it has been suggested that we turn this game into a discussion... that means someones taken an interest in it all... if it doesnt work out it doesnt work out... but the idea was always kool....
objective: you receive two difficult choices and must choice one of the two... not that hard except for the fact there are supposed 2 b two REALLY good choices and hard to pick from... lets try it shall we...each choice should have a number... this way people can respond to old games even wen a new one is up... so its not a competitive game or anything but its a fun way 2 be a twilighter!! i hope -_-'

GAME 1: choose- 1. having to live without ever knowing of the twilight saga; or
2. knowing you are obsessed halfway through the book and never being able to finish it

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its time for a new game... any ideas... post them here!!!!!!!!!!
so totally choosing #1. you can't be upset if you never read it. like if bella never met edward. she wouldnt have been upset when he left her in new moon becuase he would have never been there to leave her. i could just find another book series to get completely obsessed about. haha
game 1.
option 2.
Thats so hard, but life without twilight at all would completley suck so CHOICE 2.
Theres always the moveies to see the rest :)
Gane 1: choice 1 because if I didn't know about it, there would never be the pain of not finishing it.
Game 1 Option 2 Cause Twilight has changed so many peoples lives

Suggestion for Game 2
1- Never having any of the movies made
2- Robert and Kristen not cast as Edward and Bella
Thats a hard one.
mmmmmmm i'd choose 2.
Well for game 2 that question does not really work because if there were no movies ever made then there would be no one cast, like either there are the movies cast with Robert and Kristen or there are no movies i do not understand this one but i guess i would choose choice number 2.
The questiion is weather you would have rather had no movies made or someone else play the lead it does work and the answer would depend on weather or not you could see any one else cast as the leads or if you think the movie would not be worth being made if it were other actors playing the characters
Game1: i would choose havinq to live without ever knowinq of the Twiliqht saqa because when i was on a fam. tripp i took New Moon with me & unfortunatelyy i lost it on the wayy & i was very , VERY upset. && didnt know what to do with myself so i rather not now at all then to not be able to finish
2 definitely. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wat on earth did i do b4 twilight??? :D

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