I don't know but I want to see how you guys would react about this story so please reply. If you don't like it I'll stop writing it, but please read it first!

P. S. I would like to thank Rebecca Leanne Nguyen for helping.

P.S. P.S. (I think that's how it goes.) I leave a few details out so you can imagine in your own way. I'm sure most of you are writers, but my theory is to have the reader take the wheel and make the story their own. I'm sorry if you disagree, but I'm keeping the story how it is and hope you'll get use to it. I'm not really hoping this will be a book, because there are so many more writers with books better than mine. But thank you for your support.



10 years have passed. My family has grown closer in a matter of 10 years. My angelic husband has been by my side everywhere I go. My fast growing, beautiful, graceful daughter has grown - she mysteriously is the size of a normal sized 16-year-old human. My best friend is faithful and loving to my young child. My new and old families have been put together, Charlie, Carlisle, Esme, Rose, Emmett, Alice, Jasper, the wolf pack, Clearwaters, Jacob, and Edward. Suddenly my life has transformed from choosing a side to having both. This came from one little thing. Reneesme. She brought us all together. We have frequent visits from our beloved witnesses. All because of my, sorry our Nessie.

Chapter 1

I stand in our small home. Looking through the large glass window. The white color was over powering the great pond with ice. A small rabbit hopping it's way across. The brown fur shaking snow off as it's body bounces. I close my eyes. I remember all of the past. Watching my daughter grow. Going to school with her. I chuckled. Her smile still brightens the room. Even without my brother-in-law's power. She can change your mood to happy with one short grin. I sigh.
His arms wrap around me. "Love, it's time to go."
"Yes? What's bothering you?"
I turn to him feeling the urge to have a non-tear-cry. Unable to speak, I gently press my hands to the sides of his beautiful face. He's warm and soft.
"Ahhh," he sighs "You know we must leave Bella. There is nothing else we can do here. Jasper is the most under controlled as he has ever been. He no longer has the urge to hover you, he believes that you will never go back in the stage of a newborn," he said calmly.
I thought it over. Edward was right. Jasper is fine. He will not kill a human again. Hopefully. I didn't want to leave Alaska. It's the second time we had moved.
"Love, you'll get use to it." his words soothed me.
Suddenly, I don't no if it was me or Edward, but we were on the ground. Edward's lips moved slowly down my neck. His warm breathe gave me goosebumps.
"Mom," we stopped. "Daddy, Mom, Granpa wants you."
We got up and walked over to her. She smiled when she saw us. Reneesme. Her dimples were as deep as ever.
"Where have you two been?" she asked.
"Doing the rest of our homework. And by the way. Have you finished yours, Missy?" I was glad that Edward said it quickly so she could leave.
With a humph, she left to her room.
Edward and I ran to the Cullen household that was filled with boxes and sheets.
Emmett greeted us with his normal bear hug and punch to Edward. Rose walked in and smiled. Rose and I are now friends. But Alice and I are the best of friends. Alice glided from the top of the three story home and gave me and Edward a hug, a weird one. As well as Jasper. Edward and I were curious why.
"Em, where's Carlisle. Nessie said he wanted us." Edward asked. I still smile at her name. So does Rose.
When we got up there, He greeted us. When he did he was some how uncomfortable.
"There's a problem!" He said.
I looked at Edward.
He was frightened as well.

