Me and Nicole hung out all 1st period. Next I had science with Mich. I walked in and the teacher put me in a assign seat next to Mich. We talked probably the whole period. After probably 20 min the teacher got mad and moved me to a different seat. Right next to Malachi. Ok be cool be cool I told myself. I sat down."Hi I'm Molly" I said"Malachi" he said"Ya I know I saw you in the office this morning" he laughed"Oh ya I just hot back from iss""iss?" I asked"In school suspension" oh great he's a bad boy I love bad boys."Molly! Malachi! Pay attention!" the teacher yelled. I looked forward and I couldn't stop smiling. This day was going perfect and it's only second period. 
The day went by smoothly. Every class I had with Mich I had with Malachi. Now it was time for lunch. When I walked in I saw a big group of people who were in my classes. Nicole was sitting the holding hands with Edward I think his name is. Then there was this girl Ana I sat in front of her in music but we talked. She was holding hands with her boyfriend Eric. There was a girl I didn't know her name but she had blonde wavy hair. She was holding hands with Emmet I think his name is he sits next to me in music. There was a blonde guy with wavy hair holding hands with Alice. Alice was in gym with me and really nice. Then Malachi was sitting there at the table. He was by himself. I had no clue where to sit and I couldn't find Mich. "Molly!" I heard someone call "Come sit with us" it was Nicole I smiled because the only open seat at the table was next to Malachi. I walked over and sat down."Molly this is my boyfriend Edward, Ana, Eric, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmet. Everyone this is Molly""Hi" they all said"Hey everyone" they all had un touched lunch on there plates. "Why aren't you guys eating" I asked. They all started stuttering"Because we don't like the food they serve here it's gross" Malachi tuned in"Ya really gross" they all said at once"oh it doesn't seem that bad to me" I said Alice froze for a minute like she was looking at something. So did Edward."I have to go to the bathroom" Nicole said "Alice come with me" Alice and Nicole got up and went to the bathroom.
Nicole's pov.
Me and Alice went to the bathroom. "Alice what did you see" I demanded. She smiled"Malachi kissing""who" I said excitedly"Molly" she smiled "Oh my god I knew it" I was so happy for them"When" I asked"In about a month maybe two" "Ok we got to go" I said and we walked back into the lunch room

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Love it girly:)
Thanks guys
I love it so much!!!!! Write more soon
Luv it!

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