Hi! Don't know if anyone is out there but I am posting anyway, btw Siobhan is now a big character in this part of the story due to the girls (:


"Sarah, Sarah wake up." I couldn't help but moan a little as I awoke. I noticed that someone had put a blanket over me and a pillow under my head. I opened my eyes to Alice sitting beside me legs crossed. "You're very cute when you sleep. Just so you know." She smiled and showed me her bright white teeth. I heard Carlisle's musical laugh fill the house. I smiled. I propped myself up. "Alice," I said, "What day is it?" I looked around to see Abigail had moved from the couch. She laughed. "Carlisle figured you would ask that," She looked at me with wide gold eyes, "It's Tuesday Sarah." "Tuesday?" I asked astounded. She nodded. "I slept two days?" I shook my head. I got up and felt my head spin. "You should really be more careful when getting up you know." Alice commented critical. I looked down at myself. "When did you exactly change my clothes to this?" I walked around the house. "About ten minutes ago." I had a small cream skin tight dress on that ended at my knees. "You recovered quite well from your pregnancy I must say." My stomach had already shrunk back to its regular size in a matter of two months. Then again, I had been breaking all of the rules that had been set for me.


 "Good afternoon gorgeous. Miss me?" I knew that voice and that way of speaking. I looked at the person in front of me. It was Ronnie. Her eyes were a deep red and she still looked nineteen. "Ronnie?" "Hey." She waved at me. I hugged her. She pushed me away. "God you're appealing." She threw herself against the wall. "I warned you Veronica." Carlisle chided. I went toward her again. "Oh just come here silly!" I opened my arms. “My sweet goodness I’ve missed you!” I hugged her tightly but, due to her change in species she couldn’t return the hug with as much force. It made me feel bad but at the same time amazing to see her. She still had that same, unmistakeable scent and look about her; she had a face you could never forget. She was letting out tearless sobs. “You’re a mother now.” She said amazed. “Yep, a mother of two, Abigail is now four and Christiana is almost two months old now.” I responded.  “Sar, you honestly don’t look a day over 20. What do you do to keep it up?” She joked. “Oh, I don’t know. I live with vampires for a majority of the time and try to keep running. When on the earth were you changed?”  I felt totally idiotic for asking that question but I was terribly tempted to know. There are certain things that I should really keep my nose out of but this time it was different, she would answer me. “I was changed right after Graduation from Trinity. It was something I….didn’t plan on having occur.” I didn’t want to badger her anymore, it seemed like it was a delicate subject. I didn’t  want to bring back older memories she would rather forget. I decided upon asking her about this another time. It seemed to be more appropriate.


When I thought about it, I had only seen her four years ago, she seemed different to me but at the same time I accounted to the fact I was pregnant for my thoughts. I had Abigail early in my life she was a total mistake, like most things that have come to me. Yet, that made me love her more and for a time make me hated by Riley’s family. They are not one to speak though. I did not, unlike Deb go on my Honeymoon while pregnant. I personally would rather come back pregnant. I still loved my oldest though. She was the first child, my second love. She will forever remain special to me. I do call her a mistake that wasn’t meant to be but I am now happy with it. I no longer lament my decision to keep her.


Christiana however, was a little intentional. We wanted another child but it was a long shot. They told me it was a risk and told Riley to give up. We tried when we could. Stress we found inhibited our private lives. It hurt me, the times I wanted to try he wanted to sleep and vice versa. At one point we believed the specialists, the doctors in the ER. We persisted and our intentions did end well. I am here alive, Christiana is alive, and everyone is. Riley despite work stressing him is alive. The unfortunate thing was that our lives could meet an untimely demise but I suppose that is a part of my life and something that I should be prepared for. I have lately been helping him a little with work and grasping the fact that we just might see our deaths sooner then we wish. I snapped back into reality and noticed that Ronnie was talking.


 “I was changed about four years ago. About the same time you were about ready to have Abigail. Where is the little one anyway?” That reminded me, during my sleep; I neglected both my children and my fiancé. I felt horrible. “Oh God, I made you feel bad didn’t I?” She moped a little. “No,” I lied. “She is lying to you Veronica.” Maggie commented. I forgot that she was able to do that, sense someone was lying to her. I loathed it too. I also blushed which would further hint my lie. “Riley is upstairs, if you’re interested. He came home for lunch.” Eleazar told me. I nodded once. I walked upstairs to Abigail’s room. He would most likely be there with her. I heard the whole floor fill with her giggles, her happiness, and her infectious laugh. I couldn’t help but have a smile grow on my face. I walked into the room and she automatically jumped on me. “I thought you would never get up!” She exclaimed. Her cheeks were her natural colour with a hint of red. I needed to talk to him. “I want to go back to school but I’m not allowed to yet.” She sighed. “I’m already…” She stopped in her tracks. She knew that I was going to interject. She had recently realized this. I looked to Riley. He sensed that I needed to talk to him.


