This morning on the radio, I heard that the studio was talking to Stephenie Meyer about writing a screenplay about Nessie post-Breaking Dawn and they want to cast Taylor Swift as Nessie. Um...Seriously?! I don't know how I feel about that. I like Taylor Shift but I'm afraid that this could take Twilight into cash-cow Hollywood bubblegum Popland--which I'm sure anyone will agree would a bad thing. Taylor is a country singer I know she just filmed a movie with Taylor Lautner but does she actually have any talent as an actress??? Nessie is probably my fave Cullen even over Edward and my man Jasper so, I don't want anyone messing with her. Now, I would be interested in a story about Nessie post-Breaking Dawn but it has to be done correctly. What do you guys think???

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Glee said:
Yes! Emma Roberts would make a great older Rosalie I even made a discussion about it. Guys JUST LOOK AT THE RESEMBLANCE:

Edward & Bella Love said:
since i saw Emma Roberts in a movie i imagine her as a possible Renesmee, is quite similar to what I imagine would be Nessie as teenager.

OMG WOW!!! yesss, emma roberts is THE PERFECT renesme!!!!!!
Lol I think ure 100%. Right
i agree. talor is a great pop/country singer but i think thatll toy with her n talor lautner alittle to much. it would take twilight to a whole other level that i dont think it should be taken to. she is a good actress from wut little she played on csi but i dont think that twilight would be her thing. i think that that would just spread into the rumor world of the media. n twilight most definitly does not need that. there is already to much with rob n kisten as is n they r both super great. now i dont know who should be nessie in the movie but whoever it is needs to have that spunk about them that nessie pulls off in the book. maybe they need to choose a new comer. that might be better than someone who has been in the spotlight for awhile

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