Chapter 2

Edward and Carlisle were having an intense conversation in their minds. I wouldn't have it.
"Edward, please tell me what's going on!"
"Bella," Carlisle began." Aro i-i-i....." this is the first time I've ever heard him stutter.
"Is what?!"
"Dead." It was Edward who answered.
The non-tear-cry began.
In that second everyone was there. Even Nessie and Jake.
Then Jane and Alec appeared behind Carlisle. Esme holding Jane to her chest.
I fell back in a ready-to-attack pose while a snarl released from the back of my throat."Love, don't. They come in complete peace. The are here for our help." Edward assured me. I disarmed myself and mutter an apology.
"It was your instinct." Alec said with a crackled voice.
" If you don't mind me asking- as well as the rest of us- why are you here." Emmett asked.
"Cauis and Marcus ordered the guard to kill them. They wish to be with their beloved brother. Jane and I refused to kill our leaders. So we came here." Alec informed us.
"What happened? Who killed him?" I asked as well.
" Thought you would know." Jane said.
"Why?" It was Rose who asked what we all wanted to say.
"We found animal blood where his ashes were." Alec said.
Jane sobbed.
"You think one of us did it?!" Jasper exclaimed.
"Why? There is no way that my family had anything to do with this!" Carlisle said with authority.
"No, we aren't here to accuse you my, Lord," did Alec just call Carlisle 'Lord'?
"We can't" Edward said calmly.
"But you will."
"Because you are the next powerful and reliable coven there is in our world, not including the shape shifters." Alec nodded to Jacob.
A growl started from the back of Jake's throat.
"Jake," I said, warningly. "That's enough!"
"Well if he's here to disrespect us and insult me, I have no respect for him!"
A silent cry began to have sound.
"Jane, " surprisingly I was over with Esme comforting her with my hand on he back.
"Ed, what can't we do?" Alice asked in her pixie voice.
"You will become the new Royal Family. You are the next strongest coven. I am here, as well as Jane, to bring the Vampire Secret Leaders home to Italy. I am honored to serve you," Alec dropped to his knees and bowed. Suddenly Jane dropped from our grip and bowed a her brother.

Chapter 3
A Lead

I brought Jane back to my small home Emmett and Jasper made Edward and me, 5 years ago.
I walked her to Nessie's room to sit he down on the bed to calm her.
She kept on sobbing.
"That's beautiful," Jane said looking up. It took me a few seconds to figure out it was my lullaby."What is it?" she asked.
"It's a song that Edward hummed to me when I was human. It helped me sleep. And calmed me down when I was upset. He wrote it himself!" I smiled at the dim memories.
"Oh," Jane dropped her head back down. "Edward,"
Curious, I lifted her chin with my finger. "What is it?"
"I just wish I had a, well, this is out of context, but, soulmate." she looked into my eyes with truth. I flinched at the crimson spots that covered her eyes.
"You're not out of context and you will! I promise!"I informed her.
She smile faintly.
"Bella," A short whisper ran through my head.
"Edward's calling," I said, "Let's go."
Jane smiled and got off the bed ad reached for my hand. She took my hand and said, "Thank you,"
I smiled and then we ran to the room where we found everyone.
"Jane!" Alec saw he smile and got up and ran to her.
"That was so kind of you , Love." Edward said. She must have rad her mind.
Jane turned and winked at me.
"What's going on?" I asked.
"We have a lead." Carlisle answered.
"Really? What is it?"
"The blood." Alec explained. "It wasn't a deer or bear."
"Then what was if?" Jane said.
"Wolf." Jasper said.
"What?!" I screamed.
We all looked around for Jake.
"We have to hunt him down." Emmett said with excitement.
"No, you can't!" Nessie said.
By then they were gone. It was only Jane, Reneesme, and I.
"Mom, they can;t hurt him! They just can't!" Wet tears streamed down my daughter's face.
As a mother I got up and cottled her. Cooing her. Then humming my lullaby.
Footsteps from the kitchen.
A tall, muscular, bare chested man was in the walkway with a mouth full of chips.
Nessie ran to him.
"What's goin' on?" Jacob asked.
"They have a theory." I started, Jane hissed. "They found a wolf's blood."
"What?! You think I did it?! I would never! And, anyways, I'd never leave town without Ness! You know that." Jake roared.
Thought it through. Then realized he was right. If he have had done it we would known about it. Then I thought about the encounters I've had with the Volturi (human and vampire). Then it hit me. Aro was killed 2 days ago. There was a full moon 2 days ago. That would have explained the wolf's blood.
"The Children of the Moon." I whispered.