He walked out into the hall and I followed him. “Welcome to the land of the living. I never thought you would come back to me.” He showed his hands in his pockets, he was in court today. His jacket lay over the railing. “I want to come to work with you.” I told him quietly. “I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s turned into a mad house ever since you took leave.” I crossed my arms and sat on my left hip. I knew that it would happen I personally kept the interns under control. The office must be in pieces. I fear my desk and where it has gone. “You have the girls to take care of Sarah. You and I have a family.” He cupped his right hand on my cheek. “I’ve been stuck in this house for far too long Riley! I need to go to work, I need to prosecute someone. I need to do something!” My voice was rising. “Besides Riley, where can I take them? Where can I take them without the threat of being killed, assaulted or hurt? Around this house?” “Well you could take someone with you…” He began. “I want to go somewhere without someone, I’m an independent adult, not a child!” I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. He began to walk away from me. I followed him to the door. He turned around, angered. “Look, the day will come soon enough.” He ran his hands through his hair. “We have until the snow flies, November 15th of this year. That isn’t much time. It’s less then a year. We have less then six months to gather everyone.” He took a deep breath. “Look, I want you to spend as much time with the girls as you can because Thursday, we’re leaving. We’re going to Europe, Egypt and wherever else we can gather people.” I followed him out to the car. “Abigail is better. She is staying here with Carly and Colleen. They are guarding the house and receiving whomever we find.” “What about? What about Maddie?” She was now five months pregnant and coming to see Carlisle when she could. She continued her job at the Museum but her pregnancy was starting to show. “Can I trust you enough with this?” He asked. “I am afraid that we will lose the girls because of this or they will end up in some God only known home. I want to see you happy for at least a month with the girls and as my wife. If we survive this thing,” He paced. ‘We’ll go somewhere, just the two of us. No one will know. You can quit your job and we can live happy lives. We will talk about this more later.” He kissed me quickly and left.


I walked back into the house. I walked into Christiana’s room, fed her, changed her and put her in the tub. Abigail came with me.” I sensed her standing behind me. “Are you and Daddy leaving me and Chrissy?” I pulled her onto my lap and kissed her hair. “No, we never will. I promise.” She looked at me with large grey eyes. “Do you and Daddy love me?” My stomach dropped. I pulled her close to me and held her to my chest. “Why would you ever ask me that? Of course we love you, no matter what. We may yell at you sometimes but of course me love you!” I kissed her hair again. I felt guilty, my job and personal life had taken precedence over my first daughter. I looked at both of my daughters. Both incredibly beautiful, and both very smart. I appreciated my girls and what they had given me. I had at times felt alarmed by what Carlisle had told me about Christiana. All the risks that came with her being premature, how she really wouldn’t be considered to be two months old but in fact a newborn. I dried her off and put her in a dress that Abigail had picked out. We sat out on the deck, it was a sunny day. Christiana sat on my lap while Abigail played on the lawn. Chrissy wrapped her fingers around my hair, it had grown long. She laughed a little. I shook my head. She laughed, she smiled. “Carlisle!” I yelled. He came running out to the deck at his normal speed. “Sarah, what’s wrong?” He asked concerned. “Call Riley, please!” He turned his head to one side as I pulled out my phone. Chrissy was looking up at me, holding the weight of her own head, and smiling. I took pictures of her and sent them to him. He sent me a text, “What a cutie, tell her I love her. Hope she is smiling when I get home. Riley.” I put it down and picked her up, she squirmed in my arms. It was like she wanted to stay on the deck. “Let her stay outside Sarah, I’ll sit with her.” Esme held her hands together. Her skin shimmered in the light. We were lucky that neither of the girls understood why. Abigail was politely curious but most likely would only call her pretty.  She wouldn’t ask questions but would only ponder the possibilities of what Esme was.


