where is all the love for jas? hes absolutely breath-taking.

and you know ive wondered...what would he be capable of if any of the cullens pissed him off to the point of payback...

like making them feel ridiculous things. ex: emmitt swooing over edward like a little school girl. or making them crave real food. or just confusing the hell outta of them. aha. just curious what everyone thinks.

he doesnt get enough attention. i mean, of course i love edward. but i would choose jasper over taylor.


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team jasper all the way
Oh yeah! Jasper is definitely my favorite after Edward. You know what I really think about though. Not so much what he would do if someone pissed him off, but what he could do in the bedroom... just a thought! LOL
YES, breathtaking!
It's so hard to imagine all the scars on his face that Stephanie describes. I doubt they'll include it in the films, or at least I hope not. Don't mess with the Jasper that Catherine Hardwick styled. He's fascinating and I'm so happy to hear there are others on Team Jasper! I noticed in the trailer, he looks a lot different for New Moon. I hope his new hair and makeup don't change him too much.
jasper is totes my fav over edward. i mean COME ON he is so much hotter than edward!

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