Are you Team Edward Or Team Jacob? Vampire or Werewolf?

I personally am Team Jacob but i know most people are Team Edward :)

Why do you like E or J?

Why do you hate them :P?

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..because Jacob needs to keep his paws off Bella
TEAM JACOB from the begining...just cause he's fricken awsome.
but bella so does NOT deserve jacob. he's too good for her. bella annoys me in the books. she's forever getting herself into trouble or danger and edward or jacob are the ones who save her. jacob tells bella the truth even if it does hurt her. edward lies to her because he thinks she can't handle what he has to say. i did love edward when in breaking dawn he said to jacob "good bye son" *SIGH*. and i'm fully angry at the way bella reacted to the fact that jacob imprinted on reneseeme.
Team Edward, I don't get the whole wolf thing!
obviously team Jacob...., becouse I love tylor....but I like very much edward...
Team Jacob... I lOVEE Jacoob!!
Edward - there are no words!
TEAM JACOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant choose...
Vampires are like, cool...
But the wolves are cool too...
Whatever. I'm on Team Alice..,:))
i am so team edward i haTe JAcOb edward is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate hate hate jacob he is always getting in bella's and edward's realation ship
I am Team Edward.

I think it's the fact that Edward takes in consideration for the right and the wrong. Loving and caring. A life long partner that cares about nothing else, but the well being of his family.

Jacob...well, he has a bit of a wild side, which I do like, but not as a loving relationship. Jacob would be the friend sitting next to me in jail, saying ' That was fun!'
TEAM EDWARD VAMPIRE i love guys that sparkles
I am TEAM EDWARD all the way, why? well because he is just so damn sexy it hurts, lol. Also he is very loving and considerate and He doesn't want to be a Monster, as he puts it, so he tries to do his best with the cards he was dealt with, so I also admire that.
Though I have nothing against Jacob, he just had his affections a bit misguided but at the end he is really a cool and nice Wolf. More like a friend than anything else.

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