I walked around the house with Carlisle and he began to talk, “I heard Riley tell you that you were leaving Thursday.” He began. I nodded. “Would you like to know where you are going?” I again, nodded. “You’re going to Spain, Egypt, and Germany. Far from each other I know but you know all three languages.” “But my Spanish is weak.” I said nervous. “That is why Ronnie is here with her mate. They both are proficient in the language. You still speak Arabic, yes?” I quickly nodded. “What about German?” “Mainly swears so the girls don’t understand.” He continued to walk around with me. “I do have some words that I recall in German. Once I’m there I will be fine.”  I then thought of Ronnie. I wondered how long she would be with us. She was young and thus vulnerable. Her mate looked young too. Another thing that caused concern for me was the sun in both Egypt and Spain. She would not be able to stay out too long and not be there when we needed her most. It worried me. “She and Marco will stay with you in Madrid and then depart after you find the coven.” It was as if he could read my mind. I gave him an odd look. “I could tell you were thinking.” He said critically. “How old is her mate?” “He is two years but incredibly controlled, more then she ever will be.” That amazed me, she had been a vampire for nearly five years and her mate had more control. He fiddled around with something in his pocket. “The least we could do before you leave is giving you the keys to your house.” He dropped them into my hand. I ran downstairs, grabbed the girls and started walking to the house. Christiana was asleep in her stroller. Abigail held onto my hand as we walked. I calculated how long it would take for me to walk her to Elmwood each day, approximately 20 minutes. “Mommy, where are we going?” She asked again. “You’ll see my sweet.” I reassured. As we approached the house I felt the excitement grow in me. I saw Esme’s BMW that she shared with Rosalie in the driveway. I looked down at Abigail and noticed that her hair was down and curly. “Welcome home Abigail.” She turned around and looked at the house. “We are gonna live here?” She screamed. “Going to, not gonna.” I corrected. She covered her mouth with her hands. I noticed Jasper was here too, he must be filling closets for Alice. As I pulled the keys out of my jacket pocket Abigail grabbed them. I gave her a warning look. She cowered. I nodded once. I still had that touch. I was pleased with myself.


We walked into the finished house and I took Christiana into my arms. “Welcome home gorgeous.” I whispered to the now sleeping baby. There was already a raised bassinet for Christiana to lie in. Like her father, she slept often. I was fortunate with her as Abigail was the exact opposite. Abigail had already placed herself on the white couch and turned on the television. I immediately turned it off. “So, do you like it?” Esme said. I jumped and put a hand on my chest. I walked over to Esme and hugged her. “Thank you,” I whispered loud enough for her to hear. “You’re more then welcome. Come, see your room. We’ll leave Rosalie and Jasper to babysitting duties.” I called them both in. Jasper bowed at Abigail’s feet. “What are we to do, my princess?” He turned on the Southern charm. “Go outside and play!” He picked her up and carried her in his arms. He winked at me, “Have fun kid.” He said. There was an innuendo in his tone. I just couldn’t point it out. Rosalie silently took the bassinet and carried it out onto the sun deck. “Go up to your room and have some fun.” Esme smiled. I walked up the stairs, my heels clicking on the restored walnut as I walked. I looked at a quote that had been written on the wall. “Having a place to go-is a home. Having someone to love is a family. Having both is a blessing.” That was very true.  Something that I hoped the girls, when it came time would never forget. No matter what I wanted to ensure that they knew they had a place to come when things got rough.


I first looked at Abigail’s room. It was simple and would last her until she was ten. The walls were a pale purple, this would last her until she was older, about fifteen. The walls were covered in black swirls; there was a reading chair in the corner, and quotes though few were on the walls. One was about beauty, another was about love and the other was about childhood. All of these were very beautiful and simple. The way a little girl’s room was meant to be. There was also some reading material in the corner. Those wouldn’t last her more then three months at best. She was too smart; perhaps she should start learning how to read in French, now that would be a challenge. Her room was good for her though the TV had been removed though the location was unknown by me. I hoped to God that it wasn’t in the Master. If it was I would never see Riley again.


