" OF COARSE THAT'S HIM!" Yelled Joe in reply. Then he clicked play again. The Cullens spotted their enemy and sped toward him. And, yes, you guessed correctly, ripped his head off and burned him. The video ended and they both said nothing. Then Joe whispered," What do we do now?"

" First, we call our boss. Then he'll deside wether or not to call the police. Then we'll figure out what to do from there. Got that?"

" Ummm, okay." said Joe.

" I'll call our boss now. What was the number? Wait, nevermind. Hello? Sorry to desturb you while you're on your break- yes, of coarse it's that important! How soon can you get here? K, see you in five. Bye." He hung up." Joe, she'll be here in a few. Save that to your laptop. Wow, that was fast. Hey,boss! In here!"

" What is so important."

" Look. This was caught on the camera outside a few minutes ago. Joe, press play." Joe did so. The three watched. Paused the film. And continued to watch. 

" Wow, umm, I'm gonna call cullens, you two, call the police and press."

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Call THE Cullens. Sorry, typo
Omfg I love it!!! I'm warning you if twihard101 makes fun of this dont take it personally.
I love it!!

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