Are you Team Edward Or Team Jacob? Vampire or Werewolf?

I personally am Team Jacob but i know most people are Team Edward :)

Why do you like E or J?

Why do you hate them :P?

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obviously team edward , because i love edward . (:

but i have nothing against jacob ... anymore . i used to really hate him after eclipse and all , but once breaking dawn came out , i liked him . :D
Edward and Bella obviously belong together BUT...

I'm Team Jacob, just cause I like him more. Edward needs to stop whining and get over it. If Bella won't take Jacob, then I will! I only know two people in my aquaintance that have liked Jake from the beginning besides myself.
Team switzerland! Breaking Dawn made me realize how awesome Jacob is.
I am most definately a member of tem EDWARD!
i like edward because of his...
-gentleman like qualities
-he's just an overall good person[lol]
i HATE jacob because he always gets in the way of bella and edwards
-just my oppinions!-
Im actally torn between the two.
TEAM EDWARD!!!!! i love him... he is the perfect guy.... he has it all..

and well umm.... i dont like jacob, i just dont think that he should have kept on trying like that... i mean sure you love bella but if you really really did love her.. you should see that she was happy with edward so LEAVE HER ALONE.... but hey.. that just wat i think..
I Loved Edward when i read the books but then when i saw the movie i was like OMG TAYLOR LAUTNER IS SOO FIT so im not team Switzerland
I love them both!

I also this Kellan/Emmett was fit and Jackson/Jasper was sweet and he acted so well!
I loved them both too! :P
im not a slag i swear!

Also please can you join the group Taylor Lautner, i made it priginally for Jacob/Taylor fans but then i realised there was no team switzerland-ness going on, so i changed what it was all about!
Team Edward. I like Jacob, but I love Edward much more. And I like vampires better anyways (less hairy, lol).
Team Switzerland, I am mainly on team Edward, bur i don't want to get on Jacob's bad side and he is growing on me every time i read the series.
I like both of them, but I'm definitley Team Edward. I am 35 yrs old so it would be sort of creepy for me to like Jacob, he's just a kid, but Edward on the other hand is a 108 yr old, hot, brooding, vampire...yummy!!

Throughtout the books I go back and forth about liking Jacob. In the beginning he seems annoying, but by the end of the Saga, it is obvious that he would do anything for Bella and that his heart is truly in the right place. He just goes about things in a very "I'm a teenage boy" way, which is not very endearing.
Team Edward!

He is more of a gentleman and thinks of Bella's best interest always.
I had a really hard time with Jacob and Bella's friendship in New Moon and especially Eclipse. I am most definitely Team EDWARD, all the way. However, I fully appreciate Jacob and his role in keeping Bella, well, alive.

I actually got pretty upset at Bella when she admitted she loved Jacob, too. I felt that she was betraying Edward. Stephenie addressed this somewhere, I'm not sure where though. She said something along the lines of: Bella had the choice of her love for Edward and her love for Jacob, and because she chose Edward fully and completely, it shows how deep that love runs. That is true love in it's purest form. Okay, I'm pretty sure I butchered that. Surely someone else here has read what Stephenie said and knows what I mean?

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