As I walked through the house I moved to the next room, Christiana’s. Esme had designed it perfectly. It was a neutral colour a pale green , the Crib was made out of a cast iron, strong enough to withstand anything, and I mean anything.  A chandelier hung from the ceiling.  The height was a challenge for me though. I would need Riley to help me. There was a note written on a small piece of paper. It was from Rosalie. “I understand that you are challenged by your height but Carlisle said the height was necessary. There is a stepping stool for you though. Rose.” I felt my brow furrow. Alright, that’s it, he would have night duty. By him I meant Riley. Besides the height the crib was gorgeous. There was my original rocking chair from when Abigail was a baby but it was repainted a light pink. There was also a small bed in there as well. Pictures of Peter Cottontail, among other characters from Beatrix Potter’s books were scattered on the walls. Everything was perfect, the room wouldn’t last her long though. The best part was that this colour would grow with her. I opened the closet nothing hung in there yet. There was a vintage day bed frame there though. They were prepared for her future. Her room was simple but good enough. I didn’t notice the window coverings until now. They were a gorgeous white and were tied with a black satin ribbon. I enjoyed seeing the rooms Esme had created. I was looking forward to seeing the room I would be staying in for a few days before I flew halfway across the world.


As I approached the room I stopped for a moment. On the door there was an Irish blessing. Something that Riley and I had held dear. “May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May peace and plenty bless your world and with joy that long endure. May good and faithful friends be ever yours.” I opened the door. It was an absolutely romantic room that was going to be a safe haven for Riley and me from the Children. The room was a deep red and the doors were still their traditional white. The sheets were pure white and complimented the walls well somehow. There were red rose petals on the bed and champagne in a bucket on the hope chest that rested at the foot of the bed. The room had the rich smell of fresh roses. The only people who I knew that would put this much effort into something for Riley and I are Carlisle and Esme. They told us we never indulged in ourselves and that we needed more time to be by ourselves. Many times they have offered to take care of the girls, each time we refused. Generally when we wanted a night out we would go to the old apartment and have a candlelight dinner. The girls would go to Madeleine’s house. Abigail would rejoice each time. Perhaps that’s where she would go if she wanted to get away from the Cullen’s house. I walked into the master bathroom. Esme had done as I had asked. She put the original Claw foot tub back in and the vanity was changed to its original look. It was amazing; she had done a very good job. I walked back out into the room and saw Riley standing in front of me. “Hey you.” He said sweetly. He walked towards me and cupped his hand over my cheek. “I thought you wouldn’t be home until five.” “Well, I lied. They let me go early today. The defence gave up their fight until next week.” He kissed me gently. “I miss having you there with me.” I walked towards the bed and sat down. “That’s why I wanted to come in today. You seemed so stressed.”


 He opened the closet nearest to the door and put his things in there. “Do you like it?” I nodded. “I did all of this you know. The roses the Champange,” He paused. “Well Emmett helped me by going and getting it but you get the picture.” He came and sat beside me.


“You are so beautiful.” I smiled and felt my cheeks flush. I moved closer to him and he put his arms around me. “At least we get two days in the house until we leave.” I sighed. “We’ll be back love.” I gave him a look of uncertainty. He played with my hair and pushed me down against a pillow. He hung over me standing and kissed me. He then moved over to what he claimed to be his side of the bed. He tugged me close to him and began to kiss me. His kisses were full of passion, lust. I pulled away, “Riley not now, we can’t.” I began to get up and he pulled me back down by the skirt of my dress. “Why not?” He drew the shape of my face with one finger. “The girls? The Cullen’s? There are other people in this house besides us Ry.” He gave me a look of what on the earth are you talking about. “Sarah, the Cullen’s left and the girls are outside. I really don’t think Abigail will come in here if the door is closed.” I let out a deep sigh. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just don’t know if I’m ready for this again.” I was telling the truth. I was scared of trying again, I was afraid of travelling with two vampires who might just have a preference to the taste of a human. He pulled me close and sat up. I wrapped my legs around his waist and let out a little laugh. “There’s my girl. My beautiful amazing girl.” He tenderly kissed my lips, my jaw, and my neck. I felt something that I hadn’t had in two months. Desire and lust. I wanted to calm the need to be loved, I wanted at the same time to let myself fulfill the desire that filled me it might relax the both of us. I couldn’t help but begin to kiss him. He sensed the need in my kisses and responded fiercely and in a way that was unfamiliar to me. It was unknown, I pulled away. I threw myself against the wall gasping for breath trying to comprehend what had just happen. He came towards me with arms open.


