Hey my names Molly. I'm 16 years old. I just moved to Forks Washington with my foster mom and my sister Emily she's 17. Are foster mom is barely home so were by ourselves. Today's my first day of school. I put on a pink and black cheetah shirt, jeans, uggs and a flower head band. I straightened my hair and I was ready."Emily I'm going to school" I yelled "Have fun""Ya right" I mumbled under my breath. I hoped in my jeep and drove to school. As I was walking in I got many whistles and comments. The last guy really got me mad"Hey there baby why don't you come over here""Listen baby why don't you come over her so I can slap you" I went into the office to get my schedule. There was a guy in there a super cute, hot to die for guy in there. I don't know who he was but I wanted to know."Ok your free to go Malachi""Thanks" he mumbled and stormed out. Malachi that's his name Malachi. "What's your name?" the lady at the front desk asked."Molly. Molly Gruss" "Oh yes Molly! Here's your schedule and um Nicole here will show you around"  a girl walked in and looked surprised when the girl at the front desk said her name."Cant someone else" she asked "Michelle can" she pointed to a girl standing in the corner with long brown hair with red streaks."I suppose Michelle do you mind" the lady asked"I guess not" Michelle said. We walked out of the office. "Let me see your schedule" Michelle asked"ok Michelle right?" I asked"Ya but call me Mich" I handed her my schedule"Lets see you have study hall, science, gym, music, Spanish, math, English, lunch, home and careers and social studies. Let's see you have science, Spanish, math, English, lunch and social studies with me!""Ok""Well your first class is right down this hall, second door on the right. Here I'll show you your locker it's upstairs" she showed me my locker then she went to her class. I walked in the classroom and instantly wanted to leave. Malachi was in there. He was so cute. I sat down at the table two rows behind him. That girl from the office came over to me but I forgot her name."Hey I'm Nicole" oh ya Nicole "I'm sorry about earlier I just hate when I have to show people around and I don't know where there classes are" she took my schedule. As she looked it over I realized how pretty she was.  She had perfect skin and had long silky blonde hair. Everything in her face was constructed so it was perfect."Ok so I have every class Mich doesn't have with you" I laughed. I started to stare at Malachi"you think Malachi cute don't you" she asked"I guess kinda""Go for it. He's my stepbrother but whatever""Oh ok" 
Do you guys like it tel me what you think.

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Babe, that's amazing!!!
OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm happy you mentioned me 
Thanks everyone :)
I love it(: !
Wow!!! Love it soo much

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