as you all may know now they have changed the original Victoria from twilight to some other girl.
In my opinion I think this is a big mistake. The Victoria in Twilight was perfect. I think it was stupid to fire her. Of course this only an opinion. Please share what you think about this topic.

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1. Summit lied in its initial press release when it blamed Rachelle for being dumped, because she had a lousy little 10-day movie shoot to work in to the NM schedule. It is not unusual for an actor to work on two movies at a time, and Summit has made accomodatons for other Twilight core actors' more involved and disruptive movie shoots.

2. Summit then criticized Rachelle for explaining her side of the story. They also again blamed Rachelle for Summit dumping her.

3. Bryce Howard probably got the part because her dad is Ron Howard. Perhaps Howard will be an investor in the last 3 Twilight-series movies, or perhaps Summit just wanted the blessing of Hollywood royalty, which Ron Howard definitely is.

4. Summit not only disresected Rachelle, but also the Twilight fans. It is disruptive to a fan's experience of a movie serie to have a main character re-cast. It provides a distraction that movie-watchers shouldn't have to deal with.

5. Summit has acted very high-handed with both Rachelle and the Twilight fans. With the fans, when they expressed their outrage over Summit dumping Rachelle, Summit was very dismissive, like they were talking to toddlers.

6. Summit thinks the main fan base for Twilight is preens-tweens-teens, and so dismisses the importance of keeping them loyal, believing they can be easily manipulated into doing what Summit wants them to do.

7. Summit gravely underestimates the ability of preens-tweens-teens to take a 180-degree turn, going from love to hate, in the blink of an eye, especially if the fans think they are being disrespected and their whatever--actor, movie, book--is being ruined by a studio.

8. Summit also seriously underestimates the ability of preen-tween-teen girls to want revenge and to carry a grudge for a long, long time.
^Amen! Its a load of bull what Summit is doing.

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