I slowly went towards him unsure of what he was going to do with me. I cried for absolutely no reason. He simply picked me up and rocked me back and forth like he did with the girls. He began to hum Northern Wind. I cried into his chest. “I don’t want to lose the girls!” I screamed. He placed me on the bed and just held me there. “I don’t know why I’m crying.” I choked out. “It will all be fine love. It will be ok baby. I promise.” I couldn’t help but scream out loud, “No it won’t!” “You honestly look like that broken girl I fell in love with right now. Carlisle is right you are still young.” I stopped crying then. There was no need for tears, sorrow. I should be happy with what I have and who I am. I should rejoice not loathe those I hate. I kissed him with excess passion now more then ever before. “There you are. This is the girl I know.” He returned my passionate feelings filled with more of his own. I let my body have control now. He began to kiss my neck and reach my stomach. “Ry,” I breathed. He stopped. “What?” “Not now. We can’t.” “I promise to be careful. His lips met mine slowly and tenderly. I felt as if he could make any woman turn into nothing by treating her like this. He looked me in the eyes. “I promise.” He kissed my forehead. He lingered for a moment. I worried more but forgot the issues that stood ahead of me. it seemed so simple, loving someone physically and the person you love doing the same. it seemed complicated though, too. I suppose that even though it is something nature for all species it really isn’t understood. I knew for a fact the love I had with Riley was mutual and he displayed that well. I shouldn’t second guess him I suppose. Besides letting my mind wander I was well aware of what I was doing, what I was feeling. I missed it at times. I began to unbutton his shirt. I felt as if we were being watched. My suspicions were correct. Riley got up closed the curtains and the French doors.


“Now, where were we?” He asked. I jumped up on him and wrapped my legs around his torso. I for once did not feel my lower abdomen protest to this action. I was pleased. “How are you feeling?” I pulled away from his face. “Not too bad actually.” I felt a smile spread on my face. He too looked please. “May we?” I let out a laugh. “Yes.” I closed my eyes and nodded. He too let out a laugh and carefully placed me on the bed.


“I love you.” He said. He traced the contours of my body with the tips of his fingers. His touch was so gentle and soothing but it still kept this feeling of electricity running through my body. I looked at the clock that hung above my head. It read five o’clock. I needed to make dinner for at least Riley and myself. I assumed that the girls were taken care of. I began to get up. “Stay,” He pleaded. “Just a little bit longer.” He grabbed onto my arm. I searched for even an inch of my clothing that could have possibly survived. Of course, it didn’t. “We sure did a good job,” I muttered. I resolved in putting his shirt on as it was the only thing I could possible find. The only thing that saved me was the fact that the length of his shirt on me had never changed. It has always reached my mid thigh. I heard a slight rap on the door. “Is it safe for me come in or is it still a preverbal war zone?” 


I heard panic erupt behind me. “What, you still undressed O’Hara?” An ominous voice boomed. I opened the door to show what had occurred. Jasper whistled. I heard Riley yell something to them from the bathroom. “Don’t worry O’Hara I won’t touch your…future, very tempting wife.” Jasper had a look on his face that admittedly scared me. “I find it very…sexy that she is wearing your shirt.” I looked up at the vampire that towered over one and a half feet above me. “Alice asked us to deliver something to you Sar.” Emmett held a brag precariously above my head. I jumped for it. Riley grabbed it for me. He looked better. “And you wouldn’t even know.” Emmett began. “Emmett!” Esme snapped. “Its their own personal lives. Things that you should NOT be interfering with. Nor talking about.”  She reminded him. She took the bag from Riley.


As Esme put the dress on she straightened it. “You don’t know how gorgeous you are.” She pinched my cheeks. She spun me around and I watched the purple shear fabric encircle my body. It then clung to my body. It covered me perfectly. Not an ounce of skin showed. Esme held a pair of peek toe shoes that were covered in sparkles. “We never forget the shoes.” She smiled. “You are dressing me up to cook dinner Esme? What’s going on?” I moaned. “You are going out for dinner.” I moaned more. I didn’t have any desire to leave this house. None at all, I also wanted to actually spend time with my girls rather then Riley. She took me by the arm and dragged me downstairs. “You’re going out with Carlisle actually. Riley is joining you later.” I was a little shocked by the statement. “Carlisle?” I asked. “Why?” She sighed. “He wants to do some strategic planning with you about November. Riley knows already.” She was gleaming. She was so proud of her husband, if only he didn’t keep her so oblivious. It would in a way make life easier for her. “He’s already waiting downstairs in your study. “Thank you, Esme.” She kissed my cheek. “Have fun sweetheart.” I swore I heard her mutter that she had to go and get Riley but I didn’t question any further. I walked further downstairs into the smaller part of the conjoined living room. That was where my desk, computer among other things resided. He was casually standing at the Piano. I saw a smile spread on his face. “Are you ready to leave?” I was about to say yes but then heard something in the kitchen. It was the clanging of Pots.


