. I dont want to do this but Ive got to. I took a deep breath andn pushed the door open. Twelve pairs of eyes glued to my face. Six eyes looked the most scared. The most sad. I didnt know how to start or what to say. I was leaving my family behind. What? All over a kid? This is ridicolous. This must be done if you want your life to work out the way it's supposed to. That voice again! It caught me off guard I wasnt ready for it! I had to do what it said though. That much was true. My intution was saying i could trust it.
"I have little to say here. I have to leave. I shouldnt exsist. Dont argure with me either. I already decided that I am leaving. I dont want anyone of the Cullens or Hale's to come with me. Im asking my family if they want to." I turned to Jake and our children. "You can either stay here with them, or you can come with me." I made sure not to look at my parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.
Arabella immeditatly nodded her head. "I'm sorry guys, but I have to stick with my mom." She got up and ran to me. Even though she looked like a 16 year old (as did her brother) she was only a few months. She grew faster than I did. but slower than Mason.
Emphrie was next to talk. "I dont know Mom. I want to go with you, but I dont want to leave Emmett. He's super funny. I'll do whatever Dad does." Emphrie looked like his Dad so much it almost killed me to look at him. I nodded my head and held back tears.
Jake's answer was the one I wasnt sure about. I knew Ara would come with me. That's just how she is. I knew Emphrie would do whatever Jake would do. But I didnt know what Jacob would say.
When I looked at him, he had a surprised/ sad look on his face. "I dont know Nessie."
"Renesmee!" My mom corrected him quietly.
"I want to go with you. That has to be obvious. But, I have to think of Emphrie. I have to think where he will be best. And I think he will be best here. With the pack close by. I am so so sorry Nessie. You have to go without us." He stood up and walked to me. The tears I had been holding back fell. "I'll always love you. And someday we'll find each other again. I'll be waiting for that day. I'll be waiting for you." He finsihed quickly. He leaned in to kiss me, but I pulled out of his arms.
"I have to have a clean break. Dont do that please. I cant take that too." I told him. I looked into his big brown eyes. He leaned his forhead onto mine.
"Ok. Im sorry Nessie. I'll always love you. Dont forget that. Please dont" He begged.
"I promise." I pulled away from him. I grabbed Arabella's hand. "let's go." I said. She nodded. She went out the door before me. I turned around and looked at my old family.
Alice was vampire crying into Jasper's chest. Rose doing her strong face, even though I knew underneath she was breaking. And Grandma Esme was holding onto Granpa Carlisle's hand so tight her already white knuckles looked translucent. Mom was sobbing so hard her shoulders were shaking. Jasper felt my guilt and sent me a shock of reasurrence. Emmett had his arm around Rosalie and he had his face in her beautiful blonde hair. Grandpa Carlisle gave me a small smile when I looked at him. He backed me up no matter what. I looked at Dad. He stared and me and shook his head. He would never get it would he? I looked at Emphrie sitting on the couch next my mom. He had tears rolling down his face. My own tears picked up in pace. I hated seeing my child like that. It was killing me.
I finally looked at Jake still standing in the middle of the room. "Goodbye" I whisphered. Then I turned and ran to catch up with Arabella. My life was now how i nightmared. It was a living hell.
This story actually made me cry.. especially the part where renesmee leavs.. its like, i HAVE to cry, as though theres no option...

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