Before anything,I want to say that I am on team Edward.don't close the page,just read!
I never understand why are these teams.
I just want to ask those who really think that they are team Jacob. why?
because Taylor is hot?because you hate Robert?because you love Taylor's muscles?
if this is your answer,don't leave a comment.
I am curious: there is someone in team Jacob who really love Jacob? Jacob ,not Taylor.
Jacob is a character from the book.if you are in team Jake,you must to say that you like something at him that you couldn't find at love him more than Edward.or anything that has to do with him,not with Taylor.
I'm really sad for my team,Edward.I mean,if u love Taylor ,than lets do team Robert and team Taylor.
Please,answer to my question because we,those who are team Edward,really want to know what is about you team,Jacob.
Don't ignore it!
P.S.: I am not against team Jacob.
Thanks in advance!

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I see what you mean. I am Team Jacob because I adore Jacob, the character from the book. Everytime I read the books I instantly "fall in love with him". The way he treats Bella, the way he wants to be with her, their kiss in Eclipse. There are just so many aspects that made me choose Team Jacob from the beginning. In Twilight I was Team Edward, of course, because Jake was not that present and I didn't like him because he some kind of disturbed Edward and Bella all the time. But in New Moon we got to know him and love him.
Of course Taylor is very good-looking but I can choose between Team Jacob and Team Taylor, you know? The most important person for me is Jake.
I know, and i agree with u!
I never undestud it nither!...All my friend say "Im team Jacob"..when i ask why..they say "Because he is hot"...
And once, i asked..What if Taylor was playing the role of Edward??..They said "Then i wuld be team Edward"
Now, that is just not fair!!..How can u just judge someone by their looks??..They r just Team Jacob because they hate Robert, they say he is ugly, gay, retarded and tones of more stuff that just anoy me!!! If they red the books, they wuld be team Edward, i know i am..because...he is nice with Bella, he loves her more then his owne..existance! He wuld do anything for her, and that is just how much he loves her!...Im not saying that Jake doesnt love her he does, not shure that he loves her that much..Jacob is rude in the movie..and in the books..but more in the movie..but Edward is nice to Jacob, even if he is not nice to him..Taylor is good-looking..i admit...but that is not the reason to be team jacob...that is team Taylor..that has nothing to do with Jacob!!!...
i love Jacob for jacob i admire how he stands by bella's side and follows what he believes to be right. i love how he helps Bella through her time if need. Taylor playing jacob is just a bonus. ya Taylor is hottt but that's not why i'm Team Jacob!
I'm "team Edward" too - but, in reality, if you LOVE these books you have to love Jacob too. It has nothing to do with Taylor L. The charcater Jacob is in love with Bella and because of him, she ends up getting her true happily ever after. He never gives up. He has all the best dialogue (so snarky). He doesn't get intimidated by the "bloodsuckers".... and he gives up everything over and over again in the hope that Bella will someday choose him. Then, in the end, he is a part of her life and family by being tied to Renesmee forever. How can you NOT be on team Jacob, even if you are team Edward? You HAVE to be if you're a fan of the whole series.
Like I posted in response to the Jacob and Bella couple win, I'm Team Jacob because of his unconditional love for Bella. He's so loyal to her and cares deeply for her, where he's willing to sacrifice everything just to protect her. Not only from harm of others, but from herself. He's light, she can be herself and so happy around him without feeling like he won't understand. He's sort of a carefree escape for her, a best friend, someone she can be open and honest with. Taylor and Kristen have a similar friendship, and it shows through on screen in their characters. Kristen even said in the DVD extra (Becoming Jacob) that she loves Taylor and its great coming to work and believe everything someone says and not have to lie or change. With Edward, its always so intense. Their conversations always turn so rigid. She glares at him in amazement and awe, and always wants to be changed by him, which seems like a phase. I believe love should be with someone who you can be yourself with, laugh, tell your secrets, and not feel like you have to pull teeth to make them happy. Jacob is that. He would give up everything just for her. Don't get me wrong, I know Edward would too. He almost killed himself because he thought Bella died, but I feel like Bella's love for Edward is more lustful than pure. Bella's love for Jake is just that, and although we know the outcome, if situations were changed and she didn't have to change because of the Volturi, I feel she would have picked Jacob. She wouldn't have to change for him and lose the life she has. He loves her no matter who she is. He loves her even after she's had Renesmee and he will always for eternity. It all boils down to this. Whether they changed Taylor and gave the part to someone else to play Jacob, I would feel the same. Its the story that makes me love them so much. I liked Jacob from Twilight, liked him in New Moon, and will like him in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I think he's the better person for Bella. He definitely stands as the ultimate man for her in my book. No loss, just gain. She's lost so much with Edward.

