Are you Team Edward Or Team Jacob? Vampire or Werewolf?

I personally am Team Jacob but i know most people are Team Edward :)

Why do you like E or J?

Why do you hate them :P?

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Edward is so refined, old fashioned, and truly selfless. He can be composed and Bella is his life. Jacob is just kind of rude and just doesn't seem right for Bella at all. His love for her isn't the same at all. He's annoying and he really wants to get in between Edward and Bella's relationship which is just sooooooo irritating. Im saying all this cuz i completely agree with Nessie. Edward was going to let Bella go if she wanted.
agree with you 100% :D

Memmy said:
TEAM EDWARD!!!!! i love him... he is the perfect guy.... he has it all..

and well umm.... i dont like jacob, i just dont think that he should have kept on trying like that... i mean sure you love bella but if you really really did love her.. you should see that she was happy with edward so LEAVE HER ALONE.... but hey.. that just wat i think..
Team Edward
I'm always going to be Team Edward.

BUT... After seeing New Moon (yes I've read all 4 books, but the movie made it different), I'm sort of Team Jacob, too. Can I be both? :D

If I had to choose, it'd be bella with edward, of course! But Jake is the ultimate best friend. <3
both are lovable team...but i prefer Team Jacob/Wolf Pack...maybe i've seen a lot of vampire movie for so long.drink blood, immortal, pale white skin thing seems so normal for me..then when new moon introduce the wolfpack character in this saga, automatically i really love the team on how their courage, loyalty, love, friendship are challenged.
Team Edward!
Team Edward... i don*t have a reason..
Team threesome!!!! lol
Team Edward all the way!!
I am both! Haha I hate teams, but if I had to choose one it would be Jacob. Idk why... Haha maybe cuz he's just plane HOT!;-)
Team Edward of course!!

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