it has been suggested that we turn this game into a discussion... that means someones taken an interest in it all... if it doesnt work out it doesnt work out... but the idea was always kool....
objective: you receive two difficult choices and must choice one of the two... not that hard except for the fact there are supposed 2 b two REALLY good choices and hard to pick from... lets try it shall we...each choice should have a number... this way people can respond to old games even wen a new one is up... so its not a competitive game or anything but its a fun way 2 be a twilighter!! i hope -_-'

GAME 1: choose- 1. having to live without ever knowing of the twilight saga; or
2. knowing you are obsessed halfway through the book and never being able to finish it

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here's the most organized way to answer... i think

game 1 response: choice 2

if i didnt know there was a twilight saga... my life will have never reached its full potential!!! i would rather know of it and live with my obsession than never to have loved it at all!!!!! *cheese*
I'd choose 1. Ignorance is bliss.
game 1: 2. I'd rather have loved and lost than to never have loved at all (even if it is painful! Please finish Midnight Sun!!!)
OME quite the problem!

SO if I had never heard of it I would be the same old girl I remember but happy. IF I read halfway getting to end book 2. NOt bad.

VErdict. Read half the series and let my imagination finish the other half. These books have changed me and I like the change.
hmmn game 1: Choice 2! ... i was marely alive before i read twilight now having read it i'm LIVING...
Half of twilight has to be better than No twilight at all!
No! I can't choose! I remember when I first read Twilight, and it was like I'd taken drugs or something.
Game 1 response: 2
Twilight has changed me for the better. I shudder to think what my life could have been like if I hadn't read it.
Game 1: 2.
Me and my Dad have this rule; if you start a book, even if you don't like it, you MUST finish it before you judge. Always finish a book.
Obsessed or not, I therefore would be forced to finish the book by my conscience. But for arguments sake, I'd say I would put it aside because of severe obsessiveness... and come back to it a few weeks later.

I have made too many friends through the Twilight series, discovered other authors, discovered great movies due to the Twilight cast... I've just got too much from the series to choose to have all of that taken away.
Game 1: choice 1

I am a very obsessive person and if I ever just read half i think i might go crazyy I tried not reading the leaked midnight sun but i did and know im going crazy over that! so if i never knew about it i would never know what i was missing which i guess would be better...
Have to say 1, the obsession has taken over pretty much straight away so would have been better to not have known anything than to risk only half a book.
Game 1 response: choice 2
Twilight has changed my life lol so I think I would rather read some of it than none of it!
1- choose: 1. having to live without every knowing of the twilight saga... :( :(. i couildn't live with not finding out what happens if i had already started it!
I would have to choose living without knowing about it! There is no way that I could get halfway and then not be able to finish it......I would go crazy!

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