I happen to be on another site that is for writers and fanfiction writers. Each week, they have a moderated chatroom where everyone is able to come in and talk about writing original or fanfiction stories. Usually the topics are started off by the chat moderators, who moderates the entire time of the chat. There are about five chat moderators in the room. We go on for about two hours, one hour is devoted basically to seeing how everyone is and if they have questions for the second hour they request a space on the queue line to ask their questions to the entire group and at times, we do a four hour chat if the topics is a good one and people are really talkative about it.

It is a very orderly manner as in how everyone is. Everyone knows if they screw up, the chat moderators could call an end to their time in the chatroom by removing them from the chatroom or close the chat entirely for that day. Now, before you say they could abuse it, true, they could but the person who screwed up, will learn that their behavior was not proper and they learn not to do it again.

Some may say it won't matter, they'll continue to be bad. That's when the chat moderators will kick that person out of the chat and told privately via a private chat, not to return for the next two weeks as you are being punished for being rude or using foul words.

A moderated chat twice a week for about four hours starting from 6pm to 10pm.

Just a suggestion, for everyone to think about and maybe even consider doing it as the chatroom that I go into gets about 70 people in the room chattering about all things writing before the evening chat is done.


Beth F Brownell

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