Chapter 4
The Decision.

It was about 4 minutes after I said he biggest clue they have found when everybody ran back to the house. They must of ran all the way to Canada. Why didn't they pick Jacob's scent here?
Edward was beside me in that instant. I turned to him and said, "What made you go to Canada? Jake didn't go to Canada, he went to the the pond in our back yard."
"What are you talking about he-" He looked up with confusion at Jake, he was sitting with Nessie eating the rest of his chips with her."But, how did y get here? We followed your scent to Canada?"
"Edward, What happened?" I asked frightened.
"It's happening now. Edward I told you this! You must come back to Italy with us now. Soon all vampires will die. Lack of blood, smell, strength, speed! They will suffer!" Alec said.
Edward stood blank for a second. Thinking hard what was happening.
I couldn't handle it. I walked over to Alec and demanded, "Tell me what's going on, now!"
Alec swiftly said, "If there is no Royal Family, we lose everything. Our beauty a well. Coldness, we become soft. And if we do, we either die or be come human. It's most likely we will die." he said it cold as ice. Only looking at Edward's worried expression.
"Die? With no fight?" Emmett asked concerned.
"No. There wouldn't be anything to fight! Anyways you would lose your strength, Emmett."
Emmett's playful mood fell to a very disturbed one. "Carlisle," He began, but Carlisle stopped him.
"Emmett, " He took in a deep breath before starting again, "We cannot intrude in something we are not destined to be."
Rosalie sat quietly in the corner. Her head down. It wasn't hard to guess what she was thinking. She could be human again............
Jane rose from the little chair that was the only uncovered piece of furniture in the enlarged living. She said, "Yes, you are, Carlisle. We need you to save the vampire race!" Se said it like her life depended on it, a matter of fact it did.
I was the only one that believed i the myth that could be true..........
"Edward, we need to do this. At least, until we figure out if the Moon Children really did it. And find the guard to find a new family. I really do think we should help. Our lives are depending on it." I said with a low, but powerful voice.
"Bella, we can't," Edward said without any emotion.
I put my hand on Edward. I showed him the family breaking down, then a picture of Reneesme, when she was only a few weeks old, the look in Edward's and my eyes the night after the last encounter with the Volturi, how united we all were.
He sighed. "For now. We will go, but only to find the true murderer."
Emmett sighed in relief.
Jane and Alec waled to the door. At the same exact time they said, "We must leave now."
Then we were all off.

Chapter 5

We packed a few clothes and we headed to Italy.
Carlisle had a private jet waiting at the open field where we play most of a baseball games.
Reneesme wasn't so happy. She was sitting in the back of the plane, while Jacob was at the front learning the correct way to fly the plane without wrecking it.
"Nessie, what's wrong?" I asked her with concern. I sat right next to her.
"I don't want to go to Italy! There's no people that I'll have in common with! They all are ruthless, drink human blood," I flinched with that one, "Don't have real personalities, they're bad vampires!" Jane heard that one.
She got up from the seat next to Alec to sit next to Ness, She said, "I disagree, we all have personalities and feelings! And we're not bad vampires! We're normal vampires. That's our purpose.
To you, you think we're bad, only because you have feelings for humans. We only focus on our own race. To us you are neither bad or good. You're....... queer." Jane informed Reneesme.
Nessie just sat there. She was thinking. She placed a hand on me. She only touched us when she either couldn't explain or say something. She was starting to like talking alot. She had to while she was in school. She showed me, that she was sorry.
"Don't show me........ or Jane. You need to tell her." I told her.
She turned and said what she need to say.
By then we were up in the air. Jake walked to Carlisle, still discussing pilot-need-to-knows. Edward flying the plane swiftly. Reminding me of a blurred human memory when he and I went to Jacksonville, the note. I laughed silently.

