Are you Team Edward Or Team Jacob? Vampire or Werewolf?

I personally am Team Jacob but i know most people are Team Edward :)

Why do you like E or J?

Why do you hate them :P?

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Totaly team edward !!!!!!!
Book 1 Edward
Book 2 Jacob
book 3 Edward
book 4 Edward

So 1/4 Jacob and 3/4 Edward
Team Edward no question.

i don't really like Jacob i think he should've just left Bella and Edward alone, especially after Eclipse; it's so obvious that they are happy together! he should just leave them to it. And besides....vampires totally rock!
I'm neither, Team Switzerland for me. Edward is amazing, obviously (though I have to say, when I haven't been reading the books for a while, I am of the opinion that he is too protective, melodramatic, and in need of a sense of humour - but then I pick the books up, and fall in love with him all over), but I think Jake is just so awesome, too. Eclipse kills me when Bella kisses Jake, but not because of what Bella is doing to Edward, but what she's doing to Jake. I hate how much she hurts him. But I love them both! Could never choose.
Looks like some of you girls are Team Threesome!
Edward- I like Jacob too though
I am Team Edward :) Even though he is controlling at times (the beginning of Eclipse) he realizes that he is wrong a tries to fix it. Another defining reason why I am Team Edward is because when they were competing for her love in Eclipse he wasn't constantly asking her to make a decision, instead he supported her and told her he would be there for her regardless of her decision. One of the many reasons why I am Team Edward.
your question must be specified.

if it is which character did you want bella to end up with, i would pick edward because when jacob imprints, bella will be kicked to the curb like leah. and even though i very much dislike bella (go ahead and shun me) i know heartbreak, and it sucks.

now if it is which character i PREFER, definately, 100%, without a doubt, JACOB BLACK.

and if i was bella, i would have faced heartbreak because i think that jacob is def worth it.
im team Edward and I agree with Anjiee i really hated Jacob but in Breaking Dawn i liked him
I'm definitely Team Edward in terms of romantic ways.
But I don't hate or dislike Jacob, he's a heaps cool guy. (Except when he falls in love with Bella)
well i am team edward he so perfect and i like jasper to

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