“Riley, what are you?” It was not Riley but in fact Abigail. “Abigail honey what on this earth are you doing?” “Playing hide and seek with Christiana.” “Where is your sister?" I crossed my arms. She cowered a little. "In one of the pots..." "Oh Abigail!" I growled. I searched every single pot until I came up with a baby who in addition to being in tears had a wet nappy as well. I had no interest in punishing my daughter, she was trying to have fun but it was the wrong way to do it. If Riley thought it was wrong I would let him deal with it. Speak of the devil, he came down. "What in the?" He began. "I was playing Hide and Seek with Christiana, Mommy found her though!" He took a deep breath. "Abigail, Abigail, Abigail, what am I going to do with you my sweet?" She innocently smiled at him. I tried to soothe Christiana but it wasn't working. "Perhaps you have the wrong outlook on how to improve this Sarah?" I looked back at Carlisle. "This generally works though Carlisle. What am I doing wrong?" I continued to bounce her up and down. "May I hold her?" I nodded. "Come her little one." He held her their in his arms and began to hum. I couldn't understand the lullaby. Then, Riley too joined in.  I was purely confused. I didn't understand what was going on. "Its a three hundred year old French lullaby." Riley commented. In my confusion I didn't notice that Chrissy had since calmed. Carlisle handed her back to me. I rubbed her back. "Just sing that to her and she will calm, I have used this many a time." I smiled at them both. "Come now. Riley do I have your permission to steal Sarah for some time?" "Yes," He took Christiana from my arms. "You have my permission." 

Carlisle lead me out the door while keeping one hand on the small of my back. "Where's your car?" I asked confused. "At home." "Oh." I hoped my keys were in my pocket, they indeed were. He took them from my grasp. "I can drive. I am a perfectly capable driver." I stole them back. He sighed in defeat. I hopped into the drivers seat and moved it completely forward as close as it could go. "Dumme Männer." Stupid men, I cursed in German," Sie sind viel zu hoch." They are far too tall.  I continued as I put the car into gear. Carlisle muttered something then in Italian. He said it far too quickly for me to catch it. "Why did you curse your fiancée in German my dear?" I had a snide remark for him but I withheld it. I really wanted to comment back but I held my tongue. The drive down the mountain and into the city was quiet and rather emotionless. I could tell something was plaguing his mind but I didn't want to ask. It would probably just make the situation worse, it was stressful as is. I decided that we would go to Byward Market. It was quiet right now. 

"Where are you taking me Sarah?" He follow behind me. "Crazy!" I laughed. I looked behind me to see Carlisle shaking his head at my remark. I sighed. I sometimes wondered what he thought of me. I was inclined to ask Edward that one day. I regret not. I at times wondered if he did the same thing, wonder what goes through my mind about him. I realized that in my daze they he had left me and gone elsewhere. "Carlisle Cullen, where in the hell are you?" I put much emphasis on the curse to show some of my anger pertaining to his exit. I was, due to my unfortunate ability to attract danger, never to be left alone. I felt watched by someone, something. I knew for a fact that the person watching me was NOT human. I began to pick up my pace to get into an area that was more lit. "Gotcha!" I let out a high pitched scream. "Carlisle Cullen!" He smiled at me. "You're an entertaining girl to track. You seem to know that you're being watched." I raised my eyebrows at him. I walked into the restaurant, "How do you think I have survived until now?" 

As we sat down at one table I looked up at the host, George. "Somewhere more private please George." I got an inquisitive look from Carlisle. I wanted somewhere that we could sit comfortably and be able to drop the forbidden V word without getting odd looks. "Is this more suitable Ms. O'Hara?" He asked. I could tell he was worried about something. I felt that it was Carlisle. He skittered off and left us a room to ourselves. "I think he is scared of you, Carlisle." "Yes, he did seem rather skittish." I enjoyed hearing him say of all words skittish. I let out a small giggle. I enjoyed it because I could hear a hint of his 400 year old accent. He muttered something to himself, I was certain that it was about me but I didn't ask. "Sarah?" He questioned. I tried my best to look distracted when really my full attention was to him. I looked at the Menu, although I knew it from front to back. It was an act I almost always put on at places I knew well. "You are an excellent actor if I do say so myself." He commented. I could help but laugh. He had been acting throughout his whole vampire life and yet I am the best actor he knows? Very unlikely. 

