My name is Michelle, i am your regular soccer star/captain of the volleyball team/straight A student/bookworm 16 year old persian-american girl living in seattle washington with my loving parents one night when i had just won a volleyball tournament my parents and i were driving home from my victory dinner and there was a deer in the middle of the road and my dad's van slid off the icy slick road and into a large pine tree which impaled my mother's chest instantly and my dad's head hit the windshield and he died on contact when his skull caved in from pressure as shards of glass hit me if i moved the slightest bit because my knee was wedged in between a metal rod and there was a tree branch in my stomach i saw this gruesome scene only once before i blacked out of pain and i felt another sharp pain in my neck about three seconds later this pain was so strong it was numbing and felt sweet after i got used to it then i woke up in a white bed with purple silk sheets and my head hurt so i got out of bed and i was in a light green room with lavender and white furnishings like a lavender couch with chocolate brown silk pillows embroidered with light green flowers and an enormous white bookshelf filled with every good book you can imagine there was a flatscreen 3D tv mantled on the wall and one wall was made entirely of glass which displayed a breathtakingly beautiful forest filled with enormous oak trees covered in silky moss just crawling with the promise of new life within its soft green arms i look at the hard wood floors and i look up only to see a big lavender Michelle Cullen painted above the white bedpost which had draping white curtains around it (like the ones in breaking dawn) which were as soft and silky as milky fabric clouds you could melt into i realized was wearing chocolate brown pajamas with M.C. embroidered in lavender on the side of the blouse i saw two doors one was about two yards away from me and was closed but another was about two feet to the left of my bed and they were french doors which were open and they led to an enormous bathroom with an elegant porcelain bathtub separate from the glass doors of the shower there were beautiful white towels on the racks and there was a white robe on the rack next to the tub and there were almost a thousand different soaps,oils ,perfumes and sprays on the counter with the fountain sink next to them and next to the sink was another set of elegant french doors which led to magnificent closet filled with all the clothes in the world all in my exact size all organized by color and there was a rack of shoes all in my size set aside for every outfit organized by color and style of shoes it was a colossal suite of mass proportions i was amazed and so i went back into the bathroom after i put on a pretty orange sundress with strapped sandal heels i went to the bathroom and oped the giant front drawer only to find an array of different makeups and all the foundations and powders matched my exact pale classic ivory skin tone with a colossal selection of eyeshadows,blushes and lipsticks arranged by color each matched to a particular outfit and shoes so i selected what i wanted to put on and i looked in the drawer below that to find an array of bows and hair accessories all arranged by color to match everything else and i looked into the mirror when i picked out an orange bow to match and i did my makeup and my hair but i never really looked into my own eyes because i assumed they would still be the same light tropical emerald green but when i finished my makeup and looked i saw crimson blood red eyes and i screamed only to be surrounded by eight unfamiliar faces two seconds later as i simply died of shock and i yelled at them in anger/fear "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME"...and that is how this whole catastrophe of mass proportions started and this will ultimately lead to the demise of not only me but the innocent mortal i never meant to fall so hard for........

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here is a piece of persian folk art that i found and it is a traditional painting that hangs in most persian households (including mine) but it is usually embroidered onto a persian rug or an animal hyde and then its framed and hung on a wall or something so i hope u like it :)

I love it mich haven't lost ur touch isee

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