So I as just wondering who else here has watched the TW, NM, & EC dvd's with the commentary. Which one is your favorite? Learn anything new? Funny parts? Anything surprising? Anything else you want to discuss?

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I watched them all. I think the Twilight commentary was the funniest cause Rob and Kristen were so relaxed. New Moon was ok, but I wish the cast could have been there. Eclipse was funny to because it was just Rob and Kristen and they were being really cute. I hope they can get almost everyone there or at least the Cullen Clan and Taylor to do the commentary on the Breaking Dawn dvd(s). That would be awesome. I'd bet it would be hilarious
The first with Catherine  Hardwicke

Ohhh My Gosh I LOVED The Twilight Commentary! I agree with Rachel, with that Rob and Kristen Were so Relaxed with one another! Catherine voice is just hilarious "Welcome to Twilight" haha loved it! New Moon was also good! I learnt tonnes of new things from the commentary! And Eclipse was Also Great! I really enjoyed Rob and Kristen commentary! I thought it was really funny when they kept defending their character! And rob commenting about the wig!! hahha! And the Stephanie and Wyck one was pretty interseting! I Liked How he said "Xavier this great Australian actor from Australia" because of course i'm an Aussie! And Xavier did us Aussie;s Proud! 

So i'm sorry that my answer is so looonnngggg but i hope i answered some of your questions!

Mizzy x

The commentaries were all very enjoyable, but I think the one that tops my list is the NM commentary with Chris Weitz and the film's editor. They were cracking me up, keeping score of how often Jacob had a chance to make a move on Bella but didn't. :D Not only that, but Chris had some very insightful comments, and I just find him to be altogether an awesome, awesome dude.
I loved the Twilight commentary Robs hilarious!:)
I haven't watched the other commentary but I have watched the commentary from Eclipse and it's really awesome how they make jabs at each other and the little comments they have about certain scenes are hilarious.
The commentary that I most often listen to is the one for Eclipse with Rob and Kristen. Its really cute.

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