"So, what is the true reason why you are taking me out to dinner?" I asked. "Besides trying to flatter a soon to be married woman." I took a sip of my red wine. "You drink wine now?" "Yes," I responded. "And the occasional glass of Brandy." I threw back the last ounce of wine. Our waiter silently brought more and offered some to Carlisle, he politely refused. I felt the need to explain my drinking habits to him but decided to wait until I had eaten. I would be less likely to let something slip. 

While I ate he sat there silently, intently. The waiter who had been nothing but obedient took away the left overs and then left Carlisle and I to our own devices.  "Now that your slightly intoxicated," He said while sniffing the air, "We best talk about options." I gulped. I knew exactly what he meant. "I understand this is the last thing both you and Riley wish to talk about but it must be done." He was talking about options for the girls if we, among others did not survive the battle with the Volturi. I opened my mouth to speak, "Carly and Allison have offered to take them if anything did occur. If not his brother." "The problem is they know Sarah. Both girls know the secret and they refuse to not go on the field." My mouth opened but he closed it. "Riley's family will be the number one target if you both do indeed...pass." He struggled on the last word. "But my Mother, she has most certainly forgotten by now Carlisle. She could be of use." I worried about my mother and taking care of a new baby. She wouldnt be able to do it. I didn't know any vampires I could trust either besides the Cullen's. "Where could we send them Carlisle, I don't know anyone else.” I sounded panicked; I couldn’t deny the feeling of panicked building in me. This event may be a few months away but I was leaving in a matter of days. I had nothing done, nothing booked. Nothing. “You’re distressed.” He commented. I ate some of my dinner. “Slightly.” I replied. I noticed some food that had fallen onto my dress. I am still a total, idiotic slob that he met many years ago. I often mentally bashed myself to keep myself in line. It often kept me grounded and sane. It was rather stupid.


I finished up my dinner and the plate was taken away. I all of a sudden began to laugh uncontrollably. Carlisle raised his eyebrows at me. I felt as if I had gone mad. I somehow managed to form a sentence between my laughs, “I’m 29, and have two kids, I’m leaving for Spain, Germany, AND Egypt in one day and I am somehow getting married!” I knew I wasn’t finished. I took a sip of my wine, “And you’re a vampire. Who the hell knew vampires existed? Oh wait, I do. I live with vampires!” Carlisle took a very deep breath. He also took the wine bottle away from me. “During your pregnancy, your tolerance for alcohol dropped.” I really didn’t protest to what he did, it was most likely for the best.


“Hey crazies.” I looked to see Riley standing in front of me dressed entirely in black. “And you are my favourite crazy girl.” He placed a kiss on my forehead and pulled up a chair. “How did you get here love?” He sniffed me, “You’re a tad drunk aren’t you? Jasper drove me here as you both took the vehicle.” I didn’t understand why he was here. This was supposed to be just myself and Carlisle. I felt to say the least, unhappy. I didn’t want to yell at him though; we would need each other to survive the next few precarious weeks. He sat beside me, “So what is the plan?” He asked. “The plan is for you to first go to Spain, Cordoba and Madrid specifically and try to find the covens.” “Now where and when would they be out?” I asked. “Most likely at nightfall, they are a…traditional coven. They drink human blood.” I cringed at the thought. I also thought about the possibility of me becoming supper. Carlisle read my face. “They know you are coming. They have no intentions of hurting you.” I let out a sigh of relief; there was no threat of dying for myself. I then thought, how would they know of us coming? How did Carlisle even get in touch with them? I didn’t dare ask questions. Those would be answered later.


“Where would we go next?” I couldn’t hold my tongue any further. “Germany, if they have not joined the Volturi yet. If they have, then your lives are at risk.” I could hear the stress in his voice, I could tell he was worried. Our last stop would be Egypt. It would be the riskiest travel. The first reason was, we were in an Arab country and the second was that Amun, the leader of the Coven never has liked humans. He wasn’t fond of us knowing the secret. He also from what I grasped didn’t like Carlisle. “The only thing that is in our favour is the fact Benjamin likes our coven. He might convince Amun to come and join us.” Carlisle explained. We would leave tonight so we could ensure that Ronnie was fed and wouldn’t be thirsty at all throughout the journey. I could at this time see the pain that filled Riley. I could tell that he didn’t want to leave the girls which were understandable. He has practically raised them in the times when I had either been too sick or was asleep. They were our children and yet didn’t truly feel like my own. It was something that often caused confusion for me; it was as if I wasn’t their Mother. I then had an epiphany, I sensed that Carlisle did as well. Riley took my hand. "Riley do you have other relatives in the area?" He nodded in response,"I have my Aunt and Uncle but I don't believe they would be willing to take care of them."  I thought about this for a moment, they hadn't even met the girls as of yet. I suppose when we leave tonight, which would be late we could take the girls to at least meet them. "I have a proposal," I announced to the pair, "Once we get out of here we go and get the girls and bring them to meet your Aunt and Uncle." Riley thought for a moment about this and accepted my proposal.

