So, okay. This is a preview for a new story I may write. Tell me what u think.

It all happened in a blur. Literally. When vampire's run, stuff happens too fast for human eyes to follow. They were all chasing something. Or someone. A nomad. They sped out of the forest and past the electronics shop. They flew around the corner, stopped, looked at each other, then spotted their enemy, then resumed chasing him. Soon, they caught him, and, I swear, they RIPPED his head off. Then, ripped a tree out of the ground, and set it and the beheaded man on fire. It burned and burned, then finally the fire died.


" HOLY SH*T!!!"

" What now, Joe! I'm eating my lunch!"

" Come here! Wait, lemme put the film in slomo. You have to see this."

" What is it!"

" Just come fricken here!"

" Pfff. Fine. What."

" Take a look at what our security cameras just picked up!" Joe clicked play. The two men watched in awe and horror. Suddenly, Joe paused the video. " Who do you think THAT looks like!" said Joe sarcastically.


So, what do u guys think? 

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Oh. My. God. Its amazing please write more! If you dont i will die!!!!
I LOVE IT!!!! omg u gatta rite this!!!!
It Sounds Super Awesome. XD
Keep Writing !!!
Good u should right more about esme and Carlisle though maybe that is my next story Carlisle and esme's backstory
Awe, thanks guys! I've been "Brainstorming" for a while. Thnx!!!

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