the difference between bella in the books and bella in the movies ..

i think there are a difference between bella in the movies and bella in the books..

in the book , she was very awkward..clumsy...i missed her poor Balance..her strange expressions..

but in the movies ,she is not like that..kristen did a great job as bella swan but i really missed bella in the books..who agree with me ?


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I completely agree with you! Book-Bella had a quirky sense of humor and indeed she was clumsy! But I feel like Kristen doesn't quite catch that. She did an amazing job, it's just that...she could have done better in bring Bella to the big screen. Don't get me wrong, I think she's an amazing actress tho!
ya...i love kristen stewart very much..she is perfect as bella swan but like i said i missed bella in the books on the big screen..

Yea I argee in the book she is so different, although being more clumsy and accident prone in the book which brings some light hearted humor into it, she is also stronger emotionaly in my opinion because in the book when she goes to meet James in the ballet studio she is happy to see her mother isn't there and not really bothered about the fact James plans to kill her but in the film that doesn't show through really. Also she doesn't seem to bond as much with Jacob as she does in the book

that's true in the book she was very much awkard. But the movies are very good, but they put it together well.
I disagree!! Bella is very twitchy in the movies and clumsy!! But I still love her!!

When I first saw Kristen as Bella I thought that she had little sex appeal . she seems to act very boyish in all of the sagas.

Yet she has chemistry with Edward and Jacob! I think that is because of the directing on the show. Don't get me wrong I think that Kristen is a beautiful  girl and  love her acting in the twilight series.She just "works" . I've always been drawn to Vampire movies.I was fascinated with The Vampire Lestat books and read them all.But I think the Twilight saga is even better. I think that each of the characters are great ,

YES it so true that Kristen is the best for Bella to go along with Edward and Jacob. The directorsand producres and everyone else for picking the right actors and actress's. 

Then for Lestatboh books and movie ie., "Queen of the Damned" are also facinating only the love story is a whole different world. No matter how you look at it Vampires are here to stay

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