Carlisle ran home and Riley and I drove. It made more sense to us. The girls came and greeted us at the door. "How was dinner?" Rosalie asked. She handed Christiana to me. I kissed her small forehead. "How is Riley with the new plans?" I thought about a way to phrase my sentence without causing chaos, "He is worried, worried about the girls and how we will fair. It's understandable though. I need to pack bags soon." Rosalie smiled, she beat me to it. I considered going to hug the vampire that once hated me. I still think the hate for me is there but not as severe. I walked toward her with open arms. "Thank you, Rosalie. I really appreciate it. More then you'll ever know." She showed me a slight smile. It was a way for her to say you're welcome without saying a word. She walked silently out the door. Riley held our daughter in his arms. "You ready?" He asked me. "No, not yet. She needs to be fed and changed. I need a few minutes. Do you mind adjusting the car seats love?" He nodded once and went out the door with Abigail. As I went upstairs with my daughter I came to the realization that I wouldn’t even get to sleep here at all for weeks. The girls would but with who supervising. Someone knocked on the door while I was feeding Chrissy. “It’s open!” I yelled. I felt so secure here but I started to regret my statement. Someone raced up the stairs at vampire speed. Now I was nervous. Oh great, the cycle is starting again. Someone is going to come in, try to kill me while I have my new daughter with me and I will have to be saved. Lovely. “Hello dear.” I jumped. Its just Siobhan Sarah, that’s all. “Did I cause a scare to the little one?” I looked at my daughter. She was asleep. ”No.” I laughed. “She is like her Father when it comes to sleeping?” “Yes, but she has just been fed too.”


I continued on with my routine that I always did after feeding her. Changing her, changing her clothes and ensuring she was happy. As I did this I just talked naturally to Siobhan, it seemed so easy. Whenever I did this I was almost always alone. “Are you taking the little one to meet her Uncle and Aunt?” How did she know already of my plans? Alice…”Siobhan?” “Yes Sarah?” “Who will be staying with the girls while we are gone? The Cullen’s are travelling as well.” My Motherly instincts were slowly but surely starting to kick in. I was relieved but at the same time felt nervous. As much as I was a good Mother to these two munchkins I had never had such a severe attack of panicking Mommy syndrome. “I will be staying with them as long as I can. They are somewhat tempting to me.” I saw her purse her lips. I could tell that the conversion from the more traditional vampire diet to the Cullen’s diet was causing her some trouble. “Siobhan, we will try to be back as soon as possible. I’m sorry for the strain we’re…” “Sarah,” She took both my shoulders and made me face her, “This is no strain to me or Maggie. We enjoy these girls, the most important thing is to take your time and do a very through job at trying to convince the covens to come with you.” I felt the relief spread around me. I knew that these people cared about me and the girls, I suppose I should thank her for this. “Do you have a fiancé waiting for you?” I smiled and blushed a little. I saw her shake her head a small bit. I didn’t understand why she did that. I wanted to ask her about why she did that but instead picked up my little one and carried her to the car.


Riley was waiting impatiently at the car. “Took you long enough.” He mumbled. “Siobhan stopped by to talk to me.” That made him keep his mouth shut for a majority of the car ride. When we were supposedly half way there I let my true feelings come out, “Are you sure we are not lost? We are in the middle of nowhere!” He pursed his lips, “Do you want to drive?” He asked me. Yes, yes I do but I will keep my little mouth tightly shut. “There!” He said, “There it is!” I couldn’t help but have a teenage moment and rolled my eyes as we pulled into the drive. I got the girls out and carried them both in my arms. Christiana reached for Riley. I took a deep breath, I hadn’t seen these people since I found out I was going to have Abbey. That was four years ago now. I was admittedly scared of their judgement of our lifestyles. Then again, Deb and Dan did the same so I shouldn’t really be afraid of their thoughts, should I? 

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I absolutely positively love it!!!!!! Its amazing sar:) i missed u girly, Twifans has been very quiet. If only i had the time these days haha

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