When we got there, we were put in jackets with hoods on. The sun beamed hard. Edward shot me a quick glance. The glint of his shining golden eyes brought a heart stopping joy. 10 years and I'm still madly in love with him.
We walk through a dark alley where we were able to take off the hoods. Emmett's hand on Rose's. Esme's on Carlisle's. Reneesme's on Jacob's. Jasper's on Alice's. Mine on Edward's. Alec and Jane walking side-by-side. We walked in a very strict line. As if we worked on it for hours.
As we walked the paths got narrower, colder, and darker. Soon enough we were all hunch over and blind-sided. We had to give Ness and Jake our coats.
Alec and Jane lead the way, we finally got to a large room full of ancient statures. It was beautiful. But the bad beautiful. My breath went irregular. My eyes shut. A fuzzy memory of a small woman Holding a rosary, praying. Heidi in her skirt saying, "Save me one," I gulped. Edward wrapped an arm around her. "It's okay," He whispered in my ear.
"Right...... It's not ever going to happen again."
He gave me a what-are-you-up-to look, but he could ask I shrugged it off.
We walked through the room into another room that looked older then any other place in the world. It fit in the heart of the city. The ceiling was very high, even though it was underground ,from sea level, it looked about 3 stories. So about 6 stories. It had large beautiful, unique paintings on the steep gable. The pictures reminder me of the pictures on the walls in Carlisle's office. The stories Edward told me the day I went to his home in Forks. The picture of the three men on a balcony. Two black-haired and one snowy-white-haired. I remembered the story.
Alec walked to the middle of the room. There was a small table. It was made of stone, but it had nothing on it. Alec gently twisted the tiny table in a complete circle. A wall that was in the corner of the large room opened like someone from the other side pushed it towards us. It was so dark that it didn't look like an opening. Jane walked quickly to it. We followed. Edward took his arm away from my waist as we grew closer to the dark hall. Alec walked behind us and close the passage. For a few minutes we followed the footsteps ahead of us. I thought about the rooms we've passed. The first, the one Edward and I were in when he thought I was dea-, when he was here to commit su-, was the trial room. The second one must be the great hall where they must have they're meals. Then, at a sudden stop, a door opened. I grabbed Edward's hand tight.
It lead to a room, different then the rest but the same style. Pictures and sculptures along the walls. But one thing showed it was the most important of all three.
Chapter 6
One Leader

