As I was saying: 

The boss was calling the cullens. The other dude was calling the press and Joe, was calling the police. So stop wondering what will happen next and read the rest. 

" Hello, Forks Hospital? Ahh, yes may I speak to Dr. Cullen? Okay, thanks. Hello, Dr. Cullen. I needed to talk to you about something very important. Can we meet at my shop at your next break? Oh, great! See you in ten minutes. Mk, bye."

The dude,( whom i wont give a name cause im too lazy) was calling the local press." Hey! Boy have I got news for you! I want a cameraman and top reporter here pronto!"

And finally, Joe's world:" Yeah, forks police department. Can I talk to Chief Swan? Hey, sorry to bug ya, but something umm weird was caught on our security camera outside our shop. K see ya."

So twifans, the characters will be here any- here they come! Do yourself a favor and keep reading.

Joe and whatever your name, is dr. Cullen is here! Oh and so is everyone else! Fabulous! Please come in, everyone. Have a seat. Joe please. Give us some background."

" This film was taken 20 minutes ago by a security camera. Here, I took the liberty to convert it so I we could use a projector." he pushed play. The enlarged people rans in supposedly slow motion. Suddenly, Dr. Cullens eyes widened and he gasped. But, nobody noticed, they were to horrified. They paused the video, revealing the cullens. Everybody turned toward Dr. Cullen.

" Well, out with it!" they all shouted in unison.

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Stupid typos!!! i meant " Joe and whatever your name is, Dr. Cullen is here"
Real good. Add more detail though
Uh oh lol they in trouble!

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