I do understand where you are coming from, though. It does help that Taylor and Jacob (pre-transformation) have similarities also. Taylor just happens to be extremely good looking (don't get me wrong, so is Rob), but he's also an extremely grounded, great guy. He's perfect for the role and I think no one else could have portrayed Jacob better than him. Who else puts in so much effort for a role? I respect him and his drive.
I love jacob because he is exactly what i like in a guy. Funny, charismatic, not over protective. Edward seems like a stalker
i agree with you. i am team edward and have been since the biggening. and i am very annoyed with people who became team jacob right after new moon came out. i don't think many team jacob people really love jacob because every time i ask why they have suddenly changed their minds they always respond with "cause he's so hot! or he's sexy" than they must be team taylor not team jacob, right?. personaly, i think jacob is very obsessive and rude!
okay i am sorry:( i was in a busy and didnt read what u said i understand i am in team jacob because he seems to me he is the right guy for her he is sweet,friendly ,and a warm person i am in team jacob because i fell inl love with him in breaking dawn he just broke my heart when he saw that bella was pregant and the part when he ran away.but to tell u the true i am team taylor and jacob.
I think Taylor is a good actor because he really did so many things for New Moon.I never said that I blame him or something...I just though that all of you guys,those from team Jacob,were in love with him not with the character from the book.And it was annoying when I heard all the time :'team Jacob 'cause Taylor is hot and Rob doesn't '' or things that made me feel bad for my team,who obviously is Edward.I respect your opinion 'cause it's yours but I can't share it with you.Someone said here that if you love the books,you must to love Jacob.well ...I think it's true but I'm not sure.I mean,believe me,I love the books.I can't live without them.But I will live (literally speaking) without Jacob in the books. =)but..without Edward ,no.I think I know why are these team.Team Edward it's for all those who want a life better,not ordinary, specially,that life that you can't have it ,you just want it.
Whether its Team Edward or Jacob, we all have a preference. I don't think the book would be better without either, because they make the saga. Personally, it would be boring without an emotional tug of war. That's why the whole wolf pack was introduced in New Moon and the Quileute Nation was introduced in Twilight. It was coming. The fact that I'm Team Jacob just shows who I prefer for Bella. Its a tough choice - to be immortal or to be human - but love either way.
In my opinion, Jacob is only a fictional character played by a hot guy with muscles...But as Adina said, if Taylor played Edward's role, everyone would be Team Edward. But that's just my opinion. To me, it's Team Edward all the way, in the ground, back up and all around lol!
My reasons, his compassion for Bella, his calm manner, how deep his heart his, and he is always nice to Jacob even when it's not vice versa. And I will admit...Rob is hotter =P
I'm team Edward too but I just wanted to say I love what you said. So many people say they're team Jacob for Taylor and I don't get it. Jacob and Edward are CHARACTERS. You can't really base it on who's better looking. My team is I read all the books and the draft to Midnight Sun, it turned me Team Edward. Many Team Jacob fans do have reasons because Taylor, and those are my favorite fans, ones who read the books and picked the better guy for Bella.

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