The room was the biggest. The most powerful, beautiful, scariest place any form of life would be. the walls were covered in deep red. But it was all paintings. Fire, with limbs sticking out. Blood from humans and all sorts of creatures everywhere. All of the paintings had a vivid picture. All of the paintings were different. But there was one thing they all had in common.
Everything was being slaughtered.
I clutched Edward's hand hard. I looked at his glorious face. It was emotionless. but the twinkle in his eyes showed the fear.
There were three thrones. Two large ones that were made of....... the scent gave me gold. Then there was an even bigger throne. It was pure gold. There was no other scent to it, Beside the red velvet as the cushion. Gems and diamonds covered all three chairs. And there was a hint of something burnt. I turned my head to it. I stopped breathing.
A pile of ashes. But there was an odd twist to these ashes. They were gold, not black.
I shot a look to Edward. He shook his head up and down as if he read my mind.
The ashes were Aro's. But his brothers' ashes as well. There was to much to only be Aro's. I heard a whimper. I and saw that Esme had dropped to Carlisle's feet. Alec and Jane walked pass the ashes as if they weren't even there. They walked to the thrones. They stopped about five feet away. They looked at the empty chairs and dropped to there knees at the same exact time. They bowed as they did back in Alaska. Jane stayed on the floor as Alec stood and walked to the largest throne and touched the piece of cloth that was put on the foot of the throne. It was a whitish tan piece, I didn't notice at first. The cloth was a burnt of piece from a cloak. The cloak that Aro wore at the baseball field when Reneesme was sentenced to death.
I flinched.
It was Aro's. Then I noticed the cloaks on the other thrones. Same color, but these weren't burnt at all.They were very clean, the piece on the middle must have been burnt before. They were the clothes, the Volturi wore before they were killed.
Alec removed the clothes from the thrones, walked to the ashes, and covered the ashes with the cloaks. He walked back to Jane. Jane rose and then both of them walked towards us. Jane offered a and to Nessie. Ness looked at me. I nodded. Reneesme took Jane's hand with her own smiling at Jane. I was proud how that one talk brought them together. Jane walked her to the front of the three.
"Stay here," Jane told her with a wink.
Nessie smiled.
Alec stood in front of Edward and I.
I moved closer to him.
Jane came back. She grabbed my arm, as Alec grabbed Edward's. They walked us to where Reneesme was and then to the thrones. I was to sit in the right throne, as Edward in the left.
I looked at Edward with confusion. He shrugged.
Jane and Alec walked Nessie to the middle throne. She sat down.
Jane and Alec walked over to were everyone else was.
They went to there knees. "To our new Royal Family." They said in harmony.
"Edward," I began, "What does he mean? We can't do this. Carlisle and Esme should be here. Not us." I stood, "I'm sorry this is not what i thought was going to happen." I was about to walk to ALec to change this but Edward caught me.
"Bella, we can't. They've done it. We're now the Family. This is why I said we couldn't. I thought you understood. I'm sorry, Love. We have to fulfill our duty. Just until we find the killer. You can't just leave, you would be kill for not serving. I'm sorry, Bella. I thought you knew. It's my fault. I'm so sorry, Love. I'm sorry." Edward had his arms around me, calming me down, humming my lullaby.
"Edward, stop." I said.I pushed him off.
I turned to Carlisle. He was bowing.
So many things ran through my head. Us the new Family? Reneesmee the new Ruler? Everyone bowing at our feet? I did all of this. But why would we be the strongest? Was is because of Nessie?
All my answers were locked up in a safe right in front of me..... With no key.
I could try to pry it open with a crowbar, but what good would that do? I had to either solve it on my own or find the key. Find it.
I could do the thing I've been planning. But it will be hard on my own. But I was the New Royal Family. But Nessie?
Edward put a hand on me gently. "Love," He spoke quick and quietly, but with warmth to it. "I'm sorry but we must go through with the situation. If you leave they will kill you."
"Edward, where is the guard?" I ask with deep interest. Would have refuse to serve under a new family or did they leave from the heartbreak of the situation? Again, the steel box.
"Some have left, but some have stayed." he gestured toward Jane and Alec. Behind the two, from the tunnel we walked through, there were about 20 people in a deep brown cloaks, kneeling before us.
Chapter 7

to be continued.............

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this is rly rly good plz contiue!!!!!!
write more! i love it, its different:)
email me when the next lot is up pleasee :D
Its good but a little shakey it needs more flavour from the other 4 books
Let me rephrase I'm a writer maybe I was critcing it too much its very good continue writing and let me know when you write again but brush up on some facts like vampires breaths aren't cold,Alec is the one who said save some for me in new moon,Put some more fire in Jane but you have a good career as a writer when your older
Really good! Keep writing!
Where can read edwards point of view
what's the tittle !!!?!?!!!

♥Little Blonde Vampire♥ said:
thats really good. im writing a new moon from edwards point of view check it out thanx!
Where can read edwards point of view
what's the tittle !!!?!?!!!

♥Little Blonde Vampire♥ said:
thats really good. im writing a new moon from edwards point of view check it out thanx!
Wow amazing please keep Writting 
Pleeeease keep writing!! :)
i loved it ! keep writting !
That was absolutely wonderful!! It felt so good to read and imagine beyond breaking dawn I love it! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hurry :) 
Amazing please write more.

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