The movies missed the point! It was supposed to be a love story!

I love the movies, in fact that's how I found the books, by hearing about the first Twilight movie. I read all the books and then watched the first Twilight which I loved, but felt they left out a lot of scenes and so on and so forth, but then!!!!!!


New Moon and hearing and watching things about Eclipse, I'm getting the feeling they missed the point of the books.


My view of the story is.....



Bella, a simple human girl, finds herself thrust into a deep love with a tortured being who thinks nothing of himself.  Things come between them, he leaving of course, Bella befriends Jacob, who to me didn't have SUCH the big role like in the movies and there was never a love triangle, it was just that Bella and Jacob had become close friends and he wanted something more and she did have love for him but it wasn't enough for her to pick him.



But in the end, her love for Edward was much more stronger thus going back to the main story which to me was always about Edward and Bella and their fight for their love.


Movies.....I have Riley being shoved down my throat and I can't seem to get away from anything Jacob. Jake this and Jake that. Really? Where is Edward and Bella? Where is the big love story? Even Bella is being left in the dust and where is Edward? He's just a side character now.


I don't know. I'm sorry if I'm the only that feels like this, Its just not cool like I thought it would be after reading the books. I'm a little sad. Its like, "was I wrong when I read the books?"  haha I miss the Twilight days.



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